Demonic Days


By: Wild Thing8

A Naruto Fanfiction.

Summary: Kumo kidnapped Naruto during the treaty signing. Two Jinchuriki are at their disposal. Will Kumo become the next great power amongst the Shinobi nations, or will their weapons fail them? After all...who can trust a demon?


Rating: M for violence, gore, horror, and language.


Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

Chapter Four: The Day Before
"Sir, this letter was left for you a few hours after you left," a hotel clerk told the white-haired man that had just entered the building.

"Thanks," the man said, grabbing the letter with a wet and muddy hand.

The woman stared in disgust at the hand and at the rest of the man. He was a mess, something that would not be tolerated by the establishment he was currently living in.

It was not just the man that was dirty. A trail of mud and water trailed behind the man as he walked away from the front desk, heading for the room he had rented a few nights ago.

The woman shook her head in annoyance. The man had paid extra for the room he had rented, asking in return that he not be disturbed by anyone while he was there. As the hotel staff had soon found out, berating him over the messes he made was included under that category.

The said man was at that moment walking up the stairs to his third floor room. It was nothing special. Just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill hotel room, something that he believed that one would not believe him to stay in. What with his legendary status.

He pushed the door, labeled Room 48, open and walked into his current place of residence. He had been to over fifty different places in the past year alone, the whole time spent gathering information for his leader and doing what he could to track down his traitorous teammate, Orichimaru. As surprising as it was, he had not had any success on that latter task.

A creak broke the silence of the room as the man sat down on his bed. This noise was followed by a ripping sound when he tore open the letter he had just received. He tossed the envelope onto the floor, not bothering to keep the room clean. After all, that was what room service was for.

The white haired man stared down at the letter in his hands, the frown on his face becoming more pronounced as he read the short letter.


The fox is on the move.


The now identified 'J' wiped his dirty palm across his face, covering the red marks that adorned his cheeks with mud.

The old man didn't give him a break did he? It had been nearly seven years since he had left the village, and yet the guy still had jobs for him. He wondered if he had been having Tsunade do any work while she was away.

Knowing her, probably not…

Oh well, that's what you get for pledging your eternal allegiance to someone.

The man stood up off the bed with a sigh. He walked into the room's bathroom and turned on the shower.

An hour later the white haired man was out of the shower, dressed, and on the road. He had checked out of the hospital a few moments ago and was currently on the way to the exit of the city he had been staying in.

It had been a pleasant stay. The city was close to Konoha, so a few of the occupants had felt a sense of duty to treat one of the Legendary Sannin as best they could.

A duty to which he had no objections.

Unfortunately that type of life would be over for a while.

The person his student had been interested in at the time of his death could only mean the Kyuubi prison. If someone had truly taken the boy, the Leaf would be in one hell of a problem.

With that thought, the man unconsciously sped up his pace. It was two days journey to the Leaf.

He would make it one.


Ten Years Later

"The target is in range," a female voice whispered into sixteen-year-old Uzumaki Naruto's ear. "Commence the attack…now!"

The whistling of air was the only sound that was made as the Cloud ninja shot through the air towards his target. As he flew through the air he pulled to kunai out of his weapons pouch, readying himself to kill the overweight man that sat in the forest clearing.

He landed with a soft thud and continued to sprint toward the target even as explosions went off around him. Three ninja surrounded the target. They were Jounin, hired by the Village of the Moon to protect the man, Michiru, from any threat that appeared.

As he grew closer he analyzed the three men. The one on the left was a kenjutsu user, if one went by the sword in his hand. The middle guy was most likely more ninjutsu prone then anything else. The way his hands were flashing through handseals could attest to that. The last was hard to place, but Naruto decided that he was most likely a ninjutsu user as well.

Naruto jumped into the air as spike shot out of the earth, nearly impaling him. He grabbed hold of a tree limb and flipped himself on to it, the spike passing harmlessly by him.

His hands flashed through a set of handseals while he remained hidden behind the spike.

"Inbijiru," he whispered as he finished the last handseal.

Nothing seemed to happen as Naruto stayed squatted in the tree, listening to the explosions and sounds of fighting that were going on below.

He jumped from his spot on the tree just as a stream of mud, shaped in the form of a dragon, flew past the spot he was previously crouching in.

As he glided through the air, Naruto watched as his body parts slowly became translucent before becoming completely invisible.


He landed silently, chakra flowing out of his feet so that he hovered slightly above the ground. The three ninja that were guarding Michiru were looking around in confusion, wondering where there attacker had gone.

Without wasting anymore time, Naruto shot forward, his kunai poised to kill the four men.

