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Chapter 24.

When the Knight met his Squire

As Kyo and Pip had reached the top of the castle, they could already see Momiji and Manabe near the center of the roof. Kyo and Pip ran over to the two while the ground below them was shaking, their plan seemed to be going accordingly.

" Manabe, Momiji. Since you two are already up here, did you two find a way in?" Kyo asked as he stared at the two guys kneeling down in front of him.

" Yep, infact that's why we're kneeling right here Kyo-Kyo! There are two chutes here, we believe that one leads to the main hall and the other leads to...well...some random hall." Manabe answered as he pointed to the two chutes that were in the ground next to him.

Kyo looked down at the chutes and asked, " How do you know they lead to where you say they do?"

Manabe waited a minute then started to "answer" ( and by answer, I mean, make up an excuse) " Well uhh...because, according to my calculations-"

" We don't know! We're just assuming! XD " Momiji shouted. Manabe then elbowed the boy as Kyo sighed.

" Well, Pip and I are going to take the chute that supposedly leads to the main hallway. Make sure that once you two get in there, you two stick to the objective. Now tell me, what is the objective?" Kyo asked, talking down to the two "men" kneeling on the floor.

Both sighed and then replied at the same time, " Find Yuki. "

"Then what?" He asked them.

" Find you." Momiji answered.

" What else?" Kyo asked, expecting more answers from the two.

Manabe replied, " If we find anyone else who we should bring along, give them a weapon, and tell them your plan."

Momiji added, "Which consists of searching for you, and once finding you, helping you with whatever you need help with and of course, taking out who ever we need to while searching for you."

Manabe finally added, "Of course, we'll tell Yuki all of this information as well."

Kyo nodded "Very good guys, now, Pip lets go." Pip nodded and followed Kyo as he went down the chute that could be leading to anywhere.

Once the two left, Manabe and Momiji listened as the front door of the castle opened and more stomping was heard.

Manabe turned to Momiji, "Looks like most of the dragons are clearing out of the castle already. Let's go Momiji!"

Momiji nodded and the two jumped into the other chute leading to some random hallway.

Manabe and Momiji both fell to the ground, landing in a not-so-graceful position. They both quickly stood up in battle stances, expecting that someone heard the loud thumping noise they had made when landing.

No one came.

"Wow. So much for a well guarded castle huh Momiji?" Manabe asked.

Momiji nodded and then said, "So should we go find Yuki now?"

"Well duhh!"

"Well how do we know which room he's in?!" Momiji asked and started to look around the hallway, noticing the few doors that were there.

"I don't know," Manabe replied while looking around, " maybe he'll be in a room that doesn't have a giant dungeon door thinger mabob..."

Momiji replied, "Manabe, sometimes you make no sense at all."

With that said, the two decided to try every door, precautious of course, and see what would happen. Stupid? Of course it was, but, it's M&M we're talking about here. (hehe.)

Manabe went down the south part of the hallway while Momiji went up the north. All the doors seemed to look the same for both of them, until Manabe noticed a door that was different from the rest. It wasn't a giant dungeon door, infact, it was a plain wooden door. And better yet, it had a key hanging from a nail right next to the door! Coincidence? Who knows!?

"Momiji, I found something...Get over here." Manabe said as he grabbed the key from the hook and started to open the door of the room. And there, he found a wheezing Tohru on the floor, and a chained up Yuki.

Just who they were looking for.

Kyo landed gracefully on his feet as he fell from the chute above him. Pip on the other hand, fell to the ground hard, landing on his pot belly. It made a loud thump, which was weird, since it was coming from such a little guy and all.

"Jeez Pip, can you be a little more careful! Do you want us to run into trouble already? We just got in here!" Kyo said in a loud whisper ( oxymoron much?), he looked around quickly to see if anybody, or anything, was coming.

"Sorry Lad, it's just, ye know, I be an old-" Pip was going to start rambling about being old and short and stuff, but was interrupted by the roar of a dragon. Kyo glared down at Pip as the noises and stomping grew louder and louder.

"Pip you fatass! You couldn't just land on your feet could you?!"

"I'm sorry!"

Kyo sighed, "Pip, prepare yourself, we're about to fight…"

Pip gulped as he took his bow and arrows out. He started to back away a little so that he could get a better target while Kyo pulled out his sword and got into a battle stance.

