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No Regrets (Chapter 2)

Nicol Amalfi stood outside the commander's room anxiously.

Athrun was called in right after they landed. Was the commander angry? Disappointed? Shocked? Nicol failed to tell from the blond man's monotone voice.

Yzak had screamed "KISAMA!" and rampaged off, with Dearka follow closely behind.

Nicol sighed. No point in guessing where they were, anyway. Suddenly the communication system beeped just over his shoulder. He started, and Klueze's face appeared.

"Commander Klueze."

"Nicol, inform the guards to bring the pilot of Strike to me, now." The boy saluted. "Understood."

Nicol stuffed his hands into his pockets, his legs taking him automatically to the hanger.

His eyes quickly landed on the brown haired boy who was being cuffed in the midst of tense soldiers pointing their guns at him.

"The commander wishes to see him in his office," Nicol said, acutely aware of the many pairs of eyes that were suddenly trained on him.

The pilot was young –no older than Athrun, or maybe himself. He couldn't make out his face, which was hidden in the shadows cast by his mop of tousled brown hair. He was silent, eyes downcast. Cuffed and kicked from behind the boy was lead away.

Nicol turned, about to go back and see how Athrun was putting up, when the technicians behind him swarmed up to the cockpit of the Strike. Some whistled. "This sure is one of a kind, man!"

"Is it? It looks weird..."

"Just dump it! There might be some spying camera inside. Luckily it's crushed…"

Curiosity piqued, Nicol turned back to the Strike. "Uhh… What's all this about?"

The group spun around simultaneously. "Ahh… It's…"

In one of the workers' gloved hand held out a green something that looked crushed. "A robotic bird…" Nicol quickly figured it out.

"Yea, we found it in the cockpit, in a damaged corner."

"It might be used to spy! We should get rid of it!" One of them insisted.

Nicol seriously wondered if the robot could still do spying in its sorry state. "You can give it to me. I'll take care of it. I don't think it can spy like this, anyway," smiled Nicol, taking the squashed robot from the protesting but slowly silencing group. Nicol Amalfi, at least, was more agreeable than the infamous Yzak Jule.


Nicol entered his room, his eyes still set absent-mindedly on the robot.

"Nicol?" The green-haired boy looked up.

"Athrun! Are you okay? What did he say?" He asked, both relieved to see his friend in one piece and worried about the sentences Ahtrun's actions might bring.

Athrun smiled. "Of course. I only got told off a little," the blue haired boy's voice dropped a little. "…and that I should not go to see the pilot of Strike."

Nicol plodded down on the bed beside Athrun. "It's good, then. I was worried; Yzak and Dearka were too. Only that they didn't show it that way…" Athrun nodded, but suddenly jump up. Nicol started.

"Where did you get that?" Athrun asked his voice uncannily calm.

"This?" Nicol laid the bird on the bedspreads. "It was in the Strike cockpit. Some of the technicians thought there was a camera inside to spy on ZAFT." Nicol laughed a little.

"It's not a spy." Athrun said abruptly.

Nicol turned to Athrun. The emerald-eyed boy's hands were cradling the robot most gingerly, as if it were really a bird that was barely alive.

Athrun took the robot to his desk, mechanically spreading out tools of all sorts.

"Perhaps the pilot of Strike kept it, as a pet?" Nicol said softly before walking out of their room, as usual, giving Athrun the privacy he needed.


Athrun's fingers danced delicately over the screws and wires, his head filled with thoughts.

It's not a spy. It's Kira's…

Is it a pet? Athrun mused. Maybe…

Or maybe it's his friend.


Nicol woke up to the loud buzzing of his alarm clock the next day. Climbing out of bed, his groggy eyes found a shape that usually wasn't there perched at the desk.

The blue haired coordinator laid asleep, with his head resting on his folded arms, screws and bits and pieces of metals scattered all around him. Nicol sedately switched off the alarm clock.


He looked up.


Kira curled up to himself.

He would not cry; he could not cry. He wiped his dry eyes again, stubbornly refusing to let his tears make their way down his cheeks.

His friends should be still aboard the Archangel. I hope they're okay…

Despite his self-comforting he could feel loneliness eating up his courage. It was dark in the brig, and eerie. Silence draped over his shaking form –silence so thick that he had to struggle to breathe. He hadn't moved since he was brought in; his mind was a haze. And where's Athrun? Where are you? Desperate thoughts started to emerge in the back of his mind. For a sudden second there was a great urge that tells him to just scream.

He bit his lips.

Only then he realized that Torii was missing. The mechanic bird's cries "Torii!" that had always been beside him were replaced with aching emptiness.

Where's Torii? He always had the bird tucked in the safety inside his clothes. Has Klueze got him? "Torii…" He mumbled inaudibly to himself. Is Torii hurt? Or just… Gone?

The first of his tears were about to slip over the dam when he doors of the brig slid open. Kira quickly turned around, squinting his eyes at the masked figure standing in the artificial lights of the battleship.

-----End of Chapter-----

Author's Notes:

Umm… Hi there! (dodges out of the way of saucers and stuff) This is, well, the so called "filling chapter", to set some sorta background for the next chapter, and yea. I just really hope you're not cursing me write now.

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