By: fuzzypoo

A/N: Welcome to my first FY fic. I do think it's important to give a solid background of what happened in the past before this fic takes place or you'll be more than a little confused. To begin with, this is a "sequel" to the Alternative Story RPG on LJ that I take part in.

Miaka, Yui, Keisuke and Tetsuya were all sucked into the book together, but separated, though eventually reunited. Miaka and Tasuki met first and (after a series of frustrations and a whole lot of Nakago) fell in love. When it was finally time to make her wishes, Miaka learned she was unable to stay behind with Tasuki, so Suzaku granted her a favor and let them spend one last romantic moment (that's putting it mildly) together before taking her back.

Now Miaka is back in her own world. Her last wish was for Suzaku to find a reason for her to return, keeping their worlds in sync until the moment she can go back into the book. 6 years have passed since she left the book and now she'll finally get the chance to return.

Rated: M (probably more like MA throughout to be fair, but be prepared!)

Warnings: Language I guess… it starts pretty mild.

Disclaimer: Blah blah work of fiction blah blah don't own the characters blah blah.

Part 1: Life in Tokyo

Standing in front of the mirror, Miaka fixed her hair. She'd grown it out in the past 6 years and it stretched down to the middle of her back now. Gentle curls like a waterfall down her back. She pulled back the sides and clipped them at the back with her favorite green barrette. She applied a little more pink to her lips, smacking them together, before she stood up and admired her outfit.

The pleated skirt and sweater made her legs look longer and her chest look bigger. She admired herself in the mirror, smoothing the ruffles from her skirt. "Hikari! Are you ready for school?" she called. There was no response. Sighing in exasperation she called again, "Hikari?" Still no answer.

She rushed down the hall to her room, tapping gently before opening the door. Her daughter sat on the floor, a familiar book in her lap. "Give me that!" She snatched the universe of the four gods from her hands, snapping it shut.

"Heyyyy! Not fair! I was reading that!" Hikari pouted, eyes watering.

"I told you that you are not allowed to read this book without me! I mean it!" She patted her on the head, trying not to be too hard on the child. "Now get ready, please. Shin will be here soon."

The little girl sighed dramatically but got into her uniform and ready. "I don't like Shin!" she shouted down the hall.

Miaka sighed in exasperation. "I told you to call him Papa!" She heard the usual cries of protest as Hikari came trotting out into the living room.

"No! He's not my father, and I won't call him that!" Hikari was about to cry. "I want to call my real father that!" Miaka knelt down and embraced the tiny girl.

"I know sweetie, but I already told you that your real Papa may never get to meet you. Shin loves you so much. He's been there for practically everything." She kissed the little girl on the forehead, hugging her tight.

"Mama, why doesn't Gran or Shin believe in the book world? Why don't they think it happened? I'm real... why can't they believe in me?" They'd had this conversation countless times before and it always took longer than they had to go over it.

"We've talked about this before, Hikari." What could she say to her daughter that was different from the last time? They thought she was lying about the book to hide a shameful affair with an older man or because she was embarrassed. She'd proved them wrong going on to finish high school and get into college, even while raising a child and single. Part of that had to do with Shin...

"He'll be here any minute. I promise we'll read the story later tonight, okay?" The little girl nodded, making her fiery hair seem almost to burn. She heard the familiar sound of the doorbell and opened the door. The man leaning in the doorway was tall, handsome, and traditional. He took off his glasses, a coy smile on his face.

"Morning, Mia-chan." He leaned in for a kiss she delicately sidestepped into a friendly hug. "Is Hikari ready?"

"She should be. She's been thinking of her father again..."

"I told you before, you should have just told her I am her father. Divorce would have been easier. Besides, when we get married it would make it a fairy tale romance for her." He wandered in, flopping down on the couch.

"Right and I told you before that I'm not going to marry you just to make my Mother happy. I won't lie to my daughter." She crossed her arms over her chest, getting angry with him again. "Just because you don't believe me doesn't mean it's not real."

He rolled his eyes. They'd had this fight over and over again. He'd finally got Miaka to relent and wear his ring to make her mother happy, but she refused to take out the earring from her supposed 'husband' Tasuki. "Fine, fine. Whatever you say, dearest. We are going to get married eventually. Whenever you realize that the book is a fantasy your imagination dreamed up, you'll come running to me." He moved towards her, grinning.

"Stupid. I'm already married." She felt her face flush. In response he kissed her cheek, holding her hand in his.

"Mia-chan, what happened to you that you feel the need to lie to yourself? Why not just let yourself love me instead of holding on to this fantasy? The wedding is soon..."

She pushed him away, lightly. "Shin, I told you before I'd do this for my mother. You were fine with that, knowing I don't love you. Why can't you just keep to that promise?" There was a long and awkward pause. "Dammit, where is that girl? I told her to hurry up." She looked around and realized the book was no longer on the couch where she'd left it. "Dammit!"

Shin followed her to Hikari's room. "Hikari! Open that door, young lady! We just talked about this!" She threw the door open. Her daughter was standing with the book in her arms.

"I don't want to go to school with him! I want to stay here and read about my Papa!"

"Your Papa is right here, Hikari. Mia-chan, why do you fill her head with these lies?" He'd tried countless times to sway the mind of the little girl but she refused to believe him. He reached out for her but she pulled away.

"Hikari, give me that book and go to school!" Miaka grabbed the book, but Hikari held on tightly. The back and forth continued, glaring and growling at each other mother and daughter pulled back and forth.

"Stop it both of you!" Shin tried to jump in to help Miaka but knocked the book open to the floor instead. Hikari began to cry. Every time the book was taken she believed her imaginary father to feel the result. If it was dropped, he got hurt. If it were grabbed, he'd get a bruise. It was silly, but she clung to it as much as she did her mother.

They were so preoccupied with stopping her tears they didn't notice the growing red light until it was too late. "Mama! Look!" Hikari pointed to the book and both Miaka and Shin turned their heads.

"No way..." he stammered. Hikari was giggling, quickly trying to grab something from her desk. She shoved it in her pocket and grabbed her mother by the hand.

"Mama! Let's go!" The light grew and enveloped them both. Without thinking, Shin grabbed Miaka's hand, trying to pull them back. He closed his eyes and held on tightly. The warmth of the light covered all three of them as they disappeared from their world. They had vanished, leaving the book open on the floor.