Chimera and the Silver Lady

Chimera and the Silver Lady

BG: continuation of Chimera and the Tower- if you're reading this and don't know who Canthrea is, go back and read that story first! ;) its not THAT long and its definitely not boring.

Zelgadis sat in the tavern with the rest of the group, drinking his tea, sitting in his chair sideways from the table, legs crossed, slight scowl on his face. Once again that fruitcake Mazoku had tricked them into going on a useless quest, wasted their time, made a fool of Zelgadis, and dumped the Chimera into the pits of depression once again. Why did Xelloss do this, you may ask? Because Beast Master had told her Priest General to destroy that book. That book that Canthrea, the Seventh Magi, had crammed her expansive knowledge into. Not only was Canthrea powerful, she was beautiful, of COURSE she had to be crazy. The Chimera mused that she could have been his perfect woman- if she hadn't had that one little drawback.

Lina, Gourry and Amelia were pigging out simply because they'd just woken up from a long sleep after being awake for almost two days in that dratted tower. Zelgadis was doubly peeved because Lina had somehow managed to swipe his compass, even if she didn't have the slightest idea how to read it.

"Aww, cheer up, Zelgadis! You'll always have Amelia!" Xelloss appeared near the Chimera, smirking with that happy closed-eyes expression he always wore when satisfied with himself. Zelgadis's anger boiled over and he lashed out, drenching Xelloss with the entire contents of a wine pitcher from the table. The others stared as Zelgadis got to his feet and stomped out of the tavern, moodily pulling his hood over his head.

Lina blinked, "Gads..... didn't know that taking his compass would piss him off THAT much..." she commented.

Amelia stared, "Ms. LINA! You took his compass? How UNJUST of you!" the princess cried, mad that Lina had done something like that to Zelgadis, of all people.

Xelloss opened one eye, peering at the door. "Hey, Xelloss? Are you okay?" Gourry asked, completely oblivious, more worried that Xelloss might catch a cold from being wet.

The Mazoku smiled at them, "Yare, Yare, I'm fine, Gourry-san," with that, the Priest General disappeared.

* * *

Zelgadis stalked down the road leading into the town, intent on ditching the group for a while. He couldn't take it any longer. Lina's continual quest for more treasure then she possibly ever needed, Gourry's immense stupidity, and Amelia's never-ending speeches of JUSTICE. It was too much for him to handle any longer. Besides, they weren't helping him find his cure. They were just getting in his way, always side tracking to some bandit hide out to flame them and steal from the thieves.

"I'm just so SICK of it!" Zelgadis ranted as he topped a hill and worked on putting it between himself and the town the others were still probably eating in.

"Sick of it?" a dulcet voice asked from beside him, matching his pace. "Then I suppose that's why you're out here instead of with them?"

Zelgadis tripped on his own foot, ending up sprawled on the ground, his cape flown up over his head. Slowly, he lifted his arm, pushing it back from his face to peer at who had spoken.

"My! You didn't display such clumsiness in my dreams," the silver haired woman said with a soft laugh. She was standing near him, her weight on one hip, the other foot stretched out to the side somewhat, hands on her hips. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail on top of her head, her bangs left free. Zelgadis noticed that Canthrea was now wearing a pair of somewhat tight pants that showed her shapely legs. These pants were ivory colored while her tight, long sleeved, turtle necked shirt was black.

"Y- you startled me.. I hadn't exactly expected to see you again, let alone anytime soon," Zelgadis said, trying to act cool as he picked himself off the ground and dusted his cloths off. Canthrea smiled.

"I strive to be unpredictable. Well, I'm striving now, at any rate. I'm not sure if the other six Magi are still around, but I would prefer that they not find out that I'm awake." Canthrea glanced around, her deep green eyes glittering in the sunlight. She smiled again, turning its full feminine power upon Zelgadis. "I was hoping you'd let me travel with your group. Though, you don't seem to be with them anymore. I'm hoping to keep a low profile... understand?"

Zelgadis snorted, looking in the direction of the town, "'Low profile' and 'Lina Inverse' do not mix. Like oil and water. Traveling with her would either get your head blown off by her or one of her enemies, which usually happen to be Mazoku or bandits."

Canthrea's eyes brightened, "Really?! Sound's exciting!"

"I thought you wanted to keep a low profile...."

The Silver Lady smiled cutely, "Well, if I travel with someone like this Lina Inverse, her reputation would completely cover my being there, I think. I would just become 'one of her lackeys'. Of course... the Mazoku would know the moment they appeared to fight her who I am, but, if she's made enemies with Mazoku and she's still alive, then I gather that she hasn't lost a battle with them yet." Canthrea winked broadly at him, her silver chain earrings swinging as she moved.

Zelgadis looked at her for a long moment, "I suppose... but aren't you mad about your book?"

