Title: Oh Baby

Rating: PG just to be safe.

Pairing: Mentions of Clark/Bruce

Warning: Mentions of Mpreg.

Word Count: 264

Summary: Bruce is confused and in denial, Clark repeats himself a lot.

A.N: Criticism welcomed, though nothing to harsh.

"I'm not gay" growled a deep rumbling voice, the owner seeking refuge within the pleasant darkness in the crevices of his cave.

"I know" Superman's softly spoken reply escaped from dry, chapped lips.

"We we're under the influence from Poison Ivy" Batman sounded strained and defensive, refusing stubbornly to meet his friend's eyes.

"I know" more firm now, edged with something the masked man took no notice of.

"We kissed once" this was spoken with more stoicism then in previous parts of the conversation although the underlining exasperation was clear,

"I know" a little over two months had past, a lot of time to think about such a thing, especially since they had been carefully avoiding each other. Two months in which Superman had become resigned to admitting that Yes, he had kissed Batman and Yes, he had indeed liked it very much.

"We didn't…touch each other in a remotely sexual way"

"I know" Superman's annoyance did not go unnoticed, but completely ignored. A restlessness possessed him, making The Dark Knight shift uncomfortably, not really sure what to do with the energy that suddenly sparked in his body.

"There wasn't even tongue involved!" mild hysteria entered his tone. Surprisingly, Superman couldn't bring himself to care about Batman's loss of control, his imagination taking him back to when his best friend at the time, Pete Ross, had made him sit through an entire two hours seventeen minutes of the movie 'Aliens', unconsciously a hand wondered to his stomach.

He still refused to watch the sequel.


"How on EARTH can you be pregnant?!"