Disclaimer:I don't own Inuyasha or a Cinderella story...does anyone know where I can get A Cinderella Story on DVD?

Heres a list of who's cast as who in the movie and who the movie characters represent from Disney's version.


Misuki(new character):Fiona/Stepmother

Yuki&Yumi(new characters):Brianna&Gabriella/Stepsisters

Inuyasha:Austen/Prince Charming

Ayame:Rhonda/Fairy Godmother



(Kagome, voice over)

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom lived a beautiful eight-year-old princess and her widowed father who lived in a huge castle.

O.K., so it wasn't that long ago, just eight years ago. And it wasn't really that far away, it was Tokyo, Japan.

It only looked far away because you could barely see it though all the smog.

But to me growing up, Tokyo was my kingdom.

I was my dads best friend, and he was mine.

My dad owned the coolest diner in town. I loved hanging out there.

(eighth birthday)"Make a wish, princess!"

What did I need a wish for?

I had amazing friends and the coolest dad.

But I guess my dad thought I needed one more thing:Misuki.

Along with my new stepmother come my new stepsisters, Yuki and Yumi.

But as long as my dad was happy, I was happy

"Daddy, where do princesses go to collage?"

"They go to...uh...Princeton."

Princeton University it was then.

My world come crashing down the day the Great Hanshin Earthquake stock Tokyo.

I lost my best friend that day, and from then on, the only fairy tails in my life were the ones I read about in books.

Since my dad didn't leave a will, my stepmother got everything, the house, the diner, and to her dismay...me.

(Stranger then your sympathy,

And this is my apology,

I kill myself from the inside out)

Song Faids...


For those of you who've never seen A Cinderella Story, I highly recommend it. It is a great movie. Review!

Note:The Great Hanshin Earthquake was a real life Earthquake.