Last of a Dying Race

By ForgottenKaze

Okay, I said before I'd re-write this story, so here it is! Last of a Dying Race, version 2!

A strange story I thought up when I was trying to remember the theme song of Wolf's Rain… I thought it would make a good IY fic. It's also my attempt to do a long AU story. It takes place sometime between 2008 and 2010.

Oh, and there might be spoilers for the later manga. I'm not sure.

I DON'T own InuYasha.

"Asagi-neechan, is this enough berries?" Ai asked the elder hanyou. Even if the two weren't related by blood, Ai addressed all of the half-demons she knew as siblings.

Asagi looked into the basket. Looking up she said, "Wonderful, thanks Ai."

"Are we all done here?" Dai asked, looking bored. He and his twin, Roku, had already finished gathering firewood and were currently watching the other hanyo children doing their chores.

"I think so," Shiori, a bat hanyo, replied. "Shall we get going back to the village?"

The assent came from everyone in the clearing, and they headed toward the village.

Anzen Village (1) was a small town, built in a valley between two mountains deep in central Japan. You won't find it on any map from any time. This place was protected by a miko named Kanade, one of the Great Priestesses (2), so that the inhabitants would be spared scorn from the outside world. The reason: they were either half-demons or the parents of half-demons. Those from the 'Outside World' (as it was called in the Village) despised half-breeds and those related to them.

Even if the humans and rare demons could accept those from Anzen Village, an organisation called 'Kuroi Tenshi' would never. They were, after all, called 'Black Angel' for a reason.

Kuroi Tenshi was lead by a man named Naraku, who, despite all his efforts and persuasions, was a hanyo committed to destroying all half-demons. Quite a while ago, some of the fighters of the village, Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Sesshoumaru, Kagura, Rin, Jaken, Kohaku, Kikyou, and quite a few others had gone off to stop this organisation. To date, none had returned. But the villagers knew they were alive from the irregular reports coming in from all over Japan.

The aforementioned warriors, commanded by the ancient demon lord Inu no Taisho, or as he preferred to be called, Touga, had become the Shori Taiyou, the White Suns. But it could also be taken as a bit of a pun. 'Taiyou' could also be short for 'Taiyoukai', demon lord, and the leader had white hair in human form and a white pelt in demon form.

The children were nearing the village when they saw smoke rising from the town.

"What's that?" Moegi wondered allowed, pointing towards the town.

"Maybe a battle or a fire," Roku suggested.

"I hope no one was hurt," Shiori whispered. Her father, Tsukuyomaru, had been killed when she was younger by a Kuroi Tenshi, her own grandfather at that, so she was very protective of her mother and her friends' parents. She never wanted to see anyone so sad ever again.

"I highly doubt that," Asagi scoffed, hoping that it truly wasn't a battle. The people of Anzen Village were no fighters, save the Taijiya who had come to the village to stay out of the almost constant demon vs human wars. "Maybe someone forgot to put out a fire and left and the house burned down."

She seemed to want to say something more, but the scene that greeted them at the village stopped her.

The village was gone. Buildings crushed or burned to the ground, and bodies everywhere. Shizu, Izayoi, Kusuri, Shoku, Izumo…. People they had known since birth, all dead.

And over their corpses, were four of the Kuroi Tenshi. Four. That was all it had taken to slaughter their village.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? A group of run away half-breeds?" one with blue hair asked his companions.

"Brother Ryura, shall I destroy them?" one with burgundy/red hair asked the leader of the small band.

"No, I will," Ryura said, lifting his weapon. He brought his thunder blade down and unleashed an attack that would surely have killed the kids, if another hanyo hadn't uncovered himself from the rubble.

A severely injured Jinenji had blocked the attacks with his own body.

"Jinenji!" Asagi cried.

"Run…" the horse hanyo managed to say. "Run away…." He was dead.

Ai gasped.

"Come on!" Asagi told the small group.

They ran. Away from the village, their lives, but to their destiny?

(1) Anzen means safety.

(2) The Great Priestesses are Midoriko, Kanade, Kikyou and Kagome.

Kuroi Tenshi means Black Angel. Yes, I stole Sensui's (YYH) title/nickname.

I have nothing against the people I killed. I just needed people for the Shitoushin to kill and was too lazy to make up names.

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