Entry Seven

It's been a month now since I haven't written an article. Am I losing faith in my plans? Well, I have been so busy. Yason-Roven from Amabat is far away and I couldn't get anywhere without idiots stopping me every five seconds going, "Oooo you're that silent girl from The Great Pristess show!! Can I have your picture? Can I have your autograph?" I thought like saying, "Can I club your head to make you shut up?" But when they said, "you were my favourite," and, "you should have won" I had to stop. A grin rose from my cheeks as I laughed in between my teeth. My plan is working! They are starting to worship me! Dark Lady Maya is loved! Mwahahahaa!! That show wasn't a waste. They adore me! They wanted me to rule Amabat! So, I motioned them to follow me and I took them to my cult in Remie. I even have a fan club where people subscribe by the mail and I sent them photos and crappy merchandise my brainwashed members made. It's kinda like a sweatshop but I need to keep them busy. If they keep thinking then they will stray from my cult. More people visit my headquarters from the address of the fan club. It got so big I had to renovate and now it's a super cult. ehehehehehe.

Anyways, that was only some of the month. A few days ago I entered Yason-Roven for phase um... I forget what phase I'm on there have been so many! Let's say phase 0759328759843. I went to visit Orha and he was still in his room crying over Reith on guess whose shoulder... Calintz! Those two kept bawling their eyes out, blowing their nose in Kleenex like some emo kid who didn't get an iPod for Christmas. I told them Reith was still alive and brain-dead and they popped out of their seats like a toaster. Excellent I thought. I told them to follow me so I did and I whacked them over the head with a frying pan. What? I had to see if it would work and it did! They even had Xs as eyes! So I put a ring on my finger and waited for Orha to wake up. I also had Calintz shipped off to Remie since he needed to complete his "training" to become a member of the Queen Binky the Great II cult. I'm now waiting for Orha to wake up. I even poke him with a stick a couple of times but he sleeps like a baby. Oh, he's alive! His snoring is so loud it's like a teenager getting a drum set for the first time. After all, I don't want my new fiancé to die on me.

Plans on when he wakes up:

Tell Orha I want to get married tomorrow: I can't wait until I'm the queen of Yason-Roven

Tell the Yason's I'll plant more trees: As I said before, this is a wasteland so make it pretty. I'm not one of those stereotypical evil people who like decaying trees and my front lawn having nothing but dirt like Hallowe'en threw up on my lair. Aesthetics is a must. But not too sunshine and roses.

Tell the Yason's I'll lower their taxes and more money will be out into schools and hosptials: This doesn't make sense but I need them to love me. I'm a politician now so I have to get used to lying to maintain my leadership.

So ya, that's the plan. After I rule Yason-Roven, I'll conquer Marccatte then Amabat.


It's been over a year since I updated this story so I made it seem like month. If it wasn't for Flame Rising motiviating me to keep writing I wouldn't have wrote this so soon. I think I'll dedicate this story to him. Oh, you didn't leave your real name, which is sad because I really wanted to read your stories. Don't worry I'm not one of those immature people who flame people with a fake name. Have fun reading my story everyone!