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Time passed differently for the elves, it always had. In some places where many of the firstborn gathered like Eryn Lasgalen or Lothlorien time seemed to pass more slower than in other place. But within the blink of an eye mortal years could be over and the mortals you knew could be old. But sometimes time moved slow, so slow that you could feel ever second tickling by, seeming like a lifetime.

This was how Alassë felt as she watched Legolas slave away to build the ship to sail. Each day she watched as his spirit burned less bright and he seemed to dim even more.

Each day he worked himself hard, trying to make his dream come through and at night, there were times when he did not lay down with her and instead haunted the shores of the Anduin. More than once she heard his haunting song echoing across the water.

She could feel his determination, his unhealthy obsession in leaving but she knew she was not the only one who felt concerned. There was one other, one other who had survived and was watching his friend with concerned, hooded eyes, Gimli.

His beard had turned to white and he was wrinkled with age but he was still proud and while he could no longer wield the axe that hung from his belt, she knew he carried it for different reasons. She kept silent as Gimli joined her in watching Legolas as the elven prince hauled a felled tree to begin to chop it. She longed to help but she knew he would not accept it and her heart yearned for him.

"The lad is foolish."

"The lad is grieving."

"So that is what you elves call it. I call it foolish. It is time he came out of it."

"I am sure that you can put your axe to good use and whack him around the head with it. I am sure it would help him."

"The axe would break for the lad has a very hard head."

"Yes, Gimli, that he does." Alassë sighed.

"Do not fret so.; He will come out of it if he knows that is good for him."

"He will not recover from this, Gimli. Aragorn's death hit him hard. We will sail."

"I think that somebody with a good sense will need to go with you to keep you out of trouble." Alassë glanced down but Gimli was not meeting her gaze.

"Gimli, you cannot sail! No mortal can."

"I have received a blessing from lady Galadriel. I would very much like to look upon her one final time before I close my eyes for the final rest. And besides, I thought you did not shy away from adventures and risk."

"I do not." She managed to sputter.

"Good, then why say no." And with those final words Gimli limped away, leaving a lightly laughing Alassë in his wake. But if this news would not rouse her husband, she sobered a little; she did not know which would.


The night was cold but the weather was so clear that she could see the stars, if she had cared to look. The empty spot beside her was much more pressing than anything else and Alassë sighed. She rolled onto her side, not even her waking dreams were enough to keep her company at the moment.

The rustled of leaves close by and the hands that gently touched upon her shoulder and stomach made her turn around. Legolas was crouching behind her and in the dim glow of the moon she could see his dark blue eyes.

He was staring down at her and she turned fully to face him.

You have heard the latest news?

She could only nod as she watched the mask slowly cracking over his pale face. Finally the emotions spilled over the bond, making her gasps with the intensity.

There was the overwhelming grief for the friends he had lost. The emptiness within him that she could never replace and the fear of losing her as well. There was joy for finally sailing and longing for peace for so long. He had denied himself the peace that came with the sea longing for so very long that she feared he would never find peace again.

Legolas sat down and then said, looking away at once. "I cannot cope if Gimli dies as well, Alassë. What if he cannot make it into Valinor? What will happen then?"

"We will deal with it when the time comes, Legolas. " And as her elf grumbled, she watched as he pulled her into his arms and the past months were quickly replaced by kisses as they made new memories.


In the end it did not seem to matter in which way they said their goodbyes. The race of men would forget them and they would not remember the lessons that the firstborn had ever told them. Yet it was with regret that Alassë watched the scenery slip past. She felt the lump in her throat rising even as she knew that she had said her goodbyes.

Everybody they knew had already sailed or passed to someplace they could not follow. Their son stayed behind to help Eldarion and to explore and even as Legolas had raged against it, she knew it was the fear of losing their son was the reason that was causing this reaction.

Gimli was walking around the ship, looking around as they left Middle Earth behind. She could see some fear on the old dwarf's face but she kept silent.

In the two months since Legolas has came to her that night the elf had changed considerably. He seemed more happy once he had accepted that Gimli was sailing with them. She had rarely seen him so hopeful and it raised her own spirits.

Legolas had been busy trying to rebuild the ship and they had sailed soon, all of them packing and making sure that everything was well cared for. The colony was now empty as most of the elves had either moved or were going to sail with them.

She could feel the rocking of the ship as it upset her stomach. It was not a strange occurrence she frowned, she had had it before, and the hardest part was not being able to share it with Legolas for the elf was far too occupied.

The hand on her lower backs startled her and she looked around to find Legolas glancing at her. The prince smiled an old easy smile and pulled her closer with an arm around her waist as he said. "We will soon be on the Straight Road. That will be the true test. If we are allowed passage then we will make it to Valinor."

His eyes darkened as they fastened upon her face and Alassë knew he could see how pale and how weary she looked. She grimaced as he turned her to face him and he asked, voice harsh and eyes dark with worry. "What is the matter with you?"

"Nothing that will not be fixed eventually." She replied.

His eyes continued to probe her and then he hissed. "You are my wife…"

"I know, Legolas, do not presume that you can threat me any differently now then you have before!" She snapped back.

Legolas recoiled and as she watched the mask sliding back into place, he released her and left, leaving her to groan over another wave of nausea and the thick headedness of her husband.


For some reason, it was not as long as it normally took him to apologize for only after two days, one in which Gimli suffered from sea sickness and the other on which they sailed to the Straight Road, making Legolas fearful of what would happen. Nothing did and they were allowed passage.

Soon they would see Valinor on the horizon and Alassë longed to set her eyes upon the Isle and see all of her friends again.

The two hands that came to rest upon either side of her on the banister had her relaxing as she inhaled Legolas' scent.

"I came to apologize. It was uncalled of me to snap at you so."

"I accept."

"And nothing more?" There was something heavy in his voice and she dipped her head, saying.

"Nothing more, Legolas."

"You do not wish to share the reason for your sick appearance with me,"

"It depends; do you feel like you have deserved it?"

"Alassë, I am your husband." This time there was something else in his voice and she turned to see the hurt expression on his face. He was suffering and she smiled at him, reaching up to cup his cheek. He caught her hand and kissed her fingers, smiling slightly at her.

She took the hand she was holding and guided it to her stomach, allowing him to feel the moment his palm came in contact with her. She watched as his eyes locked with hers before they went wide and he gasped, sputtering on words.

"You are…"


"We did that…."

"I would say." And as she watched the smile beginning to blossom on his face, he caught her in a gentle kiss before swirling her around. When the kiss ended and she had turned in his arms, his hand on her stomach, over the new life they had created as they watched as a swift sunrise came over a green land, they were home.

The end

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