At chess no koma Rolan hid in his room with Candice he was cursed by Alan 4 months ago for attacking Alviss

Rolan hasn't told any one about the curse only Candice knows. She had been their for him ever since he freaked out

On the new changes he was having. Rolan lay in bed

"Rolan you have to tell me. You've been ill for 2 weeks now, throwing up, mood swings. And other symptoms.

Do you even remember if you slept with any one?"

"Uh I can't remember seriously I don't know I was drunk, but I remember waking up one morning seeing Alviss in my bed"

"Well Rolan I'm gonna have to tell Phantom you can't fight in the third war games"


"Your Pregnant, you have all the symptoms"

"You're kidding right. I want my revenge on Alan and Alviss now. Alan for turning me into a girl for a year, and now

Alviss has me pregnant, and I can't get rid of it"

Candice stands up

"Well I have to tell Phantom and I can help you look after the child. Even if Alviss is your enemy"

"Just make sure Alviss never finds out. I don't want him coming near me after what he did"

"I won't"

Candice walks off to tell Phantom Rolan lays in bed and starts to cry a bit. He wished he was never cursed now.

Not even that he's gonna be a mommy

In Phantoms room Peta was made to leave the room as Candice had to talk to Phantom alone

"Phantom, I'm afraid Rolan can't take part in the war games. He is pregnant"

"You're joking right. Males can't get pregnant"

"No. I'm not sir. Alan placed a curse on Rolan for attacking Alviss 4 months ago and turned Rolan into a women for 1 year"

"Well I shall get Halloween to kill Alan then for cursing my step son like that I mean I did adopted Rolan you know so he is in deed my step son, Candice I want you to not take part in war games either I want you to take care of Rolan for me"

"Ok sir but once Rolan has this child shall we train it to be a chess piece, Alviss is the father"

"Alviss huh. Sure, maybe in the future well have his kid fight against him, I shall place the zombie tattoo on the child too"

"Candice I'll go and take care of Rolan now then and good luck sir for the war games"

Candice walks off Peta goes back to Phantom

"Sir was this about Rolan being pregnant"

"Uh how did you know?"

"Remember I can see into the future sir. And I'm not sure if I should say this but Rolan will be having twins and will fight Alviss one day"

"I see. What about genders, and please tell me what they will look like, I want to know if they will look Alviss or Rolan"

"Well don't tell Rolan any of it. But the Twins will be 1 girl and one boy and well the girl looks like Rolan and the boy looks like Alviss both have pink eyes but different hair colours, that's the only info I have"

"I see. So we'll have a mini Alviss with us. And a female mini version of Rolan. Thanks and I won't say a thing, we'll let Rolan find out for him self and the others."

To be continued

Next chapter will be Rolan watching the fights and having mood swings

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