Demonic Days
By Wild Thing8

Summary: Kumo kidnapped Naruto during the treaty signing. Two jinchuriki are a their dipsosal. Will Kumo become the next great power among the Shinobi nations, or will their weapons fail them? After all...who can trust a demon?

Rating: M for violence, gore, horror, and language.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Chapter One: The Welcome Party

"Isamu…Hideki…Are your squads in position?" crackled a voice over the COM link.

"Affirmative, Raikage-sama," another, deeper voice answered.

"Yes, Raikage-sama," came another through the link. This voice belonged to Shisha Hideki. ANBU Captain of the third squad of Kumo.

Hideki had been a ninja since the age of eight. Not that he had a choice in the matter… His parents had been killed on missions a few years prior, and with the Shinobi Wars being waged, Kuro needed all ninja that they could get their hands on.

Hideki rose through the ranks quickly, receiving first the title of Chuunin, then Jounin, and finally being inducted into the ANBU Corps. It was not until near the end of the wars that he became an ANBU Captain.

He was anything but perfect for the job. He had been demoted once already for bribing a man to steal one of Kumo's Forbidden Scrolls. Greed had never been his most attractive trait…

But it had been his most easily exploited as the Raikage had soon found out. And that was the one reason he had not been executed.

The Byakugan. The eyes that allowed nearly three hundred and sixty degree vision. He wanted them… Badly…

That was the reason he was here right now, standing hidden in a tree outside of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. He had been squatting on the same branch for over four hours, waiting patiently for the celebration over the treaty signing to end.

"Commence your missions," the Raikage commanded.

"Understood," answered the two captains simultaneously.

Hideki hit a switch on his COM, changing the channel to that of his squad.

"Takana, do you have a visual on the boy?" Hideki asked into his microphone.

There was a short pause before an answer came. "Yes, Hideki-teichou," the feminine voice told Hideki.

"Good," Hideki replied. "Yaji and Denkyubi, are you in position?"

"Yes teichou," grunted a voice.

"Correct shishou," answered another, slightly higher-pitched voice.

Hideki smiled behind his eagle-looking, ANBU mask. In the near future he would be getting the eyes. That was the deal he had with the Raikage. He captured a brat going under the name of Uzumaki Naruto, and he got his own, fully patented, set of Byakugan eyes.

"Ryaki?" he asked into his COM.


Hideki took a deep breath, squashing the feeling of giddiness that was rising within him. His fingers shook with excitement as he ran full speed through the forests surrounding Konohagakure.

"Commence with the mission!"


"More ramen, old man!" shouted blond-haired Uzumaki Naruto from his seat in Ichiraku Ramen Bar.

"Yea, Yea, Naruto. Coming right up," called Ichiraku Teuchi from the back of the stand.

A couple of minutes later, Ayame, Teuchi's daughter, set a bowl of steaming miso ramen in front of Naruto.

"Eat up Naruto-kun," Ayame told Naruto, who was already slurping down his ramen.

He looked up from his meal. "Eh? You say something, Ayame-neechan?"

Ayame berated herself mentally for talking to the boy while he ate. She had learned long ago that he didn't pay the slightest attention to anyone while he was eating. Sighing, she shook her head.

"No, Naruto-kun. Just enjoy you're meal."

"Right!" Naruto shouted, before digging back in once more.

As Naruto continued to inhale the noodles, a woman watched him from atop a building not far from Ichiraku's. Her name was Orichi Takana, ANBU member of Kumogakure.

She wore a mask, painted like a cat, over her face, and a standard issue ANBU katana was hidden under the midnight blue cloak she wore. Long, dark-blue hair could be seen under her hood. An uncommon color amongst humans as it so happened…

Raising her gloved hands, she made a hand seal, all the while whispering in a foreign language. As she whispered, a blue glow announced the presence of chakra around her hands.

The chakra started to spark, as if it was electricity, while she continued her exotic chant. By the end of her whisperings, her hands were surrounded not by chakra, but by electricity. The eerie crackle of it could not be heard over the din of a noon-time Konoha market.

