There are only Turks at a Turk's funeral.

1) Elena

Elena was shot in the head when an undercover mission went wrong; Reno was the one who carried her body out of the wreckage of a burning building, and washed the blood from her face.

He laid a white carnation on her grave at the funeral, next to the lily from Tseng. The captain of the Turks cleared his throat as if he was going to say something, but he never did, just shook his head and left without a word. That night the Turks got so drunk none of them could find the way home, and ended up sleeping in Rude's car.

Reno put another flower on her grave the next week, and another the next week, and the week after that.

2) Reno

Reno died in the middle of a crowded street, stabbed in the throat by the older brother of a man the Turks had killed years ago. He died with the satisfaction of feeling the man's skull cave in beneath his nightstick before the red-haired Turk choked on his own blood.

His grave was near Elena's. Rude and Tseng stood side by side, the only ones present to watch him buried. No words passed between them; the silence in the rain-damped cemetery carried more understanding than any speech could have been. After a while, Rude went down on one knee and dug a shallow hole in the earth with his hands. Tseng knelt beside him and carefully placed into the hole the e-mag that had been Reno's weapon since he had joined the Turks twelve years ago, and buried it silently. Afterwards, Rude wandered over to Elena's grave and placed a white carnation on the grass in front of it.

And another the next week, and the week after that, and the week after that.

3) Rude

Rude's death was slower. He was shot in the back after realizing too late that the man he had come to assassinate had an assassin of his own. Tseng had stepped out of the shadows and broken his colleague's murderer's neck noiselessly, then hoisted Rude's whole weight onto his shoulders and carried him to the hospital. Neither of them expected him to survive, and they were proved right. After an hour of pain, he died, Tseng by his side.

Tseng stood alone when Rude was laid to rest. He held Rude's sunglasses in his hands, staring at them, twisting them over and over in his hands, before slipping them inside his jacket; he carried them with him for the rest of his life. Afterwards, he stepped past Rude's grave, and past Reno's, to Elena's, and placed a white carnation where so many had been placed before.

And another the next week, and the week after that.

4) Tseng

And then there was one.

Tseng never had a funeral; his body was never found. His final resting place was the ocean floor, his death witnessed only by the gangsters that threw the unconscious Turk over the side of the ship and into the cold, unforgiving water below, taking with him the only memories that Elena, Reno and Rude had ever lived or died.

And on Elena's grave, a white carnation died, rotted, crumbled and turned to dust, leaving no sign that it had ever existed.

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