Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Masashi Kishimoto and Butch Hartman. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Naruto or Danny Phantom Series. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.

Phantom Blood

A Danny Phantom/Naruto Fusion

Part Nineteen

The Grass ninja took the scroll out it's scroll so the two members of Team Seven so they could see it, before taking the same said scroll and swallowing it so it slide down it's throat. Then the eyes of the feminine figure turned on the two while releasing some kind of invisible force at the pink and black haired genin, a force of pure malice which had the effect of stunning them in their tracks as it fell on them.

'I remember feeling this same force when dealing with Zabuza, only it wasn't this strong when he was using it on us. It feels like she's tearing me apart from the inside out and bring my death. The only chance for us to survive is to run and hope to avoid her. But the force of her killing intent is causing me to be unable to move the smallest muscle in my body. What are we going to do?' thought Sasuke as the Grass ninja looked ready to strike.


Naruto was trying to figure out what the shadow was trying to do, yet in a forest with so many tall trees as this one it was hard to focus on one shadow. The only thing which made it easier for him to track the shadow was the glowing red eyes of the Reichi holder as they circled around him, with the exception of when the figure closed their eyes and disappeared from site.

'Have no choice now, I'm going to have to...' thought Naruto quickly before he spoke two special words.

"Going Ghost!" shouted the blond boy even as the white ring flowed up his body and transformed him. Blue turned green and blond turned violet as the ninja's ghost mode was activated. Floating in the above the tree branch he had just been standing in, he tried to see if he could detect the other ghost figure in the woods. He focused all of his power to try and feel the source of the ghost's power.

Naruto hadn't been expecting much when he felt the sudden sense of wind against his body from one direction, something he didn't notice before as he turned to look at this direction. From the shadows of this section of the trees was the same glowing eyes before it moved and he could feel the wind shift on his body. It was like he could sense where the ghost was by way of a chilled wind against his body.

'Why didn't I ever know that I could sense ghost like this? This could have come in handy back at the bridge in wave. Wait, there was that wind I felt but I thought it was just the regular wind. I gotta improve this skill... once I kick this jerk's butt.' he thought as he moved into position to defend and attack with his powers. There was a sudden flash which was the shade of scarlet, which cause Naruto to dodge with hopes of avoiding the attack.

Narrowly missing this attack, the violet haired ghost boy could feel something funnying with the shifting of the wind on his body. Now it was coming in more then one direction at once, which the Reichi wielder decided to counter with his shadow clone jutsu. With a puff of smoke, there was a number of Narutos facing each of the direction. Only to have some of the clones fall as crimson beams appeared at once from all directions.

Much laughter in the same voice which had spoke before came from everywhere at once. Then it commented to the Konoha ghost, "I can see that you have master the Shadow Clone jutsu, which gives you an advantage of sorts. Yet I bet you can feel some resistance to the cloning process, have you ever thought to the reason why? The truth of the matter is that it uses chakra to create the clones, massive amounts of chakra to make them solid. Yet in ghost form you don't have chakra, you have ecto which has to be converted to chakra to due normal jutsu."

"However, the power of ecto does power the natural inherit powers of your ghost form which also improves over time with experience and teaching. Under my master, I have also developed ectojutsu which are jutsu which are powered by ecto. We have also discovered a way to convert ecto into chakra to duplicate ghost powers while in human form. Their is so much my master can teach you, like the creation of ghost clones. All you have to do is join us and help aid my masters plans, like the destruction of this idiotic village of weaklings." spoke the voice from the shadows, in a tone which was soft and velvet like.

"You don't know me that well do you. Otherwise you know that I wouldn't turn my back on my village or the precious people within it. Turn my back on my dream of becoming Hokage and gaining the respect of everyone whoever treated me bad. You just got your butt kicking bumped up a notch." said the boy with the glowing green eyes as he summoned more clones and made a multiple direction sudden charge at the shadows.

Back with the rest of Team Seven...

'I have to break her power over me so I can escape with Sakura to a safe spot. This power is closely related to genjutsu so the easiest way to break it is the release jutsu or...' thought the Uchiha as he managed to move enough to stab himself in the leg enough to break the power. The leg was well enough to make an incredible leap to pick up Sakura and get her out of the way of the Grass ninja's attack. As they avoided the strike, a large snake appeared to attack them.

An instant reaction occured with Sasuke as he threw his shurikan to stike it, which was as successful as was expected from the rookie of the year. The Grass kunoichi appeared from the snake and then took a snake form to attack again. Only for the snake to be pounded by mix of green and black. All of it crashing against a tree, in which a giant cloud of smoke emerged. Three figured emerged from the dust, two of which they knew. The Grass ninja and a ghost form Naruto popped out as a third figure in the form of a living shadow floated out like a ghost.

"Jin'ei, I thought I told you to keep the ghost boy busy while I dealt with the others?" spoke the Grass ninja as she moved into a place where she could attack againt. The shadow figured followed and floated behind the grass ninja.