Takana waited as Naruto finished off his third bowl of ramen. From what she had observed during her short time in the Leaf Village, the boy would have one more bowl before heading off to his apartment. After he got there he would grab the few throwing weapons that he owned and head off for the training grounds.

When he was in his apartment was the time she would make her move. "Take him alive" had been her orders, and those were the orders she was going to follow. She would put him into a shock induced coma that would last a minimum of three to five hours, and a maximum of ten to twenty days. It all depended on how good of a body and mind he had.

There was always the little snag in the mission that she might be caught; however, that was what she had the buffoons Yaji and Dekyubi for. The twins might be a pair of fat asses that didn't do anything but eat, train, and have sex with prisoners of war, but they still knew how to put up a nasty genjutsu. With them double layering the area with illusion jutsus, there was a very slim chance of her being found out.

Takana hopped to another roof as the blond kid started to run to his home. Why they were assigned to capture the brat was beyond her. She could see nothing special about the boy. He was loud, stupid, in love with ramen, wore orange of all colors, and he was like six fucking years old.

The glories of the ANBU, though Takana dryly. She had never thought when she entered ANBU that she would be capturing a kid. After all, weren't ANBU the elite of the elite?

Takana came to a stop when she saw that the boy had arrived outside his apartment door. She watched as he fumbled in his pocket for his keys. A couple of seconds passed by before his hand emerged victoriously from his pocket, clutching a single, rusty key.

"Set up the illusion," she whispered into her microphone.

She received no answer from her two partners, but after waiting a few seconds the Uzumaki boy disappeared from her vision. He returned after another brief pause in which she removed the genjutsu from herself.

Let's go brat. I don't have all day.

Naruto opened the door and walked into his apartment. The door shut, and Takana was no longer on the roof…


Grey-blue eyes followed Naruto as the kid hopped around his two room apartment. Any sound the owner of eyes made was masked by the annoying humming of the blond. Not that the owner made any sound.

Ryaki was a professional, she didn't make noise.

Though professional or not, she was itching to get out of this damn building. One can endure the smell of ramen for only so long after all.

She cracked her neck, trying to get the stiffness out of it. She had been positioned here since five in the morning. She had watched the boy wake up, eat a breakfast consisting of old milk and cereal, and leave. And still she had waited…

The kid had returned a few hours later.

Ryaki had watched relentlessly as the kid ate his lunch of instant ramen. She continued while the kid did a few sit-ups and pushups. That had been the most amusing part of her extremely dull day. Hell, how could watching a kid trying to do fifteen pushups when you yourself could do at least fifteen hundred not be funny?

But then the kid had left again, and she had waited…and waited…and waited. And after what had seemed like days, they had finally got the go-ahead from the Raikage.

She was glad too. Sitting and waiting had not been in the job description when she signed her name on the ANBU contract at his initiation. She was an assassin, plain and simply. Her line of work consisted of sliding a kunai across a person's jugular, or throwing a senbon needle into one of somebody's vital points. It took all of about ten minutes to find her target, set up an escape route for himself, and kill the guy or gal.

And here comes the cavalry, she thought irately, watching Takana drop down from the ceiling.

Ryaki's eyes tracked the blue-haired woman as she crept across the room to the boy, her hands crackling as the lightning darted around them. Her hands reached for the boys temples and tapped him lightly with her index and middle fingers.

The brat didn't have a chance. He dropped like a fly when the electricity jolted through his brain.

Ryaki clapped her hands sarcastically as she stood up from her crouched position behind partly broken couch.

"Congratulations," she said with a smirk on her face, "you just took down a six year old."

Takana scowled underneath her mask when she heard her squad mate. She picked up the blond kid and tossed him to her wolf-masked companion.

"Just do your part," she told her calmly.

"I got it sweetheart, don't worry," Ryaki replied, walking toward the door with Naruto slung over her shoulder.

Ryaki opened the door and with one last wave over her shoulder she was gone.

That was the last time she would ever see Takana or the twins.


"Raikage-sama, we have the boy," Hideki stated into his COM link.