The noise grew louder and louder until Kyo could see a dragon down the hallway, he sighed in relief to see that there was only one dragon. Suddenly he saw an arrow go flying past him straight into the forehead of the dragon that was approaching. Kyo quickly turned around to see Pip getting another arrow and setting it in place, his face looked very serious for once. He launched another arrow toward the unsuspecting dragon's face.

Seriously, who would expect to see that little guy pull a Legend of Zelda trick and shoot an arrow dead straight in a dragon's forehead? Not Kyo…or the dragon…

'Wow…he's pretty damn good at using those arrows…oh wait, now's my chance'. And with that thought, Kyo sprang into action! He ran up to the dragon that was now on the floor twitching. He lifted his sword up in the air and then quickly thrusted it down in between the dragon's eyes.

Its eyes bulged wide and it roared loudly. Kyo lifted the sword again and shoved it into its neck while it was still down. Pip put his arrows away as Kyo took his sword out of the dragon's neck. (Did I mention this chapter is a little graphic? Hehe…)

It was silent for a minute. Kyo and Pip both just stared down at the, now dead, dragon. As Kyo stared down at the dragon, he found it odd that these same dragons had always seemed so large and scary to everyone, when Kyo knew now that they weren't very difficult to fight. All the dragons he had seen around the perimeter all looked so small compared to the ones he had seen years ago…

His train of thought was gone immediately after Pip quietly spoke up.

"Sir…is ye…alright?"

Kyo then realized his hand was balled tightly into a fist, though he wasn't necessarily thinking terrible thoughts…

Kyo cleared his throat and looked down at Pip,

"Your archery skills are amazing Pip."

"Really Sir?!"

"I have to admit, you might be better than me."

"Thank you!"

"Yeah…" Kyo then looked around the hallway for the first time since he arrived in the little area. Manabe and Momiji were actually right; this had to be the main hallway. It had golden walls and fancy paintings on all the walls.

How didn't he notice that when he first got there? Anyways,

"Pip, lets get going. We're wasting time." Kyo said and walked past the dead dragon, continuing down the main hallway, Pip followed behind.

'Akito should be here somewhere…' Kyo thought as he continued walking.

Kyo had finished walking through the long hallway to, what looked like, a large dining room. And who did he just so happen to see on the other side of the room just at that moment?

Pip spoke up as soon as he spotted what Kyo was staring at,

"Sir that be the lad Momiji over there, right? Whose that girl he be with?"

"Brilliant." Yuki said after Manabe had told him of what Kyo wanted him to do.

Momiji then jumped up and down like the hyper kid he is, "Yeah! But Yuki…now we have some problems with that plan!"

Everyone looked at Momiji confused, and then Manabe suddenly knew what he meant. "Oh, yeah. Well, Yuki I mean, look at you. You're really in no condition to be moving around, let alone fight!"

Yuki glared at the two then said, "I'm fine. I just need to sit down and relax for a minute." And so, Yuki sat down on the ground, Manabe of course joined him.

Momiji then sighed and kneeled down next to the two men and started to speak in a low and more serious tone, "It's not just that Yuki. It's…well…Tohru's here too. She's not part of the plan, or at least in our part of the plan, we can't put her in more danger! Kyo would kill us!"

Once Momiji finished, they all looked up at Tohru who was still standing there. Boy did she feel useless at that moment. She looked down at her feet as she continued listening to their conversation continue.

"I suppose you're right Momiji…Miss Honda coming with us could become very problematic…" Yuki said solemnly.

"Well Yun-Yun we're not going to let her stay here. She has to come with us." Manabe said a little nervous.

"You're right Manabe…Miss Honda has to come with us…it's just that…" Yuki then sighed and it was a little silent until Momiji spoke up again.

"Why don't I take her somewhere to hide? Yeah! That's it! I'll take her and we'll go hide and I'll keep her safe the whole time! I promise!"

Now all eyes were on Momiji. Yuki's raised his eye questioningly while Manabe just nodded at Momiji in approval. Tohru just stared blankly at Momiji while Yuki asked,

"Momiji, are you sure you will be alright by yourself?"