"Sorry master, I didn't expect the boy to be desperate enough to bullrush me... or to shoot ghost beams from his vapour trail to increase the speed and surprise. I await your punishment." said the ghost shadow.

"Naruto, get away from that grass ninja. She's much too powerful for us, we have to get way from them before they attack againt." said Sasuke as he tried to convince his teammate of the danger. Sakura had been with him during the mental assault of the older ninjas, so was ready to follow his direction.

"I've just been playing hide and seek with shadow ass, I'm not going to let some twisted chick stop me from reaching chunin without a fight. Let me kick her bony butt." said Naruto as he floated and aimed a hand at them, one which was glowing green.

Sasuke knew that Naruto wouldn't give up without a fight, yet their was no way that they could take the kunoichi. There had to be another way to get themselves out of this situation, and then the obvious came to him. He spoke to their opponents and pulled out their scroll, " You need this right? you can have it, the scroll for our lives!"

The black haired ninja threw it at the other two ninja, only for it to disappear in a green flash. A flash which seemed to change direction and come straight towards the last of the Sharingan wielders, which ended with a minor explosion which knocked out his breath. A distance in front of him was a floating Naruto, handed pointed at Sasuke's belly.

"I don't know who you are, but you ain't Sasuke. Sasuke wouldn't be such a coward to hand over the scroll that easy. Especially since he would know that even if he gives the scroll to these jerks, that might not stop these jerks from still trying to kill us." Naruto said, looking directly at the other male on Team Seven. The truth hit harder then the blast from the violet headed boy's ghost blast. The ghost ninja turned around after hidding the scroll in one of his pockets, and charged the Grass ninja and her shadow. Only to bounce against a barrier of crimson energy created with the mere wave of the hand of the shadow fiend.

"I guess you haven't discovered Ghost shields yet either." spoke the shadow as it ready to fight. Naruto just managed to recover as he moved to get ready to fight against the twin forces of ninja and shadow.

Outside the Forest of Death....

Anko was looking at the three dead bodies the team of men had found taking care to look at the melted state of their faces. The kunoichi knew the only person she could recognized who would be this drastic with such arts as melting faces, a name that still filled her mind with dread. She thought to herself, 'He had to be doing this. Why would he be melting these people's faces. He always has a reason, usually with the worse fate for the rest of the people of this village.'

Taking a closer look at the bodies which lay there, she discovered the identification of the corpses which gave their faces and names. Including their village of origin as the Village Hidden in the Grass. The same faces and origin as the genin she saw and experienced with during the beginning of the second exam. Including one who had handed the kunai she threw at the blond idiot with their tongue. This increased her fears by a huge factor which meant that she had to move quickly.

She pinted to one of the men sent to help her inspect the body, "You go inform the Hokage of what we have found, and request the mobilization of at least two ANBU squads to the Forest of Death. I'm going straight after these guys and try to bring them in before they arrive. Or at least give you a trail to follow if I fail."

Giving the orders, Anko instantly headed into the deadly woods.

Back in the Forest of Death...

The shadow being had managed to create a shield of red light around the Grass Kunoichi which prevented Naruto from trying to get into the airspace of the enemy ninja. The shadow began to split into multiple clones of darkness who moved to circle the three members of Team Seven. Naruto moved to take point against these clones as he created his own duplicates. Beams of emerald and ruby cross the forest as the two did battle, which was fortunate for Sasuke as the dangerous beams of light coming to him managed to snap him out of his funk as he now needed a way to continue survive the ghost assault.

The original Naruto was keeping an eye on Sasuke as he called out, "Get out there and kick butt, Scaredy-cat!"

This seemed to give a boot to the ass of Sasuke as he moved to face off against the Grass ninja herself. His eyes began to change with the activation of Sharingan, the dark haired boy began to launch a kunai at the lady ninja. The kunoichi reverse the attack of the Uchiha and moved in for a hand to hand combat situation. In the skies above, the shadow and the ghost boy had moved to hand to hand as well. Or at least the original version of the two from what anyone could tell from the multiple spirits in the heavens. The clones continued their battles of the lights against each other, the fear of the beams causing the female member of Team Seven to seek cover.

Sasuke then began to counter the attacks of the grass ninja with his mastery of fire jutsu, firing fireball after fireball while advancing their strength and speed. Only for the grass genin to slip under the flames and grapple him before jumping off the tree they were standing in after some ninja leaps. Sasuke was looking at the ninja who was falling before him as she finally hit head first into the ground, only to melt into several pounds of mud. Before the Uchiha could react, he was attacked and knocked down again. However, with a few explosive tags he had placed on the ninja earlier had just taken effect as they exploded.

'Now's my chance!' thought Sasuke as he used the abilities of his Sharingan to use his triple windmill blade to entange the enemy ninja to the tree with thin, strong wire. With the enemy immoblized, he moved to finish it with his Dragon Fire Technique shot directly at the kunoichi who had been causing them all of the troubles.

