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Chapter #5: Meeting little Riley

"Oh, my gosh I am so happy that I have the day off" Torrie replied as her and John were walking through central park hand and hand

"Yeah, me too" John smiled "Man, I can't believe its been 3 weeks already" John replied

"Yeah its seems like longer" Torrie told as John nodded "So we have the whole day since we did what I've been wanting to do for the past three weeks, today is yours what do you want to do" Torrie smiled stopping in the middle of the walkway and putting her arms around his neck

"Well, I was thinking since its been three weeks, we should take it to the next level" John suggested as Torrie stared at him with disgust "But, I'm a little skeptical of what you might think"

"Ugh, its just been three weeks, just because I'm a stripper doesn't mean I'm a cheap hoe" Torrie replied taking her arms from around John s he stared in confusion "I thought you was better then that" Torrie finished

John laughed "Torrie, relax I'm not looking for sex, I was thinking I could meet your daughter" John stated as Torrie stared at him in amazement

"You want to meet Riley" Torrie smiled

"Yes, if you don't mind" John smiled "Because it's totally up to you, if you think its too soon, then I will understand" John assured Torrie

"Why would I think its to soon" Torrie asked

"Because, you may not, want Riley to get use to me and things don't work out" John explained

"You don't think it will work out between us" Torrie asked John

"No I'm not saying that" John told Torrie "I don't know I'm new at this, I never dated a girl with a kid, and you might have rules and stuff" John explained "And plus I am very lovable, and I don't want her to feel sad, if something do happen, not saying that it will" John finished

Torrie laughed at John remarks "Its okay John, I would love for you to meet Riley" Torrie smirked "I'm just surprised you asked, no guy ever asked to meet her" Torrie told John

"Well, it's a first time for everything" John replied

Torrie smiled before giving John a slow passionate kiss

"What's that for" John asked with a smile

"For being so considerate of me and Riley's feelings" Torrie told once again putting her arms around John's neck "And just for being so damn sexy" Torrie laughed making John blush

"I can live with that" John smiled before picking up Torrie and kissing her longer in front of all central park

Moments later:

"So shall we go" Torrie replied hopping off of John grabbing his hand and leading him towards his car

"Yeah, I'm excited" John smiled "I want to see if Riley, as wild and crazy as you say she is" John said

"Oh, trust me she is" Torrie laughed "She's like a little taz mania devil, only crazier" Torrie replied as John was driving "I wonder how Matt and Ashley are doing right now" Torrie wondered

"Who are Matt and Ashley" John asked

"Oh, Ashley is my best friend and Matt is her boyfriend, they are watching Riley right now, because Stephanie had to work" Torrie informed John "You'll meet them when we get there" Torrie smiled as John nodded

"Man I can't believe how amazing you are" Torrie smiled "You are something else Cena" Torrie smiled

"I know, I get that a lot" John laughed along with Torrie as he continued to drive


"Finally, she's asleep" Ashley replied feeling tired "we have a good 10 minutes, Torrie says she doesn't sleep long" Ashley replied as Matt sighed

"Man I don't know how Torrie does it everyday with that girl" Matt replied catching his breathe as well

"But, she can be pretty amazing at times" Ashley smiled at the thought of Riley

"Yeah, she can, when did Torrie say she'd be back" Matt asked

"Um, I don't know" Ashley answered "She went on a date so you know how that is" Ashley replied

A moment of silence past before Matt and Ashley both fell asleep

"Well here we are" Torrie smiled, as her and John got out of the car and headed in the building "I'm so excited" Torrie smiled

"Me too" John smiled back, as Torrie put the key in the door and opened it

"I'm home" Torrie yelled but didn't get a response

Torrie walked further into the house and found Ashley and Matt passed out on the couch

Torrie laughed "See what she does, and they only had her for an hour" Torrie informed John who smiled "Let them sleep, lets just go find Riley

Torrie and John headed into Riley's room

"Aww she's sleeping" Torrie smiled quietly closing the door

"She looks, just like you" John replied looking at the small blonde hair girl on the bed, s Torrie smiled

"Thanks" Torrie smiled, rubbing Riley's soft fluffy hair

"We can let her sleep and come back later" John suggested as Torrie nodded

Torrie and John were about to leave the room before hearing alittle voice

"Mommy" Riley smiled opening her big green eyes, just like her mother

"Too late" Torrie whispered turning around seeing Riley waken

"Hey baby" Torrie smiled at her daughter

"Mommy, mommy" Riley repeated jumping on her bed "Who you?" Riley replied looking at John, a man she never seen before

John laughed "I'm John" John greeted shaking the three year olds hand "Nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too" Riley smiled

"Riley, John came to play with you" Torrie smiled putting Riley down

"Yayyyy!" Riley hopped up and down "Time to play" Riley replied grabbing John's hand and running him into a different direction, as Torrie laughed, and headed into the living room to wake Ashley and Matt

"Ashley, wake up" Torrie replied tugging on Ashley arm, as she and Matt woke up

"Oh, hey Tor" Ashley replied "Riley asleep in her room

"She's not anymore" Torrie laughed hearing her loud and out going daughter in the back room with John

"You guys can go, I got it from here" Torrie told Matt and Ashley who stood up and gathered their belongings

"Okay, Tor it was great" matt replied giving Torrie a hug

"Yeah call me later" Ashley smiled also giving Torrie a hug and a kiss on the cheek before the couple exited the house

Torrie walked into the back room, and smiled at the sight of John giving Riley a piggy back ride, and making pig sounds

"Okay, I'm here" Torrie smiled getting Riley of John's back and sitting her on the floor as John and Torrie sat as well

"Riley, this is mommy boyfriend John" Torrie smiled and just after three weeks he wanted to meet the most precocious object in my life" Torrie stated staring at John, as Riley and John smiled

"Okay more, play" Riley stated running out of the room

"Did I mention she also has a short attention span" Torrie replied as John laughed

"What three year old don't" John replied "How about we take her to Chuckie Cheese" John suggested "On me of course" John smiled

Torrie smiled "Okay, she will love that" Torrie replied going to get Riley

"Riley, how would you like for John, to take me and you to Chuckie Cheese" Torrie asked

"Yay! Chuckie, Chuckie" Riley chanted hopping up and down as Torrie and John laughed

"Only, on one condition" Torrie picking up Riley, and whispering something in her ear as John stared

"Torrie put Riley down and she ran up to John who picked her back up

"Thank you John" Riley sweetly said giving John a kiss on the cheek, making him smile along with Torrie

"Your welcome" John stated kissing her back on the cheek

"We'll be ready in a little while" Torie smiled taking Riley into her room to get dressed, leaving John smiling