"Definitely! Oh come on Yuki! I'm not that much younger than you and I'm a knight now! And I will definitely take care of Tohru!"

"Fine then, after Manabe and I depart, you take Miss Honda somewhere safe…I trust that you truly mean what you say and won't become crazy Momiji. You can't risk you two getting caught and-"

"I know Yuki, jeez. Stop talking to me like I'm 5…" And of course after Momiji said this he pulled out a lollypop and started to lick it. "Eww! Grape flavored!" Then he threw the lollypop on the floor and stomped on it…several times.

Yuki just sighed at the boy and then looked over at Tohru. She looked sad as she stared down at her worn out shoe.

"Miss Honda." Yuki said to get the girl's attention, though she stilled continued to look down as she replied, "…Yes Sir Yuki?"

"Are you okay with this? Are you okay with going with Momiji and hiding? None of us would want to you to feel any more uncomfortable than you already must feel…"

Tohru finally looked at the three men sitting near her; they all looked so worried for her.

"I'm perfectly fine with it Sir Yuki…I'm just sorry that I'm such a nuisance to you guys. Ruining the plans you had and such…"

"No, Miss Honda you're not a nuisance at all…don't think that."

As soon as she heard this, Tohru smiled and wiped a tear that was about to fall from her face.

The three boys all started to stand up; Yuki having a little trouble at first, his leg was throbbing in pain. That wasn't going to stop him from fighting though.

He walked to Tohru and smiled, "Everything is going to be alright Miss Honda. You will be safe, and when this whole mess is done with, I assure you that we will come find you. Manabe, Kyo, and I. You just make sure to not worry about anyone else but yourself, make sure you stay brave like you've been this whole time."

Tohru just smiled and nodded.

Yuki walked to the side and Manabe walked up to the girl. He placed his hand on the girls cheek and stared at her intensely, neither blushed though. Momiji's eyes bugged out as if he was expecting them to kiss and Yuki only rolled his eyes and turned away.

Manabe spoke in a low, sad voice, "Tohru…I'm so sorry about getting you into this situation…I hope you can forgive me for taking you away like I did. And…" He hesitated for a minute as he rubbed his thumb along her cheek. "…just be safe Tohru…and…goodbye for now…" He then walked away and said to Yuki, "Let's go Yun-Yun!"

The two walked out leaving Tohru and Momiji bewildered. After a minute, Momiji turned to Tohru.

"Well uh…I guess we should go Tohru…Kureno will probably be back soon."

"…Uh…yes. We should…go then." Tohru said, though she was still confused at what had just happened between her and Manabe. She didn't understand why he acted the way he did, it was as if, he was saying goodbye to her… for the last time.

Yuki and Manabe both left the room and walked down the hall silently for a minute. Suddenly and surprisingly, Yuki broke the silence.

"What was that about?"

Manabe looked at Yuki confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Talking to Miss Honda the way you did…"


It grew silent again until Yuki pushed the subject.


"…I don't know…I just felt I needed to apologize to her."

"You felt you needed to say it the way you did?"

"Did I really say it in a weird way?"


"Whatever Yun-Yun."


Yuki stopped walking, causing Manabe to also stop. "Do you like Miss Honda, Manabe?"

Manabe smiled at him, and after a moment he replied, "If by like, you mean love, then yes. I do Yun-Yun." He then turned around and continued walking as did Yuki.

They didn't talk very much after that.

Tohru and Momiji had just left and were now walking down a hallway, silent as possible. They whispered to each other when they felt they had to say something,

"Momiji…do you know where to go?"



Yeah. They didn't talk very much either. What could you talk about in a situation like this? More importantly, why would you talk when that could take a chance of someone hearing you?

Anyways, the two continued walking, looking for somewhere to hide. Every room they passed looked like dungeon rooms, which they definitely weren't going to hide in.

As the two continued walking, they heard the familiar stomping of a dragon nearby. Momiji quickly grabbed the frightened Tohru's hand and ran down another hallway to avoid being seen. (How many hallways are there?!)

The hallway led them to a giant golden room that appeared to be a dining room. They both stopped for a quick breath, as they looked behind them to see if they were being followed.

"Tohru, I'm sorry if I pulled you too hard or anything."