He killed the first man with ease, slicing through his throat unimpeded. The second went down easily enough. A kunai to the back of the skull took care of that. The third, however, seemed to have sensed his genjutsu and canceled it.

A clang echoed quietly around the clearing. The man's face glistened with sweat as he held Naruto's kunai with his own, inches away from his throat.

Michiru kneeled behind the man, quivering in fear, tears flowing from his eyes as he watched the two in horror.

Naruto flipped backwards, his right foot slamming into the man's chin as he did so. He pushed off with his arms as his hands touched the ground and landed silently a few meters back.

The lone ninja that remained guarding the fat prince stumbled back a few feet, but quickly regained his balance.

Naruto's hands flashed through more seals before the man had time to retaliate. The sounds of the battle around them had quieted, signaling that his partner had finished her job.

"Hiramekki no Justu," Naruto said calmly.

A flash of light burst from Naruto, temporarily blinding those who had not closed their eyes quick enough.

The light lasted for about ten seconds. In that time to thuds were hear, one louder than the other.

As the jutsu ended, Naruto's smiled behind his mask at the sight that met him.

His partner, Yugito, stood over the two men's bodies with a smirk on her face, blood dripping from her clawed fingers. She wore a white, short-sleeved shirt with black shoulders, and a pair of black pants. Her arms were bandaged, and beads were twisted around them as well. A hunter-nin mask, the Cloud symbol etched into its forehead, adorned her face. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail that ended near her waist.

Naruto flipped on his COM link, and spoke into the speaker. "The target has been eliminated."

A few moments passed before the man on the other end of the line replied. "Recorded. You may proceed home."


Naruto walked over to Yugito after the connection had been shut off. She stood over Michiru's body, rummaging through his pockets for loose cash and any valuables that he may have on him.

"This is not the type of mission you are usually assigned," he said, breaking the silence that had made itself present.

Yugito did not look up from the body, instead opting to toss the man's wallet to Naruto. She looked through the pockets for a few more minutes before giving up her search and standing up.

"No, it's not," she replied. "But you know that they want us to work together every once in a while. Something about building up communication between us during battles."

Naruto nodded slightly, eyeing the wallet that he held in his hand. "You don't want any of this?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

In response, Yugito shook her pocket, a soft jingling sound coming from it. She bent down once more, pulling a dagger from her belt as she did so.

It was not a fancy dagger; no fancy jewels or designs adorned it. The only thing that stood out on it was the small number etched into the bottom of the blade, just above the hilt.

From what he had learned from the woman, the number was assigned to her when she had become a hunter-nin. It was something like an I.D. as far as he could tell.

Yugito snapped her wrist, the dagger slicing through Michiru's neck as she did so. Blood spurted from the man's neck as she stood back up. Pulling out a scroll, Yugito sealed the head away.

Naruto put his hands in the tiger handseal and glanced down at Michiru's decapitated body. A moment later the man's body erupted in flames. Within minutes only ash remained where the large man's body once was.

A few thousand meters away from the clearing, Naruto and Yugito were sprinting side-by-side along the tree branches. Naruto was hidden from sight by shadows and genjutsu, but Yugito had opted to remain in plain sight as they raced back to their village.

"You will be seen that way," Naruto's voice seemed to come from nowhere.

Yugito made no attempt to hide herself or even acknowledge Naruto.

"You tell me that every time we go on a mission, Naruto. I am not as great at stealth as you are, and I see no point in hiding myself. Just drop it," Yugito voiced back.

"Of course," Naruto replied after a short pause.

It took the two about four hours to make their way back to Kumogakure. When they arrived, they immediately headed for the Raikage's office.

The city was nearly empty as the two walked quietly through the darkened streets of Kumo on their way to the Kage building. An occasional late-night walker or drunk could be seen, wandering around the streets, illuminated only by the lamps that were placed every few meters along the roads.

The pair's eyes were assaulted with light as they enter the building, a bell chiming loudly when the door opened.

A grunt sounded from behind a desk that was placed off to the side of the doors. A man blearily looked up at the pair before waving them on. As they passed by the man leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes.

Naruto wrinkled his nose in disgust at the man's actions. The security in this place was atrocious.

It took the pair only a minute or so to reach the elaborately designed door of the Raikage's office.

Naruto knocked on the door and answered the question of 'Who is it?' before turning the handle and pushing the door open.

The Raikage sat behind his wooden desk, a paper in front of him and a pen in hand. His eyes had bags under them, and he was constantly rubbing them with his free hand. The man's shoulder's seemed slouched as he scribbled away at the paper in front of him.

