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"Family of Samuel Winchester?" The man asked, and both Dean and John stood, anxious to hear what he had to say about the youngest member of their family.

"John his father, and Dean his brother;" John answered, putting a comforting hand on Dean's shoulder, and looking the doctor in the eye.

"Well, I am happy to tell you that Samuel is doing just fine. Yes, he took a hit to the head and was unconscious for a while; but with everything that your son has gone through in the past year, he is doing extremely well. He had a bad break in his arm, but we've put a cast on it, and he should be good in about four to five weeks. Other than that, he had some bumps and bruises and a pretty good knock to the head that gave him a slight concussion, but nothing serious." The aged doctor smiled at them, and Dean felt relief surge through him.

After a moment, another thought made him frown, "But wait," he said, his frown deepening, "If Sammy's okay, then why were you so, for lack of a better word, depressed when you came into the room?" Dean asked, worry filling him once again as he wondered if the doctor was telling him the truth.

"That I'm afraid is another case that I was working on. We lost a little girl a few minutes ago." The man replied sadly, and Dean nodded, guilt and relief filling him once again. Guilt for the fact that he felt relief that it was the little girl, and not his brother who had died.

"Oh, that's too bad," John's lips thinned to a narrow line, and his forehead creased, as if thinking that Sammy could have been the child that had died today. The older man looked as if he had felt the way that Dean had when he heard about the little girl, guilty and relieved at the same time.

"Yes, it's always horrible when a life is lost so young," the doctor replied sadly, and both Winchester's nodded.

"When can we see Sammy?" Dean asked after a moment, anxious to see his little brother, even though he was loathe to break the doctor from his stupor.

"I can take you to his room now," the doctor answered, a genuine smile filling his face as he thought about the youngest Winchester. "We want to keep him overnight for observations, but barring any complications he should be able to be discharged first thing in the morning."

"That's good news," John said, his lips quirking up in a smile.

'Yeah that is really good news,' Dean thought to himself with a smile, 'for both my piece of mind, and Sammy's ADD…' Dean almost chuckled at the thought, but opted for following his father and Sam's doctor to his brother's room.

"Thank you so much for helping my son, Dr.-" John started, but came up short when he got to the man's name, remembering that he had never actually gotten the doctor's name.

"Miles," The man answered, sticking his hand out to shake John's.

"Thank you Dr. Miles," John said again, and shook the offered hand, a grateful smile on his face.

"It was no problem, I'm just glad that I was able to help," Dr. Miles answered, a small sad look passing over him before he shook it off and smiled at the Winchester's once again. "I hope that boy of yours gets better real soon," he said and walked away, as John nodded.

Dean turned around and entered the room. He walked over to his brother and sat down, just content with staring at his Sammy. Sam seeming to sense that Dean was there, turned towards his brother, and cracked open bleary eyes.

"Mm, wha' happened?" Sam asked, as he reached out to Dean.

Dean caught Sam's outstretched hand and smiled gently at his little brother. "You got whooped pretty good by a Banshee Sammy," Dean answered, and Sam nodded after a moment.

"It's Sam, and oh yeah I remember now." Dean snorted at Sam's answer, and squeezed his hand a little tighter.

"You'll always be Sammy to me," Dean told him, and it was Sam's turn to snort, obviously knowing that Dean was right, and that 'Sammy,' was going to be something that stuck with him forever.

"M'not twelve, jerk," Sam growled playfully.

"No, but you're still Sammy, bitch." Dean growled back.

John smirked at both of his sons, and their weird ways, hoping that neither of them would ever change; and praying for the likes of anyone or anything that tried to stand in the way of their bond.

"Boys," John said, his voice low, "quit it." He finished when they both looked up at him.

"Yes sir," the unified reply came, and John smiled.

May they never change, he thought, and god help anything that stands in our way…


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