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Part One

"Ello darling..." said a voice that only Becky knew too well. She turned around to see a gorgeous man standing behind her. He had dark hair and was wearing a dark suit...
Abberline grinned and took a step closer to her, he reached for her hand then kissed it, "Call me Fred..."
Becky smiled "Hullo Fred...".
"May i come in?" Gestured Fred to the little white-washed house that Becky liked to call home.
"Of course sir," Becky led him inside...It was a dirty little hovel, there was a bed in one corner of the room and a small range sat in the other corner.
"There have been strange goings on in Whitechapel," Explained Fred to Becky. "Murders and killings, that no one can explain. I don't want you to be the next victim," He stroked her face. "Come and live with me?"
"Ok," Becky smiled. She couldn't refuse...men were always throwing themselves at her...
Fred smiled back. "It's just so long I know you're safe miss," He stroked her long beautiful red hair and slid his arm down her back...