A brief pause ensued in which Hideki used to observe the kid Ryaki had just arrived with. Spiky, blond hair, whisker marks, and bright-blue eyes. He certainly had an odd assortment of physical features. Other than that, however, he didn't see anything special about the boy. The only thing that remotely stood out were his whisker marks and larger than average canine teeth.

Maybe some sort of bloodline?

But the Raikage wasn't interested in the type of bloodline that fangs and whiskers would provide. The only thing he wanted now was the Byakugan.

His thoughts were interrupted when the Raikage's command came over the COM.

"Excellent. Proceed to the Village."

Hideki frowned. "What about my squad…"

"They will arrive in their own do time," the Raikage interrupted. "We need to get the boy and girl away from Konoha as quickly as is possible."

"Yes, Raikage-sama," Hideki answered reluctantly.

Shutting off his COM link, Hideki looked at Ryaki and the boy.

"We're leaving," he said stiffly, standing up from his seat at the base of a large Oak tree.

"But the others?" Ryaki questioned.

"We're leaving," Hideki repeated a bit more forcefully this time.

With that he jumped into the tree branches and started running full speed in the direction of Kumo. He vaguely registered the sound of Ryaki hopping into the trees, and sprinting along side him.

For the first time during this mission, Hideki felt fear. The odd thing about this was that it was not fear of his enemy, but fear of his leader.

What had caused the Raikage to make him abandon his squad? This was the second time he had questioned his leader's actions. The first being that the Raikage had not had him capture the Hyuuga girl.

Something was wrong about all of this. He could feel it.

Shaking off the feeling of foreboding, Hideki focused on regulating the chakra flow in his legs. He had four days of all out sprinting until he reached Kumo. It would not do for him to burn out before they got there.


A thud echoed around the large chamber, breaking the delicate silence that had once permeated the room.

The afore mentioned room was indeed a luxurious one. Marble pillars were scattered around the room, supporting the dark ceiling. Cushioned seats littered the floor by the dozens. Few of them were actually occupied, but that did not subtract from the importance that the chairs seemed to add to the room. On top of a raised section of floor was a larger chair. A throne as some may call it. A polished, wooden desk sat in front of this throne, littered with pens, paper, and other various trinkets.

The man sitting in the throne, along with the few people that were present in the chamber turned their heads toward the source of the sound. A small child lay on the ground in front of two ANBU, one wearing the yellow captain's band around his right shoulder.

There was a moments silence as the people present digested the sight. Then the man at the throne walked down from his 'pedestal.' His dark yellow and black robes dragged across the steps as he slowly walked toward the trio standing in the entrance to his office, as it was officially called.

When he reached them, he bent down to get a better look at the child. Blond hair and whisker marks on his face.

"Perfect," the man breathed as his fingers traced the lines on the boys face, one by one.

"Kashiko?" the man called out.

There was a rustle of clothing as a large man stood up from one of the chairs.

"Right here, Raikage-sama," the man answered.

"Take the boy to our other guest's room," the now identified Raikage commanded the man. "Put him on one of the surgery tables I think. Dokado should be finished with the girl by now."

"Of course, Raikage-sama. Right away."

With that, the man picked up Naruto, carrying him away toward a back door behind the Raikage's desk.

"Ryaki-san," the Raikage said as he started to walk to yet another back door. "You remember your job, correct?

Ryaki smirked behind her mask. Yes, of course she remembered her job. She had longed for this day ever since being placed on Shisha Hideki's ANBU squad.

"Very much so, Raikage-sama," she answered, masking the emotion in her voice as much as she could.

The Raikage stopped with his hand on one of the door handles. He stayed like that a minute and everything was silent.

"Then complete it."

Then he was through the door and out of sight. And once again silence reigned for all of about two seconds.

A sickening squelch was heard, then a thud. Five seconds later another thud, louder this time, filled the large room. No one looked up from their work. No one had to. They knew what had happened.

Shisha Hideki was dead…

"Pity," muttered Ryaki in mock disappointment as she cleaned his bloody dagger on the headless body of his former captain. "I had hoped he would have put up more of a fight."

