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Summary: For nearly 3000 years Legolas has wandered but can one lone elf call him home to where his heart truly belongs?

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Pairing: Legolas/OC. ( name of my character is Alassë)

Author: Laurenke1


For nearly 3000 years I have wandered this Middle Earth and never have I lost my heart as I have lost it now. A story to be told, perhaps, I do not know. What I can say is what I know of my own heart and my own thoughts, yet they only belong to her, I know that for a fact. How this came to be, that the heart of Legolas Thranduilion, was lost forever I shall tell you.

By all means understand I have never truly lost my heart to anybody. Perhaps my father was right and I should never have embarked with mortals, but how can one truly understand the ways of the heart?

When I look back it all started with the quest to aid Frodo. Before that time few Mortals ever held my heart and even fewer elves. There were people whom I loved, and they were given small pieces of my heart. I am a lone elf, a prince of my people and I always held a certain fascination for other elves. I call few elves my friends, but once you have my friendship nothing can set us apart, not even death.

I have seen death in my days, but never as closely as on the quest. It started with the loss of Boromir, one of my mortal companions but not yet friend, although we were friendly with one another. I even shudder now, writing this down, when it has been over a year since the brave son of the Steward of Gondor fell.

Gradually I allowed Mortals in my heart and the companions in the Fellowship shall be in their forever, even after all tales of them cease to exist and we are nothing more then a legend. Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf and of course Gimli. I daresay he would be very angry at me if I accidentally forgot to put him down here.

But they play but a small part in this tale, when it really is all about her. Her and me, and how our love came into being. How she stopped me from wandering and allowed me to return home. I love her, I know that now, when I write it down.

But allow me to tell you a little bit about myself first. My name is Legolas Greenleaf and I am the only son and heir of King Thranduil, who rules the Woodland Realm. As to my appearance well I have been called many things in my time, from a spoiled princeling to a stunning appearance of a Vala returned to Middle Earth. I do not know if it is true and I do not care, really. I give little for beauty. What I do know is that I am a great archer and an excellent warrior. My hair is ash blond and my eyes the color of cobalt. I have the average height for an elf and my built is lithe.

My personality, well I could say of course that I have the best personality in the world, but I would be lying. Like all Silvan elves I am stubborn and I, being the son of Thranduil, have a quick temper, but I am loyal to my friends and loved ones.

I still remember the first time I ever laid eyes on her. I was the day of King Elesar´s and Queen Arwen´s wedding and all of the elves in Middle Earth had come to pay their respects to the happy couple. I saw her at the feast in the evening, she was dressed in a simply gown, the color green which seemed to match perfectly with her brown hair.

I cannot say she was beautiful, or even pretty, not in comparison to Arwen and Galadriel and many of the other elves gathered there, but there was something which drew my gaze to her. Something about the way she carried herself, her manners in which she spoke to Arwen before I was drawn into the conversation by Elesar.

She smiled at me when I came to stand beside her. It was a quick smile and it was reflected in her brown eyes. I cannot say I had feelings for her the first time we spoke, which was soon after that, no but gradually it came to be, but if you continue to read it will all be made clear. But allow me to speak once more of our first meeting.

She turned once more to Arwen and I could hear her say clearly. "But come, a queen needs somebody by her side to look over her. I have been gone without your companionship for too long, Arwen, allow me to linger by your side just a few more years before we are forced to part for all eternity. I know what this moment means, I could see it in Lord Elrond´s eyes, sorrow which only the likes of somebody choosing mortality can bring about."

" Would you have chosen differently, if you were me?" It was fair question that Arwen asked and I was curious for the answer of the maiden. "No, probably not. If the choice was before me and I had the love you and lord Elesar share. I do not judge you, but you must surely see I merely wish to spent time with one of my best friends, before fate separates us."

The smile which passed over Arwen´s face was one of gratitude and I was glad. " But here I forget my manners. Alassë, I wish for you to meet prince Legolas Thranduilion. He is one of my king´s best and closest friends." Arwen stepped away and she turned to me. I could see her smile again before she extended her hand in the traditional elvish greeting.

"Legolas, Alassë is one of my closest friends from Imladris. She came to me after the ceremony and she shall be staying in the city for a few weeks at the very least before she will decide where to go next. She is as much a wander as you are, Mellon."

I could say more about it, but in truth we barely spoke a word. Looking back on that moment I can barely remember anything besides a feeling of belonging when I looked at her. A feeling I have never truly experienced before, but we shall see where this tale will lead us.

But for now, this is but a start of our tale, so I sign off.

Legolas Thranduilion.

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