"My book? Heck no! I didn't give her the real one anyway!" Canthrea laughed and Zelgadis had to chuckle as well. "The real one is still hidden."

Zelgadis smiled, "I'm glad you didn't lose it to Xelloss's tricks then."

"You mean that wasn't the REAL BOOK?" Xelloss appeared nearby, looking angry. His dark violet eyes were open staring at Canthrea.

Canthrea smirked at the Mazoku. "Of course not. Besides, just a little fire wouldn't destroy the book." She shrugged. "Don't worry. I'm not going to give it to Lina Inverse, if that's what you're worried about."

Xelloss did not look relieved in the least. "...won't be happy about this..." he muttered before disappearing once again.

Zelgadis smirked, "Good! Someone finally has the upper hand on him." Canthrea gave a courtly bow.

"ZEL!!" Lina's voice echoed from atop the hill behind him and the Chimera cringed.

"Ah, looks like you couldn't get rid of them after all," Canthrea said but patted his shoulder. "You are rock, aren't you?" she asked with curiosity. "You're going to have to tell me all the things I missed."

Lina came running down the hill, coming to a stop, puffing and panting. "W-hy -ar-e- you- ou-t- here?" she asked, gasping for breath, then looked at Canthrea. "And-what's-she doing here?" It wasn't but moments later that Gourry and Amelia came running over the hill to join them. Zelgadis refrained from answering and watched as Amelia jabbed Lina in the side a few times. "Alright! Alright!" Lina whined and finally held out her hand, the compass resting on her palm. "You can have it back, Zel, I didn't know that taking it would make you so mad!"

The Chimera gave a sideways glance at Canthrea who sniggered behind her hand. Zelgadis looked back at Lina and smiled somewhat, "You can keep it."

Lina blinked, her fingers closing around the disk. "I- can? B- but..."

He shrugged, "It's just a thing, material object, it doesn't matter in the long run."

"Then why'd you dump all that good wine on Xelloss?" Gourry asked.

Zelgadis shook his head, not answering that question. Amelia was glowering at Canthrea. "Oh... Canthrea wants to join us."

Lina blinked then smiled brightly, sliding up to the ancient Magi woman. "Of COURSE you can join us!" the redhead sorceress said.

Canthrea sweatdropped, she cast Zelgadis a glance as if to say 'perhaps I made a mistake?' but she smiled. "Thank you."

"Sorry about your book... I didn't know Xelloss was going to do that, though I should have known he would. He always does things like that." Lina sighed, upset once more about not getting the book, but at least she had access to the one who'd made the book.

"It's alright. As I told Zelgadis, sometimes Fate is like that." Canthrea shrugged and smirked at Amelia who was giving her the Death Glare.

"Lina- what book are you talking about?" Gourry asked.

Canthrea sweatdropped even more, looking at Zelgadis who whispered, "Just get used to it."

Lina screamed and jumped on the blonde swordsman, bashing her fists into his head. "You stupid Jellyfish! Don't you remember anything?!"

* * *

Canthrea beamed happily at the campfire as she sat cross-legged in front of it on the ground while night descended upon the glade they were camped in. Zelgadis was sitting beside her while Amelia was beside him. Gourry and Lina were fighting over some food on the other side of the fire.

"This is nice! Nothing like a good old fashioned campout to settle the mind back into more normal patterns of thought, eh, Zel-chan?" Canthrea asked as she took in a breath of the smoke scented air.

Zelgadis smiled softly. "I suppose... I do enjoy sleeping under the stars," he admitted.

"Would you like some more stew Mr. Zelgadis?" Amelia interrupted, holding a bowl in front of him with a bright smile.

Zelgadis had already had more then enough stew, the choice bits of meat happened to have gone into his bowl the first serving, Amelia having seen to that. "No thank you, Amelia, I'm full," he replied to her kindly and turned back to continue his conversation with Canthrea.

"So tell me about Chimeras, do they all turn out like you?" Canthrea asked, leaning closer to Zelgadis.

Zelgadis shook his head, "No, Chimeras look different, depending on what went into their making. I am one-third golem, one-third lesser demon, and one-third my original human self. In essence, you can mix parts of anything to make a Chimera."

Canthrea pondered, "So... I could technically take Lina's head, Gourry's feet, and the body of an octopus and make a Chimera?"

Zelgadis sniggered, "Yes, you could, but I'm sure the octopus wouldn't be too happy about it." The Silver Lady burst into laughter, actually amused for the first time in a long while.

Amelia pouted somewhat, "Zelgadis- I'm cold..."

The Chimera glanced at her, "Scoot closer to the fire then, you don't have to sit near me, you know." Amelia glowered as her ploy failed. She didn't move, instead pulling her knees against her chest and wrapping her arms around them.