Sheathing his dagger, Ryaki picked up Hideki's head. She pulled off the eagle mask and stared into the man's lifeless brown eyes. No shock was shown on those eyes. No fear or contempt.

Teichou, what a fool you were.


The clinking of metal tools being moved around drowned out the groan that came from a young, blond boy. More metallic noise joined the original when said boy started struggle in his chains. Chains that bound him to a blood, urine, and puke stained table.

The terrible smell that the combined bodily fluids produced awakened the small boy quickly. The boy, Naruto, opened and closed his eyes, trying to adjust them to the bright light shining in his face.

"I see you're awake now."

The voice startled Naruto, and he struggled in his chains to get a look at the owner of the voice.

"I suggest you stop moving," the voice told Naruto. A man's voice Naruto decided.

Naruto didn't stop, of course. No one told Uzumaki Naruto what to do. Who the hell did that guy think he was?

The voice laughed. "I told you not to move," it said.

Naruto stopped wrestling with his bindings when he felt someone grab one of the chains that held him to the table.

"Hey! What are you…"

An unholy scream erupted from Naruto's throat as electricity passed through the man's hand to the chains. Chains which were connected to Naruto... The electricity continued, unceasingly, for about ten seconds, until the man let go of the chain.

A smile made its way to the man's face as he looked down at the child that lay before him. The skin and clothing that had been touched by chains was either charred or burned completely off the kid. The boy himself was left twitching uncontrollably in his bindings. The smell of burnt flesh was added to the already putrid stench of the table.

"Didn't I tell you to stay still?" the man asked, laughing at the sight of the small kid.

Naruto gave a moan in answer to the man's question.

"Not very talkative now is he," the man muttered to himself as he walked toward the tray of metal instruments. Looking down at them, he tried to decide which one to start with.

"Hmm...What should we start with? Do you have any preference boy? Hair or eyes?" the man asked, turning his head back to the still twitching Naruto.

Of course, Naruto being in the pain that he was gave no answer.

"Alright then, I guess we'll start with the eyes," he informed Naruto, picking up a scalpel from his tray. Sure he could have used a chakra scalpel and caused a lot less pain to the boy, but where was the fun in that?

Footsteps echoed around the room as the man approached Naruto once again. Naruto tensed up as he felt the man walk by his head. But, instead of stopping by Naruto, the man kept walking until he reached a shelf. He started to survey the shelf, muttering to himself as he did so.

"Hmm…Where did that bastard brother of mine put them?" he asked himself, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Ah! Here they are!"

The man picked up a crystal jar from the shelf and headed back over to Naruto. The man placed the jar on a small work table that sat next to the larger one that Naruto was bound too. He took the lid off and set it down next to the jar.

Apparently certain that everything was in place, the man picked up the scalpel again and moved it above Naruto's left eye. Naruto tried to wiggle away from the scalpel, but only succeeded in causing himself more pain as the chains dug into his burnt skin. Tears streamed from Naruto's eyes as he realized just how helpless he was.

"Great idea!" the man cheered happily, seeing Naruto's tears. "Less friction this way. Why didn't I think of that?"

He raised the scalpel again only to pull it back once again. The man adopted a thoughtful expression on his face.

"I'm pretty sure this will hurt a little. Though, I wouldn't be the best person to ask. I usually use chakra scalpels for this sort of thing."

Not wanting to waste any more time, the man dug the scalpel into Naruto's left eyes and pried on it. With a sickening squelch, the eye popped out of the boy's socket. It rested on

Naruto's cheek still connected to the eye socket by its nerve fibers.

Naruto's screams of pain echoed throughout the small room. He struggled against his bindings, unconsciously giving himself more pain as the metal dug into his charred and burnt skin.

The man chuckled for the whole duration of the screams. A sadistic smile plastered across his face as he watched the child struggle. The Raikage had told him not to harm the kid too much, but that didn't mean he couldn't have a little bit of fun.

The screams died down slightly, and the man took this as his opportunity to continue the surgery. He used the scalpel to cut the boy's eye from his nerve fibers, setting Naruto off into another bout of screams.

