Summary: Let's play a game…The game that determines your mate….your home…your lifestyle….hey! Wait! What do you mean this isn't a game!

Chapter 1: Writing utensils…

Kagome practically ran out of school that day, she had to go to the past today. She'd already stayed a week over. She hadn't told anyone how long she'd be staying here. She ignored the voices of her friends who were calling her. She ran up the shrine steps, opened her front door, racing upstairs to her room. She was going to the past today and she wanted to teach them a game she'd played since she was a little girl. It was the Game called Mash.

Suddenly the voice of her mother startled her. "Kagome? Dear, is that you?" I hope you're not doing or taking that foolish game of yours 'Mash' to the past." 'oops.' And Kagome shoved the paper and pencils she was collecting in her yellow backpack. Her mother appeared in the doorway and leaned against the frame. "You're old enough to know a game cannot determine our future, right?" Kagome nodded, trying not to look guilty. "I hope you are wise enough to know that if you do not get what you were expecting, it should not break your heart….because it's just a game."

Kagome nodded "Yes mother, I understand, after all, I have been playing ever since I was a child!" "And I do not take this game seriously."

'Liar' her conscious said smugly. 'You want the end results to be something you love, don't you?'

"Err…okay mom, I have a lot of packing to do..so.." "I understand." With that, her mother walked out of the room and Kagome breathed a sigh of relief...she'd almost been caught!

So before Kagome started to pack, she decided to play the game for herself. Of course she wouldn't believe it, 'it was just a silly game right…..?' she grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and started to write….her favorite categories.

1. The Male:






She smiled as she looked over her 'MAN-LIST.' She knew one thing though, she would not spend the rest of her life with Inuyasha, but she had to add him anyway.

2. Place to live:





Evil, enchanted castle

She frowned, She didn't think much about living in a forest or an evil castle. A house could be nice…..but living in a mansion? Where she would be treated like a queen, sounded much better.

3. Transportation:

Magic cloud


Running really fast

On someone's back

"Appearing and Disappearing"

Kagome knew that Magic cloud won over all the others. She smiled, she'd never been on a magic cloud before, and knew she'd love it.

4. Occupation: (what Kagome would be doing)

Queen/Lady of the Western lands

Homemaker or worker

Someone's 'woman'

A wench

Someone's toy.

She glared at all of her options, and didn't even notice that the first option was the one she liked most.

5. Children:

As many as Kagome wanted


A couple



She giggled, she'd always liked to put this category in her game, it was just so funny, to see how many children she'd end up with. Her face flushed with embarrassment when she saw the first option she'd written was "As many children as she wanted." It's a good thing that no one was here to witness that she was blushing as red as a cherry. She cleared her throat and continued to write. Next she wrote…

6. Will he betray you?:

Never (he'd kill the bastard who touched you first.)

Perhaps….it is a small world.

Maybe? In his mind….you're already his 'woman.'

Yes, most definitely.

Who knows?

She glared at the 'Yes, most definitely.' That sounded so much like Inuyasha, she'd already given up trying. 'Ah well….there's more fish in the sea...I guess.'

She never told anyone but she played this game because she wanted to see what kind of person she'd end up with or could end up with. She couldn't think of any other categories…. 'hmmm…'

7. Will he be educated?:

Yes, of course he will.

His parents made him go to school, he'd rather stay at home and watch t.v.

What is education?



Kagome valued education a lot. And if he didn't have education, he didn't have any common sense.

8. How will he treat you?:

Like a queen

A maid

Like you're just a pretty show-piece

Like a wench…does he have to treat her good? He already has someone else.

Woman have to be treated well?

9. What are his goals in life?:

To be an honest and good lord (and look damn sexy while doing it too!)

To be rich

What's a goal?

Cheat on women

To have the Shikon jewel and destroy mankind! (Evil laugh)

10. If he had to choose between power or you…..:

I choose Kagome, she's my mate, I'm already powerful enough.

Power of course (there's always more women in the world)

Can I come back to you with the answer?

Power…I have to protect Kikyo after all.


Kagome looked over her words, and thought she had enough for now. She stuffed it into the bottom of her bag and walked out of her room, as if nothing happened…..although she still had a faint blush on her cheeks, still thinking of having as many children as possible.

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