This is the fan fiction about Bella and Edward meeting 30 years after her becoming a vampire from Laurent. She still thinks that Edward doesn't love her... so she's obviously in pain. He's not doing so well himself.

Disclaimer; I don't own these characters, but... the personalites are a smidge different from Stephanie Meyers' doing... But other then that, she owns them.

Chapter 1- Pain

Bella's POV;

I shook my head, trying to get the memories from coming--- it didn't help. The memories of Edward—my only memories played in my head. Oblivious to the pain it caused me. I knew what was coming—I curdled up in a ball, on the chair, waiting.

And they came... first the best ones, the ones that made me feel whole again, but those went down as fast as they appeared. The heartless ones, the ones that made me want to cry if I could, came. They lingered and then disappeared.

Everyday I had to do this, and even though it was always the same memories, I didn't come immune to the pain, it was like the first time I experienced them, and it hurt—so much.

I sobbed tearless cries for it seemed 6 hours, but I looked at the clock on the wall and it was only 3. At least I don't dwell as long now. I sighed and looked around. My room vast, empty, expect for a chair and a dresser. If only you knew.

Alice's POV;

I sat at my dresser, looking for a pair of socks, Rosalie's socks. Geez, why does she want to wear them now? "JASPER, do you know were Roses' socks are? Pink with the brown hearts on them…," I didn't finish.

"Isabella Swan, please report to student services immediately."

Jasper was at my side before I was finished. "What did you see? What's wrong, Alice? Alice?" I looked at him, concerned, sending calming vibes my way. I smiled—the first real smile in a long time. "Nothing, just found out where Roses' socks are." I smiled and turned around, opening the top drawer and picking them up. He didn't look convinced, but I already was out of the room.

Ehh, sorry if it's short, but it's just the beginning... Should be longer later on. Hope you enjoyed it I guess.