Ignoring them this time, the man made a vertical cut through the center of Naruto's eye, and a horizontal cut. He checked over his work to make sure that it was all done correctly. After a few moments, the man was apparently happy with his job. He set down his scalpel and enjoyed a few moments of Naruto's crying.

As he waited, he noticed that the incisions that he had made around the eye were starting to close up.

Hmm…Must be the demon's healing abilities that I have heard about. Interesting that it carried over to the boy, the man thought as he grabbed his scalpel.

Once again he made the incisions around the eye. No screams of agony came from Naruto this time, seeing as the kid had passed out from the amount of pain he had been submitted to.

The man stuck his hand into the jar and pulled an eye out of it. A pupil-less, lavender eye if one wanted to be detailed.

The Byakugan.

The man muttered to himself as he slowly fit the eye into Naruto's socket.

"I still think it is terribly stupid to give a demon such a valuable bloodline."

He did not use any medical jutsu while he fit the eye in. Not because he wanted to cause Naruto more pain, but because he figured that the healing ability would fix the eye into place.

It was the last mistake he ever made…


The Raikage looked up as he heard knock at his office door.

"Name?" he called.

"Ryaki," was his muffled answer.

"Enter," he said, turning his attention back to the letter on his desk.

The door opened with a creak, and Ryaki walked into the room. Her ANBU mask was attached to her belt. Her light blue hair hung to around her shoulders and a flower-like hair clip kept it from falling over her face.

Said face wasn't the most beautiful in the world, but she was still fairly good looking. As a ninja she didn't spend very much of her time on making herself look good. Missions usually didn't leave much free time.

Her hair and flower clip were not the only odd things about her. Her eyes were…strange to say the least. The whites of her eyes were not white, but an off grey color and her pupils were the color of blood.

This was rather fitting, considering what her bloodline was.

The Raikage eyed the accessory with distaste. "I will never understand why you where that thing."

Ryaki chuckled as she sat herself down in the seat opposite the Raikage. She leaned back in the chair, putting her hands behind her head.

"Family heirloom," she said simply, staring at the ceiling. "The girl arrived without any hindrance?"

The Raikage smirked. "Yes. Although Isamu's squad nearly botched the entire mission. One of his men ran into Hyuuga Hiashi when he was escaping with the girl."

Ryaki nodded slightly, still staring at the ceiling.

"I've taken you off ANBU duty," the Raikage continued, finally gaining Ryaki's full attention.

"You're allowing me to go solo?" she asked, raising one of her eyebrows.

"No," the Raikage said in answer to her question, "I am giving the duty to train the jinchuriki."

Ryaki's eyes narrowed when she heard this.

"I'm not a trainer," she snarled angrily.

"I am completely aware of that," the Raikage informed the woman. "You are not the only one that will be training them. This is not up for discussion. You will do what your leader tells you to do. Understood?"

Ryaki's glare did not lessen as she nodded her head.

"Excellent. Here is the information we have compiled on both of them," he said, handing Ryaki two folders. "As you can see, we have much more information on Nii Yugito than Uzumaki Naruto, but that is to be expected."

Ryaki took that folders and began to flip through them, starting with Nii's. The folder contained such things as physical identification, former family members, likes and dislikes, and ability. Most of the ability section was left blank. Apparently she and the other trainers would need to fill that out once they got that far.

She set down Nii's folder and picked up Uzumaki's. She opened to the first page and continued to run through the pages until something caught her eye.

"You're giving the brat the Byakugan?" she asked incredulously. "Do you even know what will happen if you give a jinchuriki a bloodline? And what happened to breeding the Byakugan?"

The Raikage raised an eyebrow at Ryaki's questions. "I decided that the Byakugan would be more beneficial if we gave it to the demon-boy. If all goes as planned, we could possibly have the most powerful shinobi in the world."

Ryaki stared at the Raikage for a moment. That was a lot of ifs. Something could go wrong with the eye transplantation, or he could turn out to be a completely useless nin. There was also the possibility that he wouldn't be able to learn how to control the demon's chakra.

