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Entry One:

Wow, so much has happened over the last year. The war is over and those Dark Yason's plans have been foiled. That's a good thing because I (Dark Lady Maya) am the only one who shall take over the world. My special plans to take Efferia are now going to come into affect. Mwahahahaha (evil grin) These plans of doom shall commence at precisely 02:18 tomorrow morning. Here is phase one of my spiffy plan :) :

Steal Eonis' collection of yaoi fanart, fanfic, manga, manhwa, etc. Even her live action gay porn collection; anything invovling hott, naked guys screwing each other. The Dark Lady Maya needs her man candy! (drools) Once I take over the world, all me shall be gay! Except for one because I need some loving, maybe even five. Well, Efferia is half there because there are a lot of men who dress and resemble females. (cough) CALINTZ (cough) He will be the only man clothed once I take over the world. How dare he have sexier hips than I do! There is no way a man's hips shall be something a woman shall envy.

Steal an airship, not that crappy one Chris and his father made; one that holds a thousand women, not men, women! Seriously, I don't know how we made it alive all over Efferia since pieces kept flying off every second. I am the Dark Lady Maya, ghettoness isn't my style. The airships the alliance owns are sturdy, but those jerks are idiot drivers! I swear, even Reith drunk can drive better than those morons. Let's crash into the desert for no apparent reason! Stupid jerks, how dare they have the Dark Lady Maya stranded in the horrible desert of doom! I must shoot that jerk once I become Queen.

Burn things! Burn the damn headquarters! Burn the forest! burn the adorable bunnies! Burn everything! Mwahahahahaha

Shoot Justina in the head. Do I need to explain myself?

Give Azel a haircut. I am jealous of his beautiful hair that flows gently in the wind. Also, it's just so pretty I'm so jealous! The way it flips out... BURN EVERY STRAND INTO ASHES!

Straggle Serina for Reith. Why? Reith gave me cookies. Mmmmm cookies. Also, it will be the final unification between yaoi fangirls and hetro ones. (1)

Steal Roxy and Carian's stripper wear and burn it! I like to burn things.

That's phase one of my excellent plan. Now, which to do first? This is a toughie. Maybe, I'll deal with Eonis, Justina, Serina and Azel in their sleep. Excellent. I would like to see Serina and Justina suffer when they are awake, but I'm a busy woman who is trying to take over the world. Time is limited.

I need theme music. Amila had that choral whaling at the top of their lungs (very pretty music!) and the Blast Worms even had their own theme music. What about the Dark Lady Maya? She is far more superior and needs a special motif in her theme music. Hmmm... How about that gay Korean boyband that sings about balloons. It's a catchy song and a guilty pleasure, or is it just a guilty pleasure? How about those happy DDR song's. Decisions, Decisions. I got it! My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion! It's such a touching song. (snif) and so sad! WHY DID JACK HAVE TO DIE! (cries)

Well, those should be enough plans for phase one. It's already 20:46 on the night before, so I should get some rest before my big day tomorrow. (smiles) The Dark Lady Maya needs her rest.


(1) My friend Becky told me to add that it. She made the unification line up, not me.

AN: My friend told me she found someone's plans to take over the world on the internet, which gave me this idea. I was going to have either Noel or Albel from Star Ocean (I might do a Noel version) do this journal, but I wanted to do another MC:TOB story. I can so see Maya trying to take over the world.