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As Jack cleared out the desk in front of him, tears shimmering in his eyes, his hand suddenly stilled as he pulled out an envelope, with his name scrawled on the front. His hands started trembling as he slid the piece of paper out and began to read.


If you're reading this it means that I've passed on…and I just want you to know how I felt, though you probably already did. You know when we were stuck in Antarctica? And I said that I would have no regrets. I lied. I had one regret, and that was never telling you how I really felt.

But, you found out anyway with that whole za'tarc incident, I still regret not getting the Naquadah you know, that really could have come in handy. But it got us to admit how we felt, getting it out in the open…well between Anise, Janet, Teal'c and you really helped me store those feelings further down inside. Knowing they knew made me want to make it appear as if they didn't know that I knew that they knew how I felt. Gee, is that confusing or what?

But I guess our whole relationship was confusing. You remember that time when myself and Kawalsky came through the Quantum mirror asking for help? And you ended up kissing alternate reality me? Well, I have to admit, I was pretty upset. Okay, pretty upset was an understatement, I was fuming. Took most of my self control to not step through and slog myself, as weird as that sounds.

There is one thing I want to know Jack, why didn't we ever do anything about how we felt? I know you loved me, I know I loved you, and you knew that…I'm not getting into that again. So yeah, feelings were reciprocated. Was it just the Military thing? I would have retired in an instant if you had have asked me. Or was it something else? Was there something holding you back from telling me how you felt, mind control, alternate reality etc aside. Just you and me and what was between us.

So why did I write this letter? To tell you that I don't regret anything anymore. You know how I felt about you. This is closure for us. Maybe we can both move on. You can go fish, and I can go play a bigger part out there in the universe. And maybe when we meet up again, we'll finally get our butt's into gear and resolve this.

Yours forever,


Tears streamed down is face as he read and re-read the letter, his tears leaving splotchy marks on the paper. Folding the letter carefully, he placed it in the pocket next to his heart and continued cleaning out Sam's desk.


"Dr. Lee, did you see that?"

Dr Lee nodded in response as he carefully checked his patients vital signs. Smiling to himself as he picked up the phone and spoke into.

"You better call General O'Neill, it looks like she might be coming back to us."

Oh, I'm an evil one aren't I? Maybe there will be a sequel...maybe there want be. Haven't decided yet.