"No, I'm fine Momiji!" Tohru smiled at the boy, then, just so happened to turn her head to the left.

Her smile quickly disappeared and turned into a state of shock as she looked across the room.

She must've been seeing things. What she was seeing couldn't have been possible…it was too good to be true.

"Kyo…" Tohru said in a whisper while pulling on Momiji's shirt. He turned her way confused until he looked across the room and seen Kyo and Pip standing there. Kyo's face looked as shocked as Tohru's did.

"Well what do you know Tohru, it is Kyo…"

And as soon as Momiji said that, she took off, running right to Kyo. And as she took off running, Kyo ran to her, as quick as he possibly could have.

He lifted her off the ground, kissing her as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. They of course didn't notice Momiji walk by to greet Pip, scratching his head. Now Pip looked shocked, seeing he had never seen Kyo do anything of this sort before.

When Kyo finally put her down, she immediately took her hands from his neck and wrapped them around his waste. She hugged him with all her might as she cried in his chest and for once, Kyo wasn't planning on stopping her from crying.

"Kyo...I'm so glad you're here!" She continued to cry in his chest, she was so happy to see him.

"Me too Tohru…me too…."

Kyo didn't know what else to say, neither of them did.

Finally, Tohru calmed down and looked up at Kyo as he was staring right back down at her. She couldn't help but just smile as tears fell down her cheek which Kyo of course, wiped away.

Kyo suddenly felt a tug on his pants; he looked down to see Pip standing there, Momiji a few feet away from him.



"That be Miss Honda I take it?"

Kyo was now annoyed because Pip was bothering him… I mean come on! He JUST reunited with Tohru and Pip wants to bother him already?! Tohru smiled down and the man and separated from Kyo so she wasn't rude. "I am sir, and if I may ask, who might you be?"

The little jolly man smiled, "Why, I'm Pip! Sir Kyo's bestest friend, hasn't he told ye about me?"

"Oh, yes. So you're Pip huh? It's very nice to meet you."

Pip blushed, "Aww shucks. Ye be the sweetest thing Miss Honda. I'm sorry we had to meet in this circumstance but I'm still happy to meet ye."

Suddenly Momiji coughed to get everyone's attention, and then he spoke up, "Kyo…I'm supposed to be taking Tohru somewhere to hide. We're supposed to go hide somewhere while you Manabe, and Yuki go find Akito…"

"What? No way. She's staying with me." Kyo said, Momiji only shook his head, "You can't bring her Kyo…do you wanna risk putting her danger?"

"Danger? This whole castle is dangerous Momiji! Her being with me is the safest choice, I know by experience, last time she left to go somewhere 'safer' a dragon took her! There's no way in hell we're going to be separated again!"

Pip cut in, "Lad, Momiji be right. No fine lass as she should be walking around this place, we should hide her! Her hidin with Momiji is the smartest thing to do…"

For once, Pip kinda made sense to Kyo. And Kyo did know that she shouldn't be here at all…and she would probably be in even more danger hanging around Kyo in here. But, he didn't want her to leave his sight…it was a dilemma.

Kyo took Tohru by the hands, "…Alright…Tohru, I guess…we can't really be together in here. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you in here because you were with me when you could be hiding somewhere safe."

"I understand…" Tohru said as she looked him in the eyes. Kyo nodded and then looked over at Momiji.


"Yeah Kyo?"

"You better take damn good care of her."

Momiji smiled after Kyo said this, he couldn't help it, "Don't worry. I'll guard her with my life…oh and Kyo, make sure that if you see Kureno…you teach him a lesson for me." Kyo nodded then turned back to Tohru.

"…Goodbye Tohru…I'll be back later…."

"I know…"

"I love you Tohru"

"…I love you too Kyo, and be safe."

And so, the two started to walk separate ways.

Meanwhile, Kureno had just came back from the room Yuki and Tohru were supposed to be in. He now stood infront of Akito.

"They're gone." He said with his head down.

"Kureno…" Akito said his name with a very creepy calm voice. Kureno now brought his head back up to face Akito.

"Don't be upset, dear Kureno. This only makes things much more fun for us…"

Both smirked as Kureno put his hand out. Akito grabbed his hand so that Kureno could help him up, and then, the two walked out of the door.

Where they were going, nobody knows.


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