So, I'm extremely guilty for not updating this story.

I'm like... feeling really bad about that.

But, did you know what?
I'm going to finish these stories, and actually...
I wanna start them over, make them even more better.

You guys are so wonderful!
For actually reading them, like... I was rereading them, and so much spelling/grammer errors, and just... blarg.

BUT, have no fear!


Yay, right?
I hope you're not too angry with me.
But, look on the bright side: I'm actually going to update before September 4th.

Your reviews are what actually made me want to do this. I just came on back here, to read some wonderful Twilight fanfictions, and blah...!
I checked mine. I can't believe I actually got that much reviews writing that fanfiction.
And oh..
feels bad
I actually have a new account with a story in progress.
You can throw the tomatoes at me.

Amelia Kenya
If you want to check that out.
I think I'm just going to move that story I'm working on into this account.
Cause you guys are too rad.

To those who actually liked the fanfiction I was writing, and actually want me to finish it [dont worry, I'm going to finish it anyways, could you please tell me?
Or, I might just delete them and go back to my new one.

seeeeee you

Julia is Outttttt.