chapter 21

5 years later Rikku and Rai are 19. Rai is out with Aqua and Rikku sits in her room,
she was stuck baby sitting her sister and two brothers.

Rai walks threw Rikku's room.

"your back early bro"

"I know, Aqua isn't well so i had no choice but to come back, a doctor is going to see her later so i'll be going back out later"

"What's wrong with her i might know, i'm am studying to be a nurse and i know quite abit on illness"

"Oh yeah i forgot you were studying to become a doctor, well shes basacally throwing up alot and is not being her cute self anymore, shes throwing up and having alot of tamtrums and mood swings makes no sence what could of made her like this"

"I know what your problem is but just to make sure and i'm not being noisy i'm just making sure but have you slept or done any thing to Aqua"

"We made love 3 months ago if that counts"

"Well that all adds up then, cancel the doctor from seeing Aqua, and tell Aqua the news too. you remember Tsubaki don't you"

"Yeah or course i remember"

"Well looks like Tsubaki will be born this year dear brother, Aqua is pregant"

Rai gets all shocked.

"well bro, if your too shocked i'll go and tell Aqua for you"

"Please do"

"Ok, well if Mr Hook drops by let him in and watch the kids, it should give you a teste on partent hood"

Rikku gets up and walks out her room and heads out to see Aqua.

Rai sits in Rikku's room feeling rather shocked and dizzy at the same time, a light brown haird kid walks up to Rai.

"Big brother, what's wrong"

"You won't under stand Soushi"

"How come"

"Cause your only 5 years old, you'll under stand one day, i'm not ready to speak this out"

"I see, well will you get me some water please, i can't reach the tap in the kitchen"

"Sure thing, i may as well practise taking care of kids like you"

Rai gets up and goes down stairs with Soushi following him.

Later at Aqua's house.

"What did you want to tell me"

"Well Rai told me about your little problem and he's too shocked to tell you what the problem is so i'm telling you instead"

"So what's wrong with me"

"Your pregnant, that's all, if you ever need me Aqua, ask me ok, i'll try my best to help out, i mean i am studying to be a doctor"

"I'll keep that in mind, and Rikku, tell Rai to not be shocked, he should know that Tsubaki was gonna exist one day, which is basacally now"

"I agree, well i better get going Mr Hook is coming over to see me, he says he found a pearl while he was out at sea last week and he brought it back"

"That's so nice, you'll have to show it to me one day, i love pearls"

"well i'll tell Rai to not be shocked then, he can still be a big ideot, i hope he won't be like that when Tsubaki is born"

"Rai will be Rai but really almost all guys can be ideots"

"Yeah, well i'll see you later Aqua, i'll ask my mom and mama Candice, if you can move in with us too, with you being here alone is a bad idea while being pregnant, wait i know how about you come back to the house with me"

"Ok, i'll just get my coat"

back at the house Rai sits on the chair watching Rolan jr,Kairi and Soushi. Rolan and Candice walk in. Rolan sees Rai steering in space.

"Whats up with you Rai, you don't normally steer in to space"

"Oh mom your home, i didn't relise you came in"

"Ok something is up, what is it"

"I'll have Rikku tell you, i'm too shocked still"

"I see i guess this has something to do with Aqua"

"Yeah it does"

Mr Hook walks in the living room, holding a big pearl.
Rikku and Aqua walk into the house into living room. Rai stands up as Aqua runs towards him and jumps into his arms, Rai was still in his shock mood.

Rolan turns to Rikku.

"So Rikku, Rai told me to ask you on what ever it is that he's shocked about"

"How should i put this, right mom, i'm gonna be a auntie"

"am i hearing this right"

"Yes, Aqua is pregnant"

Rolan gets all shocked like Rai did, Candice drags Rolan into the kitchen.

"Are you feeling ok Rolan"

"I think so, i'm just happy and shocked but, it seemed only yesterday that i gave birth to Rikku and Rai and their now having children of their own well Rai is, but still i'm very happy"

"Nice to hear, now you just sit down and i'll make coffee"

"Ok Candice"

in the living room.

"You still havn't said a word Rai san"

"I'm sorry Aqua Chan i'm just shocked, and suprised that Tsubaki will exisit"

"I see, well as long as your happy thats good"

The end

well part 2 of this is all ready up. Tsubaki won't be born till part 2 of the story. plush Rolan and Alviss get stuck as 14 year olds along with Rikku and have to find their way back home.