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Blood red skies:

Chapter one: Introducing Aikka. (This starts with Aikka's thoughts)

How could one explain the goings on in my home, a lot can happen in one day, one of the most unlikely would be myself marrying another. I haven't yet, thank the gods, I cannot stand the thought of it, I wish to love whom I marry, like my mother and father. They had obviously spent their childhood together, unlike me, I've spent it with no one my own age, how could I learn to love? It makes no sense why must I be the one to suffer on a daily basis, my father is always talking of marriage and my mother is always trying to find a suitor. I care not for a wife…or love…I have not learned how to go about such a thing. Ever since the Crogs came to our "rescue" life has…not been worth the effort…pfft my father practically whimpers before them, even if he doesn't show it, and my mother, well, she'll please them anyway she can…it's pathetic…I am forced to, along with my parents, watch my beloved Kingdom fall to it's ruin…

Stood upon a ledge overlooking His beloved soon-to-be kingdom, Aikka let out a sigh. His eyes were filled with sorrow, outlined with an incredible amount of boredom; Aikka had stood like a statue for hours, watching as the Crogs guarded the Entrance to The royal city his royal city. He spoke flatly as he felt a familiar presence behind him, one that felt relaxed, calm, if not stern.

"What do you want of me?" Aikka spoke as her turned around to face whoever was behind him.

"Prince Aikka, the King and Queen wish for your presence in the throne room…as promptly as possible." The voice revealed itself to belong to Canaan, he had caught Aikka in one if his less desirable moods. In Aikka's blissful arrogance (he means Aikka is pissed off about something) let a frustrated, short breath escaped Aikka's lips (a pfft) Aikka knew what was coming, he figured they'd found a woman who would be dumb enough to marry Prince Aikka, to begin with Aikka wasn't against the idea of finding a suitor, but over time, his parents efforts frustrated him, they would call him to the throne room at some sort of ridiculous hour and he would be forced to commune with a rich, well-bred and quite frankly very rude woman. He despised women with that particular attitude, that's why he'd never fallen in love. None them seemed right, and yet, he still wasn't used to it, everyday they would surprise him by doing something very cruel to their personal servant. For example a few Nourasian weeks ago, one of is "possibilities" beat her servant across the head with a shoe (one blow) that he'd forgotten to polish. (He doesn't actually think woman are dumb, just so you know)

Aikka had finally reached the Throne room, he had swung open the thick wooden doors to be met with no-one but the King and Queen themselves, there was not one woman present. Aikka blinked in confusion still walking forward to meet his parents. His parents stood as Aikka took a deep bow, his mother returned a curtsy, and his father, a bow.

Aikka straightened up as he noticed his parents take their seats on the throne, the thrones were equally sized, the back rest sat at six feet and had a width of two feet, the seats themselves were made of a rare white wood, and was embodied with a bronze and copper-like material, and had delicate carving engraved on the legs of the thrones.

"My son, Prince Aikka, as you may have already guessed, this concerns your suitors" the King looked down upon his son, unfortunately noticing him rolling his eyes. However before he could say a word to Aikka he was interrupted.

"Prince Aikka! Do not dishonour your father in such a manner!" the Queen shouted, and for a soft (her voice is soft) and quiet Nourasian, she looked and sounded quite menacing. Aikka looked at his father and bowed quickly.

"I apologise, father" Aikka spoke sincerely, if it was still a bit flat, luckily, for Aikka neither his father nor his mother noticed.

"My Prince, you will soon find yourself amongst five woman, they are due to arrive some time in the next few days" the Queen informed without hesitation.

The king had continued in more detail of what was to happen "My son, you must choose a bride from the five, there will be no refusal. You will choose a bride through a process of elimination…"

If Aikka was supposed to be hiding his emotions, he was doing really badly; he spoke through gritted teeth his eye's lined with anger "Thank you my king, by your leave?" the King waved his hand in dismissal. Aikka strode as calmly as he could out of the throne room, and straight to his room.

Why bother, they'll just keep throwing girls in your direction, have them all Aikka's dark side spoke to him, but within him, another voice spoke but you want to love your wife, don't you Aikka? It was clearly the good side of his true self trying to point him in the right direction, but Aikka could not decipher what exactly the right direction was…

(Some time later)

They can't all be cruel…can they? Aikka was lent against the white stone railings of his balcony thinking to himself, about the new arrivals I wonder…what they will be like…by the gods…I'm tired. Aikka let slip a small yawn as he headed for his bed. He slipped into his night clothes; a pair of simple white beetle silk trousers and a pull-on vest, of the same material. He reached for his bed sheets and pulled them loose, so he may get comfortable under the covers. As Aikka was a vampire, he had certain obligations to fulfil for example drinking a certain amount of blood to remain healthy. A cup lay beside his bed upon a small elegantly decorated white wood table. Aikka took it in his grasp, carefully; he drank it, slowly, like he craved its taste but couldn't bear to empty the cup of its contents entirely.

Over the course of a Nourasian half an hour (around 20 earth minutes) Aikka had finally finished his drink, it was placed back on its table and Aikka returned to his bed, he lay in it facing the ceiling, he closed his eyes, turning to the side, trying to make himself comfortable, and within a few minutes, he found himself in the slumber he so desired to fall into.

"They are not to know the secret of our people, and particularly not my son's. It may frighten them, is that understood" The king stated to the palace messenger, who was in charge of informing the servants of the King's wishes. The messenger nodded understandingly.

"Arrange a servant to awaken Aikka and tell him the news in the morning" with that the messenger bowed and left as the King waved his arm in dismissal.

There was a long silence before the Queen broke it "I hope Prince Aikka does not fail us this time…" she turned only to have the King embrace her lovingly.

He whispered in her ear "do not fear, he will not, my love" the Queen returned his embrace, only she kissed her husband on the neck as she did so…