Hey everybody this is a story I been thinking about posting for a while but I didn't know how far it will go and if people would actually like it because of its title and stuff like that so at the end COULD YOU GUYS PLEASE REVIEW!!!

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"What's up cuz" Marc said entering his cousin dorm room "What club we hitting up tonight

"Maybe we can go to that strip joint PLEASURE"

"Man naw we have been going to that club for the past two weeks I want to see some different asses"

"Look who's driving"


"Alright then, If I'm driving we go where ever I say we go…GOT IT" John replied looking at his cousin

"Fine what ever, but I still don't see why you want to go to this club every night" Marc replied handing his cousin his fake id

"I have my reasons" John answered as him and his cousin exited the dorms and into the car

"Man I love this life college is everything I thought it would be" Marc said as he and John were on their way to PLEASURE

"Yeah, but we are still only in our first year so next year we might be singing a different tone"

"Not me I think I could be in college all my life"

John rolled is eyes "After while I think I will get tired of it"

"Yeah that's you"

"Its just because I am ready to get into the real world, I want to make my own money, I am tired of having my dad providing for me, that's why I came to college"

"John you are so selfish"

John looked at his cousin

"I would give anything for my dad to be as half as rich as your dad"

"Yeah that's because you are a lazy slacker, don't get me wrong it was cool having a multimillion dollar dad but growing up I had everything done for me I never had to do anything and I just want to know what hard work feels like I just want to make me own money"

"You are so backwards; I would have loved for people to do everything for me growing up, hell your brothers don't have no problem with it"

"That's the difference between me and my brother and once again because you are just a lazy slacker" John said to his cousin as they finally arrived to the club "Alright here we go" John said as he was checking him self in the overview mirror

"ID's please" The man said at the door

The man looked at John and Marc's id's "Alright you can go" The man said falling for John and Marc's fake id's

"DAMN" Marc replied looking at the half naked girls who just walked past him "hey John I think I just remembered why you like coming here now" Marc told his cousin who looked like he was looking for somebody "Who are you looking for"

"Nobody" John lied still looking around

"Well, I will see you later" Marc smiled as a dancer came up to him and lead him somewhere by the hands

"There she is" John whispered to himself smiling as he tried to make his way to the bar

John sat there for a second before saying something to her "Hey"

"Hey, yourself" The lady replied smiling at him "What can I get for you"

John was about to speak when she interrupted him

"Let me guess one sex on the beach"

John laughed as she guessed what drink he was about to order "How did you know"

"Oh I don't know it's just, for the past two weeks whenever you come in here you start off with a sex on the beach"

John smiled

"Tell you what, if you double it I will join you"


Both of them drunk their drinks straight up

"That ones on the house" she smiled


"You know I have been seeing you and your college boys come in her for the past two weeks straight, and I never got your name"

"It's John, John Cena, what's yours

"Well John Cena nice to meet you, my name is Torrie, Torrie Wilson"

John laughed at Torrie mocking him "Yeah nice to meet you too"

"So what college do you go to" John asked

"Um, I don't go to school" Torrie replied fixing another customer a drink

"Whooo, how old are you"

"Don't worry I am not old, I'm 18" Torrie whispered

"And you are not in school"

Torrie looked down "No"


Torrie didn't speak

"You are young, if you don't won't to attend school then you should at least travel the world, I mean there's a lot out there."

"Look it's not that I don't want to attend, it's that I can't" Torrie replied getting frustrated

"Oh, sorry I didn't mean to pry"

"No it's okay" Torrie took a deep breathe "It's just kind of hard to go to school and travel the world when you have a three year old to take care of"

"Oh, you have three year old sister you are caring for"

"No actually I have a three year old daughter I have to care for…"

John just stared "A daughter"