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Rating: K

Random drabble I wrote during my dinner break at work

As he stared at the hole in the ground, he didn't know how it had come to this. She had always been there when he came back from a mission, bloodied and broken. She'd held his hand through the bad times, and he hoped that he had been there for her, except for when it had mattered most.

Now she was gone, and that little spark of hope that had been burning in his heart had been extinguished.

"No more" he whispered to himself, "I can't give my heart to anyone else, it always ends in heart ache."

And to be honest, he couldn't see himself loving anyone else. To him, she had been'it', she had been funny, caring, smart and she had loved him with the same ferocity and fire that he had loved her with.

As Daniel stepped forward and placed the rose on the casket, he gently touched two fingers to his lips, then placed them on the casket.

"For Forever, my darling Janet."

Le Gasp! It's not a Jack/Sam story...am I ill:P