Summary: Athrun captured the Strike and brought it aboard. It was best for both of them, right? Little did he know he was sending his friend straight to insanity. "…I never knew, Kira… Forgive me."

No Regrets (Chapter 1)

The sensors blared, red lights flashed alarmingly.

The cockpit quaked tremendously as a shot blasted right into the back of the Strike. The whole world gyrated –he cursed- and dodged, quickly spinning around, leveling his aim to the Buster –to find Aegis instead.

The four flashing spots reading X-102, X-104,X-103, X-303 were closing in on him rapidly. Miriallia's anxious calls were drowned by the beeping of sensors.

The Strike's energy level was dropping –the cockpit shook again from a wild assault from Duel –he returned fire – the energy level dropped below zero.

He gasped. "Energy… Used up!?" The red words spelling "Emergency" blinked and flashed.

"Kuso!" He cursed, his fingers gripping the controls tightly.

The Buster was gaining up. He turned, gathering what little energy that was left and fled.

The cockpit shook. He was thrown forwards and hit the controlling panel violently.

He scrunched eyes shut, clenching his teeth.

The trembling stopped.

He looked up. "A-Athrun!?"

"…We captured the Strike." He heard the other boy's monotone voice.

"What!? We were ordered to destroy it! " He heard another yelled, evidently pissed.

"It's better to have another MS on our side," Athrun argued.

"We are going back. Now."

"Athrun! What the heck are you doing?" Kira protested. He rammed his hands on various buttons.

"Bringing you to Gammu." Came the stern reply.

"You got to be kidding! I'm not boarding a ZAFT ship!" He cried.

"You're a coordinator! You're our kind!"

Kira shook his head. "I'm not ZAFT!"

"Don't fight with me over this one! Kira! Come with me. Or else," Athrun's voice shook. "Or else I'll have to shoot you."


Athrun sit in the Aegis, Kira's words mingling with the conversation he had with the commander just days ago.

"Kira will be of great use to ZAFT if I can convince him to join us; he's a coordinator, after all… He's just used by the Earth Alliance. He'll surely understand."

"Of course, Athrun. I'd like to meet the Strike's pilot; he'll be treated nicely if he does switch sides. But what if he doesn't listen?"

Athrun averted his gaze.

"I'll… I'll shoot him down."

Athrun's fingers tightened on the gear controls.

Just come, Kira… You'll be okay this way… Athrun thought silently. The commander said so himself.


Kira's fingers flew over the keyboard, rapidly typing in commands.

No… They cannot access the Strike! I will not let them!

The cockpit turned and jerked for all he cared, but he kept his eyes trained on the screen. Finally he completed the task by wiping the Strike clean of any military information.
He sighed. The Strike is safe.

That only leaves him now.

He could see the Gammu in the near distance, as they flew closer to the ship.

Dread churned in the pit of his stomach, and suddenly fear rose to his throat. Only then he was fully aware of the sticky situation he was in.

They landed. Kira felt his blood turn cold.

"Pilot of Strike! You are surrounded! We order you to step out of the cockpit with your hands behind your head!"

The gundam was laid down, Kira sat still in his seat. What would happen how? How is the Archangel? And Fllay? Sai? Tolle? Miriallia? Thousands of questions clashed in his mind.

He heard people advancing on him.

He pressed a button, and stepped out of the cockpit.

Guns were trained on him –he fought down the urge to vomit.

Athrun was nowhere to be seen.

"Hands behind your head!" A man barked sharply.

Kira gritted his teeth. He was quickly cuffed, kicked behind the knees and was about to be lead off when a green haired boy entered.

"The commander wishes to see him, in his office." The boy informed, eyeing Kira curiously.

Kira turned his gaze to the steel floor.

"Get going, you Natural kid!" The guard grunted, half hurling him up. He quickly followed, but not before he noticed, out of the corner of his eyes, the sympathetic gaze of the green haired boy.

The halls were well lit. Soldiers and workers stood around the doors, eyeing him warily.

He kept his head down, his feet quietly padding forwards.

"…It was him! He killed Miguel!" He heard someone say, not bothering to hush his words.

"And Rusty too!" Kira bit his lip.

Had he killed that many?

The guards stopped in front of a door. To Kira, there was nothing special about it, but it was obvious that it was the commander's room.

The guard pressed some buttons on the panel next to the door, and spoke briskly, "Pilot of Strike, brought in."

The door slid open.

"Athrun!" Kira said.

"Kira," Said the other boy, obviously relieved to see him.

Kira looked behind the blue haired boy, to see a masked blond.

"Don't worry, Athrun. I'll take care of him now. You are dismissed."

Athrun saluted wordlessly, and went out of the office, his eyes never meeting Kira's. The door slid shut soundlessly behind him.

Kira gulped.

The masked man smiled. "Please sit, Kira Yamato." He gestured towards a chair in front of his well polished desk.

"I'll stand, thank you." Kira mumbled, his mouth dry.

The man smiled.

"Okay then. I'll just get straight to the point. Kira, why are you with the Earth Alliance?"

The boy did not utter a sound.

"Athrun told me that you're a coordinator. His friend. You are not officially enlisted, moreover. You can join ZAFT. With your skills, you can be an Elite soldier, teaming up with Athrun…"

"I'm not joining ZAFT." Kira said stiffly.

The commander pursed his lips.

"Oh? And why not?"

Kira pondered for a while. Finally he answered, "…I have friends on board the Archangel… And… I don't want to fight."

"Actually, Kira Yamato, you are in no position to argue." The man smirked.

"You have already betrayed your kind once, and do you know what the penalty is?" The man paused.

Kira almost shivered. He listened intently.

The man stopped tapping the desk with his fingers.


Kira's head shot up.

"But now I offer you a chance, to right your wrongs. To fight for ZAFT as an Elite soldier, with the highest honor. And you cannot deny this."

The man smirked again.

"I will not fight for ZAFT!" The boy yelled.

The man stood up.

"Such a pity, Kira-kun." He murmured.

He stepped towards the youth.

The boy blanched, but refused to back away.

"You know a phrase, boy?" The man hissed. "Humans never learn."

The commander's breath tickled his face. He was getting to close for comfort. Kira took an involuntary step backwards and he jerked as his back pressed the metal door.

"Wh-What do you want?" He stammered.

Cold fingers tipped his chin upwards, caressing his cheeks.

And lips were pressed to his.

Kira's eyes widened.

He shook his head violently, wiping his mouth with his hand. "Wh-What do you think you're doing?" He gasped.

The commander just smiled and pulled him closer. "It's forbidden to hurt prisoners of war!" He cried.

"Do you think you're just a prisoner of war?" The man leered. "You're also a traitor to our kind, one who killed our allies and comrades. Everyone outside is thirsting for you blood. Don't you know that?"

A hand was laid on the sipper of his flight suit.

"No…No…" His pleads was muffled.

And into the empty space someone screamed.

-----End of Chapter-----

Author's Notes:

Uh… First time writing Gundam Seed fan fictions.

Yea,Raww le Klueze does seem out of character, but he's such a mysterious character, isn't he? Uhh… Yea, I changed the last part about Athrun; Athrun cannot find out this early! But he was quite trusting Raww le Klueze in the start of the series, I think.

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