"The mission was successful," the Raikage stated without looking up from his paper.

"Yes, Raikage-sama," Yugito answered the man quickly. "Here is the man's head."

She pulled the scroll from the pouch on her waist and placed it on the edge of his desk.

"We were met with little resistance," Naruto continued as Yugito stepped back in line with him. "The ninja that I battled were from Iwa. They were all relatively weak Jounin."

"The men I took out were the same," Yugito continued. "Their caravan was relatively easy to find as well. We killed Michiru's son before we killed him. He has an ex-wife that lives somewhere on the borders of the Fire Country, but the mission requirements never said anything about killing her."

The Raikage set his pen down on the desk. He leaned back in his chair, a weary sigh escaping his lips as he did so. After a moment he rummaged through one of the desk's drawers and pulled out two slips of paper. Picking the pen back up, he wrote something on both slips.

"Here is your pay," the Raikage said, handing each of them a slip. "You did well. I expect you both will be ready for another mission in a couple of days?"

They both nodded, though Naruto's nod seemed a little stiff.

"Good. Then you are both dismissed."

The pair walked from the room in silence, neither saying a word to each other as they made their way out of the building. They walked past the snoring guard, not bothering to check if he had woken when they walked out of the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Yugito said as she started the walk back to her apartment.

"Yeah," Naruto replied quietly, in an almost regretful voice, "see you."

He turned and started to walk back to the ANBU Headquarters. All ANBU were permitted to live outside of the headquarters, but Naruto had decided early on in life that he preferred to live with the other ANBU. There was no particular reason for this other than the fact that he did not have to pay rent.

In the few minutes that it took him to reach the building, Naruto reflected on the mission that he had just completed. Analyzing it in his mind. Finding out what he could have done differently that would have improved his performance.

Risei had taught him to do this early on in his training. He had explained that there was always something that you could improve on; sometimes you just had to look for it. Naruto had taken the words to heart. The man was almost an idol to him.

Risei had been an ANBU Captain for almost eight years before he had returned to Jounin status so that he would have time to train Naruto. He had been responsible for teaching Naruto Taijutsu and how to wield various weapons. Other things had been taught as well, but none were as important as the previous mentioned ones.

Naruto stopped for a moment as he reached the door that led into the ANBU Headquarters. Near silent beeps broke through the nighttime silence as Naruto punched in the entrance code into the keypad. After he finished, a louder beep sounded as the keypad flashed red, and the door cracked open.

Naruto wasted no time on his way back to his room. It was nearly midnight, and tomorrow was an important day. Ryaki would not be happy with him if he was too exhausted for tomorrow's event.

He was in his bed only minutes later, clothes and equipment left on the floor of his small apartment.

Naruto did not flinch as he felt someone lying next to him in the bed. He knew only one person that would have been able to stay undetected from him when they were in such close proximity.

"Good evening, Ryaki-sama," Naruto muttered tiredly as he turned his head to look at the woman.

"You do remember what is going to happen tomorrow, correct?" the woman questioned.

Naruto nodded at the question. "Of course I do. This has been planned for a while now."

"Good. You will attend your training like you normally do. At ten o'clock at night you will meet me on the outskirts of the village."

"I understand, Ryaki-sama," Naruto said, stifling a yawn.

Ryaki gave Naruto one last look before she disappeared, leaving Naruto alone in the room.

It would take Naruto another hour before he fell asleep.


Light filtered through the blinds that covered the lone window in Naruto's apartment. His eyes flickered open moments later. He lay like that for a moment, listening to the birds chirping outside on the trees that surrounded the building.

Throwing the sheets off of himself, Naruto slid out of his bed. He walked into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth before getting dressed. He wore the same thing that he did almost everyday. The ANBU armor and clothing was washed and folded on his desk as it always was in the morning. Just another benefit of living at the headquarters.

The outfit consisted of long pants, a sleeveless shirt, sleeves that were cut off just above the elbows, gloves, and shinobi sandals. All of these things were in the traditional Kumo color, dark blue. On top of the clothing he wore the standard ANBU chest plate and bracers.

The mask he fit over his face was painted and shaped to resemble a falcon. The animal was assigned to him when he had officially been named an ANBU member.

He left the room quickly, locking the door behind him. It was already almost seven, and his first training session started at that time. Sousha would not be pleased if he were late. The man was one of those people that did not tolerate lateness.

It was a short trip to the training ground that he worked at. The place was only a few hundred meters away from Headquarters. It consisted of a large clearing, mostly empty except for the few training posts and dummies that occupied one side of the area. A large pond could be seen on the opposite side of the training ground.

