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"Kagome-no-neechan, Sango-neechan?" Shiori called as she entered the kitchen where the older girl was making breakfast. It was before dawn a week after the slaughter at Anzen Village.

"Hello, Shiori," Kagome greeted. "Is anyone else awake?"

"I don't - "

"Yeah, we are…" Dai said, looking very sleepy. Roku's head was on his shoulder and was yawning in agreement. Shion was right behind them, rubbing his eyes on his arm.

"We are too," Asagi said, entering the room, Ai clinging to Asagi's dress. Moegi came in right after them, looking the same as ever.

"I'm up," Kohaku called.

"Sit down," Sango said, setting down her coffee and looking up from her newspaper. They obeyed.

"Here," Kagome said, passing around plates of omelette, bowls of miso soup and rice.

After about fifteen minutes of eating, and some of the people being almost too tired to pick up chopsticks correctly, everyone was done.

"Kagome-no-neechan," Shiori asked while doing the dishes with the two teenagers and the other girls. "What are we going to do today? Are we going to get a start against the Kuroi Tenshi?"

The two women paused what they were doing and glanced at each other.

"Well…" Kagome began.

"We should go back to Headquarters and check with Touga," finished Sango. "If he says yes, we'll be able to get help disguising your demonic features. 'Till we get out of a populated area, anyway."

After breakfast and clean-up, Kagome, Sango, Kohaku and the kids piled into Sango's car and drove towards the centre of the city.

At the doors to the base, Sango whispered the same song Souten had done the previous night.

"There you are!" Touga exclaimed upon seeing them. "I was waiting for you!"

Kagome nodded in greeting.

"We're here to ask – " Sango began, but was stopped by a wave of Touga's hand.

"I know. Ayame and Kouga have already gone out," the Daiyoukai said. "You all have permission to go."

"But first we have to make sure these kids don't stand out until we're out of the city," Kagura said, coming up to them.

"Hello, Kagura," Kagome greeted. "Where are the boys?" By 'boys', she meant Inuyasha, Miroku and Sesshoumaru.

"Sesshoumaru was trying to get Inuyasha up to pick up Miroku," the red-eyed woman answered, looking slightly annoyed with her boyfriend's younger brother.

"Ok, we can wait," Sango said. "In the meantime…"

The three women looked at the kids. They nodded to each other. Kagome and Sango went into a room, dragging Ai, Asagi, Shion, Moegi, Roku, Dai and Shiori along with them and leaving Kohaku alone in the room with Touga.

A few minutes after the women and children had disappeared, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Shippou and Miroku came in. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru already looked human; hair black and eyes purple. Shippou just had a spell on his tail and ears.

"We late?" Miroku asked.

Touga looked up from his work. "The girls are already here."

"Keh! It's not my fault!" Inuyasha exclaimed.

"On the contrary, little brother," Sesshoumaru said. "It's your fault you can't wake up in the morning."

"Well…. I… I went to bed late last night!" Inuyasha stuttered.

"Oho. And what were you doing?" Miroku said as a grin appeared on his face.

"Nothing you'd be interested in! I was practicing kendo!" the hanyou defended.

"Yeah, right," Shippou said from Miroku's shoulder.

"Father, any new leads?" Sesshoumaru asked, cutting between the other three.

Touga, who had been watching, shook his head. "But Ayame and Kouga just left last night. They can't have found out anything new in-" he checked a clock "- less than twelve hours."

"We're here!" Kagome called, coming out of the room, leading the hanyo kids.

"Wow. That's all I can say. Wow," Miroku said.

The hanyo, instead of their natural hair colour of grey, green, orange, dull yellow, purple and white, all had black hair. They also supported special contact lens-like things on their eyes to hide their natural colours. Their ears were hidden as well. Asagi and Moegi's horns were covered. Kagura's eyes were changed to hazel.

"Whoa, are these really the same brats from the village?" Inuyasha asked the group, messing up Shiori's now raven coloured tresses. The young half-bat shrank away from the teen's clawed hand. "I mean really – " Inuyasha had now time to complete his sentence before he crashed down, glowing with a blue light that radiated from his necklace.

"How do you do that?" Shiori asked timidly.

Kagome smiled. "Knowing Inuyasha, Kikyou gave it to me a while before she died."

"Or, should you say before she fell of a cliff," Miroku added.

Kagome nodded.

"When are you going?" Touga asked. "Need anything?"

Sango glanced at Kagome. "We were thinking of going as soon as we get supplies," the elder of the two girls told the lord.

"Then you'll be going almost immediately," Touga said with a smirk. In answer to the questioning looks, he snapped his fingers. What Shiori had thought of as a wall behind the demon lord turned out to be a curtain. Behind it was a large array of backpacks, water gourds, and various other camping material and other things the Daiyoukai had thought the Shori Taiyo group would need.

"I love being rich…" Touga mused, seeing the teenagers' shocked faces. "It comes in so much use… Hurry, grab the stuff you need and be off! Don't you have a bad guy in need of a punishment?"

"Uh… Yeah!" Inuyasha exclaimed. "I forgot what you can do when you put your mind to it, Oyaji!"

"Is that any way to treat the man who raised you?" Touga asked, grinning. Shiori had been wondering if he was actually mourning Izayoi. Her answer came with that smile. It seemed a bit forced and there was sadness in his gold eyes.

"Thank you, Touga-san." Ai bowed before she took her small pack.

"You're welcome, youngster," the old man replied, turning to the others, he said, "I have extra batteries for your cells and such in there, as well as a couple of changes of clothes and a few other things I thought you might find useful."

"I don't get it, why use all this money on us?" Shiori wondered.

Touga looked at her sadly, then at the others in the group. "Defeat Kuroi Tenshi and Naraku. Save the hanyo of the present and future. Avenge Anzen. Avenge the villagers," he said, the last two phrases almost getting caught in his throat. In an undertone so quiet that even Shiori's bat ears had to strain, he added, "Avenge Izayoi…"

"In another note, Kai and Shinta might be following you, so if you need something call them, and they'll see what they can do," Touga told them.

Shiori swallowed. "So this is goodbye?" she asked softly.

Touga looked at her. "No. We'll meet again."

"So, see you," Inuyasha said quietly.

"Let's go!" Kagome said, turning bravely towards the horizon.

"They're brave," Akashina commented, coming up behind Touga. "They're walking away from all they've known."

"They're strong. They can handle it," the demon lord said.

"I hope so," the woman said as the two watched the group disappearing into the rising sun.

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