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Susan was not in fact dancing at all. She was sitting in a large blue beanbag below the speaker system, as engrossed in the romance novel she had in her hands as she was in the music.

The Doctor walked up to her. "Susan, where's Twitch?" he asked, looking slightly worried. "I checked by the reference books, and she's not there. Have you seen her?"

Susan started to shake her head, then… "Hang on a second, I did see her. She was talking to someone. An old friend, probably."

"Who was it?" the Doctor asked, frowning. So far as he knew, Twitch didn't have any friends in this time. In fact, they hadn't visited London in the current century since before his last regeneration.

"I don't know. She didn't say," Susan replied with a small shrug.

The Doctor gave a frustrated groan. "Well, can you describe them, at least?"

"Oh, sure." Susan folded over the page in the novel and placed the closed book on the floor beside her. "Let me think…Ginger hair, green eyes, wearing a blue dress."

The Doctor frowned even more. "You noticed the colour of her eyes? Actually, never mind. Ginger hair…that can't be good." He turned on the spot.

Immediately, Susan stood up and ran after him. "Doctor? What's wrong?"

"Did Twitch ever tell you about Molly?" the Doctor enquired as they left the bookshop.

"Molly?!" Recognition dawned on Susan's face. "That was Molly?!"

The Doctor nodded. "Yes, it was. Which means…" He paused to catch his breath, for they were running quite quickly down the street. "…My twelfth incarnation can't be far. Come on. We have to find them. If Molly's here, chances are a younger Twitch will be as well. We have to stop them before one or both causes a paradox, which in case you hadn't guessed, is NOT good."

Susan nodded and quickened her pace. If the Doctor said things were bad, they were generally even worse.