Rosalie's Talk with Bella

Rosalie's P.O.V

"Why do you hate her so much Rose?" We were getting into this conversation again, Emmett and the family loved Bella and they couldn't understand why I didn't.

"Emmett, I just can't explain it to you." I stormed off angrily; there was only one person who I could explain it to. So I was going to pay the girl a visit. At least Edward wouldn't be there, he was off hunting.

I slipped through Bella's window which I imagine Edward has done numerous times. I heard talking so I assumed she was awake, but her eyes were closed.

"Bella, wake up!" I gently shook her wanting to get this secret off my chest. But I didn't expect her to scream, I put my hand around her mouth to stop her. Them I listened for a minute to see if her father was awakened. He wasn't so I released her.

"Rosalie," She flinched having never spoken to me directly, "What are you doing here?"

"I need to get something off my chest," I started, "You see everyone thinks that I hate you, but the truth is I don't. And I don't think you're stupid for wanting to be a vampire, if I was in your position and Emmett was in Edward's of course I'd want to be a vampire." I paused to see her reaction; she was looking at me curiously so I continued. "What no one understands is I feel jealous of you, not because you are human but because you gave Edward something I never could." She intervened now,

"I never thought you thought of Edward in that way." This time I cut her off,

"No, I mean our family could never make him happy, at least in the way you did. We were never enough. And then you came along, then all of a sudden he's this completely happy guy and I'm jealous because I wasn't a part of what made him happy." I felt a lot better right now, but a lot worse because I put my feelings into words.

"But Rosalie you did something even greater, you and your family gave him reason to continue his existence. Without your love and support he might never have made it to here and now." She was right, I had been thinking about this for months, but she thinks about it for a minute and she is right. Ok, so maybe I don't have reason to be jealous and not like her. Actually she's kind of growing on me. Maybe I should apologize.

"I never thought about it like that, thank you." Her eyes stared at me in disbelief; she couldn't believe I was thanking her. "And by the way, I'm sorry for how I treated you, I realize now it was wrong of me. I hope you can forgive me." Wow, I actually apologised and meant it.

"Of course Rosalie, I just want us to be friends." She jumped up and hugged me, at first I was shocked but then I hugged her back. I can see why Edward likes her warmth so much.

Edward P.O.V

I just came back from hunting with Alice, and she suggested I should go over and see Bella. I tried to read her thoughts but she was blocking me by thinking about Jasper, graphically. Oh well, I'll just head over to Bella's. I really need to see her anyway, 2 days is too long to go without seeing Bella.

I was outside Bella's room now looking through the window in utter disbelief. Rosalie was hugging Bella. And enjoying it! Hell is upon the Earth, the world is ending, RUN FOR COVER!