Canthrea looked narrowly at the princess. "So that's the current princess of ....?"

"Sailune," Amelia answered moodily.

"Hey! GOURRY! Give that back! It was in my bowl!"

"You took it from mine!"

"Are they ALWAYS like this?" Canthrea asked.

Zelgadis heaved a sigh, "Yes, they are. There's really only two courses of action... Ignore it or join it. I tend to do the former."

Canthrea smiled, "Hmm, I just couldn't imagine you attacking people for food."

"I usually eat after they've gone to bed, keeps from being completely disgusted by their eating habits."

"Mr. Zelgadis- my back itches, could you scratch it for me? I can't quite reach the spot..." Amelia looked up at him with watery eyes. The Chimera looked from the princess to Lina and Gourry to Canthrea then back to Amelia.

"Alright," Zelgadis sighed, finding that no one else was really around to scratch it for her. Amelia sat in front of him and removed her cape.

"So- back to Chimeras. How are they made exactly?" Canthrea asked, putting her elbow on one knee and her chin on her fist, watching the proceedings with detached interest.

Zelgadis worked on scratching Amelia's back, mostly not looking at her at all, instead explaining to the Silver Lady about the process of making Chimeras, occasionally gesturing with a hand as he spoke. Amelia continued to sit silently and pout.

* * *

"So, Canthrea," Lina said, scooting close to the Magi, "Where DO you get your power from if its not from the Mazoku or the Gods?"

Canthrea smiled at Lina, though she was already getting tired of the constant questions Lina asked about spells and things. The silver haired woman looked down at Lina and took a deep breath, her face absolutely blank, "BUGGER OFF!" she suddenly said and Lina backed away meekly. Zelgadis snickered, though he was more involved with keeping Amelia off then in what was going on with the rest of them.

Gourry was confused as ever. Lina retreated to walking beside the swordsman and grumbling to him about how ungrateful Canthrea was being. "We woke her up, we're letting her travel with us, and she can't even answer simple questions."

"I'm hungry," Gourry announced.

"Amelia! Would you STOP tripping over everything on purpose before you bruise yourself on me," Zelgadis told the princess, pulling his mask up over the lower portion of his face. Canthrea turned her eyes toward Amelia. "I'm going ahead. I'll meet you at the next town," Zelgadis snapped, then cast Rei Wing, gliding into the sky and out of sight.

"And what's gotten him so moody lately?" Lina asked, looking directly at Canthrea.

The Silver Lady shrugged with a smile and continued walking along, pretending to be oblivious to the hurt feelings around her. Finally, she slipped back in the group to walk beside Amelia, who was walking with her head hanging. "Cheer up, little princess, it's not the end of the world. I think you're just trying too hard," she said softly. "It's the end of the world when you see a huge mass of chaotic energy coming toward you turning everything into nothing." She nudged Amelia with her elbow.

Amelia slowly looked up at Canthrea, "Trying too hard?" she asked, sniffling.

"Yeah! Just go back to how you were before me. If he really wants you then he'll figure it out. Besides.. I'm too old for him." Canthrea flipped her hair a little, "Last I remember I was twenty-one."

"Not as big of an age difference for me," Amelia pouted. "I'm only sixteen. He's at least nineteen now."

"Really? Well, that does put a kink in things, doesn't it?" Canthrea thought for a long time. "If....if I had the right herbs... I could do a spell," she tapped her chin with her finger.

Amelia lifted her head, "A spell to make him love me? A spell to make him human?"

Canthrea shook her head, "I'm afraid that I can't fool with people's emotions, but I can do a spell to make him admit who he really loves. Then you could know then and there."

Amelia smiled a little. "I suppose its better then nothing. But what about turning him human?"

"Well, I don't want to mess with that until I know how he was turned into a Chimera. I don't want to make it worse then it already is," Canthrea sighed.

"What about you?" Amelia asked softly.

The Silver Lady looked into Amelia's eyes, "What about me what?"

"Do you love him?" The princess looked nervous, on the verge of tears once again.

Canthrea thought about it. "I admire him, certainly, he did figure out my puzzles and deflected all of the traps. Given time, I'm sure he could figure out where my book is. As for if I love him. I'm not sure. I have to admit that I do feel something for him, possibly only because of how he woke me up." she found herself blushing.

"He did kiss you," Amelia concluded, hanging her head again.

The silver haired woman reached over and pushed Amelia's chin up, "C'mon! Don't walk like that, you're going to get a kink in your neck and then you'll really be in pain. Act like yourself and he might notice. Smile or at least pretend to. I'll go out looking for the herbs to make the spell and we can test it on Lina and Gourry, okay?"

Amelia nodded, wiping her hands across her face. "Okay," she said softly.

"Did I hear something about a spell?" Lina asked, looking back at them.

"No Ms. Lina," Amelia replied.