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A Cat's Goth-Blood

Chapter one: Wounded Heart

By: Goth-Vampire Ninja

Today was Sakura's17th birthday and she had made a party. Naruto had convinced her to do so since at first she didn't want to because her apartment was small. But in the end, she had a party anyway. The reason she lived in a small apartment was that her parents had gotten killed when the village had been under attack a couple years back. Sakura was still in pain and cried from time to time but she managed to stay happy most of the time, so nobody really noticed. And that was her Pandora's Box, it was dangerous. She was like a mirror. The death of her parents had caused her to crack a little, like if someone had given it a punch. Even so, she managed to stay in one piece. But one more blow…and she would break.

Sakura had already seen that everyone had gone home, the party was over, and still there was no sign of the person she wanted to see the most…Sasuke. And it was night already too. Sakura's childhood crush had turned into something much more than that; it had turned to real love in all the time that had passed. But Sasuke still acted the same towards her, the same cold attitude he always had.

Sakura decided to go look for him. He, too, lived on his own. But he lived in a rather big house (you could call it a mansion) by the Uchiha district. As Sakura was nearing Sasuke's house, she heard some noises coming from the patch of forest next to his house and decided to go check just in case.

'I hope this isn't considered as trespassing,' Sakura thought as she neared the forest. As she went deeper she came to a little clearing and hid behind some bushes so she wouldn't be seen. She saw Sasuke in the middle of it with a girl…and they were…kissing.

That was it…the lock on Sakura's Pandora's Box broke and all came out. The last punch was also given to Sakura's mirror…and it broke. Sakura felt herself let out a sob. But she wasn't sure because she couldn't feel anything. She was numb from all the emotions that were flowing inside her non-stop: anger, pain, betrayal, and lots more. But overall…sadness. It wasn't until Sasuke's head snapped in her direction that she knew she really had let out a sob.

Sasuke pushed the girl away, causing her to fall to the ground and giving Sakura a good view of who she was. She seemed to be a ninja too. "Who's there?!" he yelled in Sakura's direction. Sakura slowly stood. Sasuke saw that she was crying and shaking; she was also clutching her hands in front of her tightly as if trying to keep herself from breaking to tiny pieces—trying to keep herself together.

She smiled at him…a sad smile…one that wavered and trembled, "S-sorry, I didn't know…I-I'm sorry S-Sasuke-san, I didn't mean to interrupt," she apologized. After that, she turned on her heel and ran, ran as fast as she could, because she knew she couldn't last much longer and she didn't want Sasuke to see her break completely.

"Sakura!" Sasuke called. He threw the fallen girl a killer glare that gave new meaning too the phrase: 'If looks could kill,' and hissed, "You should have never done that, you stupid girl."

"Oh. But Sasuke-kun, it was worth it!" she sighed dreamily, still a little scared from the glare though.

Sasuke just turned on his heel, disgusted, and ran after Sakura.

'Damn, she's fast. It's obvious she's been working on her speed and stamina,' Sasuke thought as he searched for her.

On the other hand, Sakura was running as fast as she could go deeper and deeper into the forest. 'As long as Sasuke doesn't find me, as long as Sasuke doesn't find me,' she kept repeating in her mind. She put on a final burst of speed and then stopped and fell to the ground from the tall branch she was in. She didn't feel anything though; she was still numb due to the pain in her heart from seeing Sasuke kissing someone. So she jut lay there and cried. It wasn't until a couple of minutes later that she stopped crying because she heard a voice. "Get up and stop crying!" the voice ordered.

Out of pure curiosity to see what was going to happen, she did as told. But she gasped as soon as she saw where the voice came from. That's because the voice belonged to…

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