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Rating: G

Joy fluttered its merry wings in the pit of Clark's stomach, spreading echoes of happiness to the very tips of his fingers and toes. The dark haired man practically vibrated with pride, full body twitches of elation making him cautious where his beautiful blue bundle is concerned.

Leaning over the hand-crafted crib Clark gently tucks a bear covered blanket securely around his son's form, a fond smile tugging the corner of his mouth as he softly utters a rhyme from days in corn fields and flower beds.

"Nathan Pooh Bear and Huxley Pig went over the allotments for a bit of a dig,

Carrots and onions and then a surprise,

Pooh Bear stole honey from the Bee Hives.

Huxley Pig thought it was fun; Nathan Wayne-Kent said it's just not done."

Strong, firm arms snake their way around Clark's waist, a chin settling on his shoulder. The voice in his ear holds a certain warmth that makes his heart tremble, "You back to being Clark?"

"Excuse me?"

"Oh don't pretend you have no idea what I'm talking about, you weren't exactly yourself during the pregnancy," leaning into Bruce's embrace feels wonderful and trapping at the same time, he doesn't want to bring up his insecurities in this room, doesn't want ruin the happy little haven this room has become. After a few minutes though, Clark can't help himself. "I'm sorry."

Bruce lets Clark apologize for the last nine months, not because Bruce thinks an apology is needed but he understands that while he is used to different kinds of negative behaviour the Kryptonian has this inherent need to always be polite or at least civil.

"You think they'll ever forgive me?" Clark sounds so forlorn, however even Batman has his limits, so he is glad that his companion can't see him rolls his eyes. "No, you've probably scarred the boys for life" came the sarcastic reply followed by a huff of exasperation.


"You have nothing to apologise for and considering the circumstances they understand, to be honest I thought it would be worse" Clark is glad Bruce loves him.

"Ok" the tingle returns full force as everything just seems to click, but, just to make sure.

"We're really a family now Bruce, you, me, Dick and Tim, Alfred and Nathan…right?"

Before Bruce can think of how to answer that a voice interrupts, their attention turning towards the open door, "Yeah, we are."

Dick and Tim stand there for a moment, looking at the couple with amusement, spots of light flit over their features from the fibre optic spaceship twirling in the corner of the room.

Clark lifts up his arm, letting Tim fit himself comfortably against his side while Dick crouches next to the cot, wiggling slender fingers at his baby brother whose face splits in a cute yawn.

"Who's a new little bat-baby, you are, yes you are."

The End