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Kyo x Tohru Fic.

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When the Knight met his Squire

It was the year 1289 A.D. when Akira Sohma was crowned the King. He had been a knight since he was 20 years old and now, he had become King. Such happened once he wed Princess Ren Sohma, who was a very, very, very distant cousin of his. He was treated very well for his heroics, getting wonderful feasts after victorious battles, the best room service, and of course, as every other knight, he got a squire.

The woman's name was Kyoko, and she had taken care of him, prayed for him, and worried over him since she was fifteen. Kyoko was looked down upon. Many people viewed her as a bad person and could never quite understand how she got such a wonderful job as taking care of a knight. Akira seen something in her that others didn't see; he seen a caring friend who deserved more than she had.

Maybe it was because of how long he lived with her that made him see Kyoko's better qualities while no one else had. He knew that once he became King he would bring Kyoko to the castle to become a servant there. This way he could still be around her.

It wasn't that Akira was "in love" with Kyoko, no, he loved Ren, but he did not want Kyoko to ever suffer. He wanted her to find love, marry, be happy, and stay in a safe and secured place; his castle.

Akira not only seen something special in Kyoko, but in his best friend, Katsuya.

Katsuya Honda was a knight who, to Akira, was the best and most skilled of any knight. He could not only overcome any physical challenges, but mental challenges too. He was also a sweet, simple man, who did not become a knight for the glory, but to help his fellow people. For Akira, Kyoko and Katsuya were the only two people he could look up to and admire. As for Kyoko and Katsuya, well, the two were in love.

Who knew that such a wild woman and a calm gentleman could fall in love? If that wasn't oxymoron, then Akira didn't know what was. So when Katsuya came up to Akira one day asking for Akira's permission to be-wed one of his servants, Akira gladly aloud it.

1298 A.D. Kyoko Honda was still working as a servant while her husband, Katsuya, was off doing his knightly duties. Kyoko was very satisfied with her life. She was not only a good friend with the king of this land, but she had also started a family with her husband. Pregnant, and due at any time, she was very excited to see her baby child born!

The only problem was that Kyoko was always tired from pregnancy to work as much as usual; she was usually scolded by the King's 9-year-old son, Akito. The boy was always upset, and his mother was always scolding him, in return, Akito always took his anger out on the servants.

The boy gave Kyoko a lot trouble, but that didn't stop her good mood and her excitement for the baby!

Kyoko gave birth to a healthy baby girl who was named Tohru, Tohru Honda. She was the cutest baby the couple could have ever imagined; she had the cutest cheeks you could pinch all day, with a big smile, and the best feature was her big beautiful teal eyes.

Katsuya and Kyoko couldn't have been happier, nothing would ruin their happy family now….

Or so they thought.

The Crusades were going on at this time, and Katsuya was needed to aid in the fight. Katsuya was left with no choice but to keep to his duties and leave his wife and newborn daughter.

Two years later and Kyoko still hadn't heard from Katsuya. Other men who had returned from battle informed her that Katsuya died in battle. The pain from this news was unbearable, but Kyoko knew that she had to fight the pain. She didn't want her 2 year old daughter to see her mother so weak.

Akira had also found out about Katsuya's death, and felt terrible. His best friend was gone, and now, his other friend was going through a lot of pain. He could tell that when Kyoko acted tuff, funny, and happy around her daughter, she was really going through much pain on the inside.

That's when it hit him!

Akira felt in debt to Kyoko for this unfortunate event (he was after all the one who sent Katsuya to fight) so he wanted to help her and her daughter Tohru. A discussion was made between Akira and Kyoko, dealing with Tohru and her future. It was decided that once 16, she would become a squire too! It gave her a better life, compared to just being a servant. Akira promised Kyoko to help her daughter.

From 1305 A.D to 1312 A.D a war had went on between the humans and the dragons (Yes, big, scaly, and green-ish blue dragons!). Akira had his knights fight the dragons; he chose to fight alongside them as well. His loyal son, Akito, wanted to fight as well. He was now 23 years old after all.

In the end, Akito did not fight alongside his father. Who would be there to take over the thrown if he and his father did not make it?

As Akira left with his army of knights, to fight the terrible dragons, Akito stayed in the castle hoping and praying that the only important person in his life would return home safely.

Unfortunately, Akira was older now, and less skilled then he used to be. To add on to this problem, most of the knights who had gone with him were now either dead or badly injured. A dragon had clawed at Akira, making a gash in his stomach, while he was dodging another dragon's attack. He was taken back to his castle knowing he was to die soon, only to find that the castle had been attacked while he was away.

Fire was filling the castle; screams of terror was heard throughout the castle, pleas for help, and crying was filling his ears. Darting inside, the man could not find his son or his wife. He was soon informed that they had left the castle, which was a relief for Akira. His family was safe but, who was there to help the servants who had worked with him for so long?

Many of the servants were dead now, bodies after bodies, both shredded and flung around the castle.

What of his longtime friend Kyoko and her daughter, Tohru, had they gotten out too? Akira passed out soon after this thought.

It was a week after the attack and Akito and Ren stood at the foot of the bed where Akira lye, dying. Ren was informing him of how many servants, knights, and family members had died.

There were many casualties. One of them was in fact, Kyoko, his best friend.

They were both gone now.

Akira knew he would be with them soon, death was approaching for him, but he needed to first help the woman's daughter, like he had promised years ago. Akira told Akito that he would become King (which was expected), but he also asked a favor from Akito.

Now, Akito wasn't one to do a favor for anyone….except his father.

The only person he ever respected was dying in front of his very eyes. What could Akito do but agree with his father's wishes? Akira didn't ask of much, he asked for Akito to keep the Sohma family together. The Sohma family had always been a very close family; Akira wanted everyone to remain close. He asked for Akito to treat the servants with much respect and to make sure that when Tohru Honda turned 16 (she was currently 14), she would become the squire of a knight, preferably a Sohma.

Akito agreed, and Akira died soon after.

As Akito was starting to build up his kingdom, his mother, Ren, was becoming deathly ill. This did not stop her from giving him a hard time though, blaming his father's death and her illness on him, and claiming that Akito could never handle the title of "King". Akito was slowly becoming angrier and angrier as time passed. By the time he was of 25 years, his mother had died, he had become a very dictating King, he treated the servants only semi-decent, and he only let the Sohma family do whatever he said they could do. In other words, Akito was completely in control of everyone's lives.

Depending on how much he liked the Sohma, how closely related they were, and whether he was in a good mood or not, he would give them a job. Akito felt he had done everything his dying father asked of him, with only one more thing Akito had to do, unfortunately. He had to find the witch's little brat, and give her to some knight. The "witch" Akito was referring to was Kyoko, who used to rat on him when he was a child to his father. In Akito's twisted head, Kyoko was one of the reasons why Akito didn't get as much attention from his father as he thought he should have. The thought of helping that witch of a woman's daughter made Akito sick, but he wasn't going to disobey his father's dying wish. Somehow, he wanted to make the girl's life miserable, while still obeying his father's wish. A win-win situation.

This girl needed someone who didn't even deserve the title "Knight".

But who?

Who could Akito choose that would make the girl's life a living hell?

As Akito was sitting at his throne thinking of who to choose as this girls "Knight", he heard pounding at his door, stopping his train of thought. The door flung open, showing a figure with orange hair, standing proud and angered.

Akito smirked at the sight, ' The perfect Knight.' He thought to himself, as the figure walked up toward him.

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