As usual Sousha was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the clearing, scrolls scattered around him. His blue pants and white shirt looked as dirty as ever, and his brown hair seemed to have gone even grayer during Naruto's absence.

Sousha looked up when Naruto arrived next to the man. Quietly, he rolled up the scroll he had been writing in and stood up.

"Good, you're on time," the man said. "Which of my techniques did you use while you were gone?"

Naruto answered after a moment of thought. "Hiramekki and Kaziendo," he said.

"Only two?" Sousha asked incredulously. "What situations did you use them in?"

"I used Hiramekki during a fight and Kaziendo during a nighttime assassination," Naruto answered.

Sousha nodded his head slowly before saying, "Kaziendo was meant for large scale battles."

"I know," Naruto replied. "The kid had a tiger with him, and that was the first technique I could think of that would keep the thing from moving."

Sousha quirked an eyebrow at Naruto. "A tiger?"

Naruto shrugged as he answered the question. "It was an odd family."

Sousha glanced once more at Naruto before gathering up all of his scrolls. He made a handseal, using a jutsu that caused the scrolls to disappear.

"Today we'll be working on the Houtei," Sousha said. "I presume you've got the basics down?"

Naruto nodded, his hands flashing through a series of handseals.

"Katon: Houtei no Jutsu," he muttered as he reached the last handseal, his eyes focusing on a spot in the air not far from the lake.

Slowly, a plume of fire seemed to form out of midair in the spot that Naruto had been concentrated on. The fire lasted for only a few seconds before dissipating.

"Good, but you need to work on it," Sousha told Naruto. "Once you are skilled enough with the technique the fire will appear instantly. It will not take time for it to spread into its largest form, which should be around the size of your Gōkakyū when you have mastered it. Now try it again."

They continued like that for another three hours, alternating every hour to another technique.

Over his ten years of training with Sousha, Naruto had mastered close to sixty techniques. He knew more, but none of those was he as well-versed at.

The pair had learned early on in Naruto's training that the boy had a wind affinity. It had taken them several years longer to find out that he was also pretty efficient with fire techniques as well. Of course, Sousha had been the one to figure it out.

Sousha was a genius, plain and simple. Naruto knew quite a lot of techniques, but Sousha knew thousands of them of them. The most amazing part about it was that he had created most of the techniques he knew. Naruto was honored to learn from the man.

When the three hours were over, Naruto bid Sousha farewell and made sat down against one of the training logs, waiting for Risei to arrive for his next training session. He lifted his mask up and wiped the sweat from his face. The one problem he had with Kumo was the weather. No matter what time of year, it was always humid.

A poofing noise signaled the arrival of Risei.

"Hello," the man said quietly. "Are you ready?"

Naruto wasted no time in getting into his Taijutsu stance, kunai appearing in both of his hands with a flick of a wrist. He raised his left arm in front of himself, his forearm parallel with his chest. The other arm was held out straight to his side, the blade of the kunai pointing behind him. Naruto's legs were bent slightly, and they were tensed as he eyed the Jounin in front of him.

They staid like that for a moment, Risei standing nonchalantly while Naruto stood tensed. Then, without warning, Naruto shot forward, his body a blur as he sprinted toward Risei. His right arm swung in an arch, slicing toward the man's throat. It was blocked almost effortlessly by a kunai that had suddenly appeared in Risei's hand.

Naruto spun around, his left arm swinging the kunai to just below the man's left kneecap.

Risei avoided the blade by hopping over it, kicking his right leg at Naruto's stomach as he did so.

Naruto leaned backwards to avoid that kick. Another kick from Risei sent Naruto to the ground as his legs were swept out from under him. Naruto rolled to the side to a kunai that was headed for his face. The kunai hit the ground where his head had been moments earlier as he jumped to his feet and took his stance one again.

The fight lasted an hour longer.

Naruto had lost.

Author's Notes:
Same length chapter that I usually write. Sorry that it took so long to get out. I've been busy with finals coming up, and I have not had that much time to write. The time skip might seem a bit unnecessary, but I didn't see the need to write ten years of Naruto's life, especially when they are mostly unimportant to the story. I will refer back to anything that I feel is important.
Jutsu List:
Inbijirru: A genjutsu that allows the user to become invisible for a short span of time.

Hiramekki no Jutsu: Literally "Flash Technique." Causes a flash of light that may blind the target if they are caught unaware.

Kaziendo: "Wind Bind Technique." Uses the air surrounding something to slow the thing down.

Katon: Houtei no Jutsu: "Air Fire Technique." Uses the oxygen in the air to create a fire.

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