While this was going on, Naruto was trying to find a way to harm the shadow as it seemed to be able to throw off most of the Taijustu the purple haired boy used against it. It also didn't seemed to help that for every ghost blast he fired, the shadow could created a shield to protect it before shooting off it's own blast. Naruto was loosing this particular battle the longer it dragged on. It was mere moments before the shadow fired two strange needles at him, which caused Naruto to try and phase through the solid mass.

Only these solid masses seemed to have intangible elements to them as they hit into his flesh, or the ghost version of flesh of what ever it was. There was a stinging sensation before the ghost boy started to get dizzy and confused as his vision blurred. The shadow began to speak, 'Sorry that I'm putting you to sleep, but I think that my master would prefer to have you not involved with the fun which is about to begin. However, I am sure that he is greatful for the gift you have given him... willing or not.'

With those words Naruto fell and transformed before landing semisoftly on a pile of dead leaves and other moldy plant matter, his mind loosing all recognization of the events which had occured here.

As Sasuke looked to make the next move against the kunoichi, before he was paralyzed by the power of the killing intent of the female ninja. The woman began to speak as she pulled off her face to reveal a more masculine face underneath with reptilian eyes, "I am quite amazed by those special eyes and to gain them at such a young age, how fortunative. With all of the abilities that you have show today, you might have more potential then even your older brother. Yet please excuse me for being rude, I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Orochimaru, and I am quite pleased with your fightining ability and would like to teach you more about the ninja arts. Yet to be worth to be my student, you will have to be able to pass this exam as well as a few extra test I have developed. However, I leave you with my gift."

The snake man's neck seemed to launch forward like a serpent before bitting the left side of the neck of the Uchiha. With this final action, the ninja teleported away. He was followed by a legion of shadows who faded into the forest. Sasuke fell not a moment later as the pain from the bite overwhelmed him. Sakura took off to comfort him as she saw the bite transformed into a symbol.

She looked around worried, as she turned to the pile of rot which had managed to catch her other teammate. He was out like a light as was Sasuke, causing her to just sit there at the moment with her crush in her arms, crying.


Orochimaru was trying to regain some breath after the fierce combat he has experience with the Uchiha child. Jin'ei hovered close by in shadow form, holding a needle which seemed crimson in shade. The snake summoner was smiling as he knew that needle was specially designed to hold blood of those it was used against. Enough blood for him to clone in his experiments, blood from the most adavnce user of the Reichi. Before either could speak, there was the sound of steal slicing the air as a bladed knife tried to strike the alien ninja.

"Orochimaru, S-class criminal and missing ninja from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, surrender now and you may be taken alive to stand trial!" came a familiar voice as his former apprentice Anko had arrived to face her teach. Jin'ei had vanished like the wind as he moved to secure the blood for future use.

"Now, Anko, after all we have been through do you really want to take me in a live?" asked the silver tongue ninja as he stood in battle position.

"Not really since I know that you will be resisting, so it's my job to kill you before I can take a dump on your corpse." with this she used the Hidden Snake Hand to attach his right hand and tie it to her left and then took his left into his right. She was about to use the Dual Snake Destoryer.

Only she stopped when she felt a tap on her back, causing her to turn her head and see her former master behind her instead of before her. He spoke to her, "How cute, using one of my own jutsu against me? Trying for the poetic justice Anko, or trying to show me you've master everything I taught you?"

Anko moved with insane speed as she threw another kunai at him, which was simple enough for him to catch... with only two fingers. He then used his own technique to paralyze her with his killing intent. She turned to him and asked, "Why are you here? If you're after the hokage, you have to know that you'll never get away with assassinating him."

"I'm not intested in that old fossil... yet. No, I was merely looking for a few exceptional students of this village and looking to give them opportunties they would never see in this weak, rotting village." With this his subconiously activated her curse seal, similar to the one he just gave Sasuke, as she fell to her knees in pain.

"I see you still have my gift, even if it's sealed up. I just gave one like it to that nice Uchiha boy, after he showed me how skilled his family is with it's ninja skills. It's only a matter of time before he comes to me seeking more of my gifts, like my own personal wisdom." said the master ninja, before leaving a final thought as he vanished yet again.

"Please tell the Hokage not to interfere with the Exam or I will be back to destroy the village so only cinders remain of all of his good works." As he left, he saw her sitting there alone and crying.

Elsewhere in the Forest...

Sakura had managed to get the two boys to a safe stop under the roots of a tree, waiting for change in their situation. Sasuke seemed to have that weird bite and symbol, naruto had two injection marks on his body as if he had been punctured by a needle. All she could think with the later was, 'It must be some kind of posion causing him to stay in this sleeping position. The question is it only a sleeping venom or is it something which will turn more lethal.'

She looks out to the woods with dread as she realizes all of the teams that could strike them in this moment of weakness with their team. Needing to do something other then waiting for the attack to come or the guys to get better, she set to work making traps for their defense.