"I don't know," Ryaki said tiredly, once again leaning back in her chair. "It seems like there are a lot of things that could go wrong with this. Why not just breed the Byakugan? Then you have a clan with the bloodline, plus you'll still have the boy."

Shaking his head, the Raikage answered her questions. "Even if I wanted to change my mind and breed the Byakugan, I couldn't now. The Hyuuga girl is dead. Something went wrong with the operation, and her brain was damaged in the process. She passed away shortly before your arrival. The man who performed the operation has been punished appropriately."

"It seems like a total waste to steal the Byakugan then," Ryaki stated, shaking her head slightly.

"I thought of that," the Raikage informed the woman. "I am hoping that with the Kyuubi's healing ability the eyes will actually become part of the boy. Not just some transplantation job like Copy Ninja Kakashi."

Ryaki smirked, "And if that's the case, his offspring will most likely have the Byakugan. Brilliant."

I still think there are too many things that could go wrong, she thought, gazing down at the picture of Uzumaki Naruto.

She would soon find out just how right she had been.


"Hmm…The eyes seem to be in place," muttered the man who was currently replacing Naruto's eyes. "Now for the hair. We can't have anyone recognizing you can we?"

The man chuckled as he walked over to one of the rooms many shelves. As he searched through the many bottles of dye that littered a particular shelf, Naruto's newly acquired eyes were doing something…strange.

Naruto had just become conscious again. He did not make any sounds of pain. He did not make any sound at all for that matter. He just lay there, staring at the ceiling as his eyes slowly changed. Starting at the edges of his eyes, the lavender of the Byakugan slowly started to turn crimson. The crimson continued to invade the pupil-less eyes until it had completely contaminated him.

Naruto smirked as his body started to change. His whisker marks became more defined, almost looking as if they were real. His finger nails grew in length as did his canine teeth. Naruto's ears elongated, and their tips grew pointier in mere seconds. A red chakra started to flow from his body, ever so slowly morphing into the shape of a fox.

Then all hell broke loose.

The man spun around quickly as he heard something snap. What he saw caused him to drop the vile that he was holding in his hand. He ignored the shattered glass that flew everywhere when the vile hit the floor. Silver dye went unnoticed as it seeped into his white medical boots, staining the expensive material that they were made of.

The blond boy had ripped off one of his chains and was in the process of ripping off another. When he had successfully freed himself from that binding, he started with the others.

"Impossible," the man muttered fearfully, unable to tear his eyes off the sight in front of him.

That chakra, the man thought to himself, It almost feels like the Nibi's.

While the man stood, frozen in place by his fear and fascination, Naruto had successfully removed all of his bindings.

The boy crawled around on the table to look at the man who had caused him so much pain. A growl erupted from his throat as he jumped off the table and started to inch his way toward the man. He moved on all fours like an animal.

This spurred the man into action. He frantically turned and ran for the door. Valuable body parts and medical samples were destroyed as he knocked into the shelves in his haste to get out of the room.

However, he never reached the door. Claws tore into his back, shredding both skin and clothing.

He yelled out in pain, trying frantically to reach the door. All to no avail.

Fangs sunk into his neck, and he ripped the flesh off the man's neck with ease. Naruto spat it out onto the ground and returned to his former surgeon.

But it was not Naruto that was doing these things. No…Naruto had lost control over his body as soon as the Byakugan had been made part of his body.

The Kyuubi had found a way of escape, relatively speaking. And no demon would ignore such means of escape, no matter how small an escape the eyes gave him. What had been intended as means of power for Naruto had just turned into an outlet to the outside world for Kyuubi.

'Naruto' swiped one of his clawed hands across the man's throat, ripping through his windpipe. The man gurgled for a few moments before falling silent. The now dead man was discarded as Naruto made his way toward the door.

He turned the handle on the door, and a feral grin passed on his face when he found that it was not locked. His fangs glistened with blood, looking extremely out of place on the six-year-old boy.

Opening the door, he crawled on all fours out into the hallway.

The real Naruto watched on in horror in his mind as his body massacred the man. Unbidden thoughts raced through his head as he fought for control of his body.

Let's see what other mortals want to die today, hmm.

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