Title: Abusive life...

Summary: Sakura has abusive parents that wont let her live her life. Her secret wedding is coming up and it turns out that she's pregnant. The thing is that she is pregnant with Sasuke's baby, Her parents least favorite person in Konoha. What'll happen when they find out she's pregnant? "How low will they sink just to get rid of Kyro her baby and break up her relationship with Sasuke? Will anyone die?

She felt his lips press against hers as her back touched his bed. Thier naked bodies rubbing against each others pleading for more. His kisses soon trailed down to her neck and sucked her skin softly being rewarded with a low yet fiery moan. "Sasuke I- uh" she was cut off when she felt his member go in and pump slowly. His hands held her hips in place while hers were clutching the bed sheets. "Sakura" he whispered thrusting in harder. The friction between the two of them was intense and the look in thier eyes held both love and lust. The rythm sped up and Sakura's moans got louder within each thrust. It wasnt very long until one of them would hit thier climax. "Sasuke" Sasuke collapsed on top of her and buried his face in the crook of her neck.

His hand cupped her right breast while her hand toyed with his hair. "I'll give you a better fuck next time" he said lifting his head and giving her his infamous smirk. "Oh shutup" she said pushing his face down so that thier lips met. He greedily kissed her making sure he got every corner of her mouth. Slowly he pulled out and rolled onto the bed next to her. He pulled her into a hug and stared at his tired kunoichi. Her arms snaked around him as she burried her face in his chest. "I love you" she whispered closing her eyes. Sasuke smiled at her and said the words she longed to hear. "I love you too".

" Sasuke!!!!!!!" Sakura woke up startled when she heard the door fly open revealing a ready- to- train Kakashi. Sakura quickly covered herself with the covers not wanting to show him anymore than what he probably already saw. "What do you want?" asked Sasuke sitting up putting a protective arm around Sakura and burrying his face in the crook of her neck. He couldnt help but suck on her skin again. Kakashi turned around and mumbled something about knocking the next time he decided to barge in on them. "Get dressed we have training to do" "hn" was Sasuke's response. "Oh by the way, sorry Sakura I didnt mean to startle you" Sakura blushed a little and held her breath until she heard the door click.

"Sasuke, we should-" She was cut off when he pushed her down and started to kiss her just as passionately as the night before. "We are not doing anything. Your staying in bed while I go train with Kakashi." Sakura gave him a puzzled look. "I can tell your still tired from last night" he whispered. He knew Kakashi was listening to every word they were saying. Sakura blushed but nodded before pushing him off and crawling on top of him. "You know you shouldnt get to confident" she said before placing a teasing kiss on his lips. "Hn"

Sasuke quickly got dressed and walked out to see a smirking Kakashi. "So when were you planning on telling me about your night of fun?" asked Kakashi in a teasing way. "When she gets pregnant". Kakashi stopped halfway and stared at his student with shocked eyes. Sasuke just smirked and kept on walking. "Well Kakashi are we gonna train or what?" asked Sasuke looking over his shoulder to the still wide eyed Kakashi. Kakashi just smirked and walked over to his student. "What if you didnt get her pregnant?" Sasuke just smirked "Then you would never know"

Meanwhile, Sakura was still in bed. She lay on her side just simply staring at the wall. ' Its only 7:00 a.m' she thought as she closed her eyes. She had to be home before her parents or else. Even thought she was 21 years old she still had to live with her parents. They never really did let go of her and they enjoyed abusing her for the littlest things. 'As soon as that clock hits 8:00 a.m then I'll leave' She closed her eyes and let sleep take over.

Sasuke and Kakashi trained hard. They kicked punching bags and punched wood until they both fell from exhaustion. " So Sasuke where's Sakura?" "She's still in bed" "Hope you werent to hard on her" Kakashi let out a low chuckle before sitting up. "When are you guys going to plan the wedding?" Sasuke furrowed his brow. "Our wedding is next week, didnt you already know that?" Kakashi let out a fake laugh and started nodding his head violently. This made Sasuke sweat drop.

Sakura woke up to see the sun hitting her face. 'What time- OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Sakura threw the covers off and got dressed. It was 9:00 and that meant that her parents arrived home half an hour ago. She ran out of the room but bump into Sasuke who caught her before she fell. He pressed her against his chest and leaned back against the wall. "Where are you going in such a hurry?" he asked. Before she could answer his lips crashed against hers. She gladly kissed him back until she saw the clock behind them. "Sas-mmm Sas" he still didnt stop but she couldnt blame his. She wanted to keep on going to. 'Sasuke I have to go' As if reading her mind he let her go and grabbed his keys. "I'll go drop you off"

A/N I kno its short but thats all i could really think of. I know what I want to write but I got no idea on how to start it. Anyway sorry that its short... I'll try to make the next chapter longer. please R&R