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The Wizard's Angel

Part 1: "Watched Over By Angels"

The sun beat down overhead, hot in the stifling mid-summer air. A faint buzz of flies permeated the neighborhood of Privet Drive, adding on to the noises of children playing and birds chirping. The sky above was a beautiful light blue, as puffy white clouds drifted lazily by. Everything looked completely normal, except for the image of two women sitting atop a tightly-shingled roof, chiseled to perfection.

And luckily, no one could see them, for the two mysterious ones were invisible to the eye. It was as if they'd literally dropped from the heavens.

One was an older woman, with elegantly styled curly grey-and-white sprinkled hair. She bore a wise face, warm eyes, and had the disposition of a no-nonsense, yet loving grandmother. Another woman sat beside her, considerably younger and looking to be only in her twenties or early thirties. Her wavy chestnut brown hair rustled softly in the hot breeze, and she smiled as she looked down at the people fraternizing, cleaning, gardening, or playing below. Her smile encompassed her whole face, lighting it up as if she were a benign angel.

Which, in fact, she was. So was the woman beside her, fanning herself wildly.

"It's too hot to be out in this weather," the older of the two complained, sweating slightly. "Being in human form certainly has its faults in weather like this!"

The brunette beside her laughed, the sound twinkly as she replied in an Irish accent, "Oh, Tess, that's one of the merits of taking on human form! Being able to feel what they feel, see how they see..."

The one named Tess just grumbled under her breath.

"Anyways, why did you bring me here? Is my assignment in this neighborhood?"

"Actually, your assignment is right there," Tess replied smoothly, pointing down to the house beside them. A boy of about 15 or 16 years old was working in an immaculate garden, shirtless as shiny sweat gleamed off his back. His ebony, messy black hair hung over his eyes, but when he looked up to wipe the strands back, the two saw his emerald eyes. The orbs were like green oceans, containing so much depth and emotion. They truely were windows to this teen's soul.

The younger angel looked around the yard; the house.

"It looks so clean; so ordinary."

Indeed, everything seemed to have its place, and every inch of the house looked scrubbed into spotlessness.

"Monica, looks can be deceiving. Don't be too quick too judge anything. That house; those walls hide much more than what you see. Underneath, there is something so deep, so hidden, that the family strives to hide it from everyone around. Do you understand, Monica?"

Monica, the brunette, nodded. Her eyes narrowed in close watch as suddenly the door opened. Through it came the most unpleasant man she had ever seen, and she had encountered many people!

His beefy neck almost juggled atop his large body as he waddled over to the boy, face red and mustache quivering. His little beady eyes glared accusingly at the innocent boy, and there was a frightening aura about him.

He stopped just behind the boy, shadow looming over the raven-head like a bull's. The child visibly tensed, but didn't turn- he just kept pruning and pulling the stubborn weeds with steady, skilled hands.

The beefy man drew in a deep, snort-like breath, then shouted: "HARRY POTTER!"

Harry flinched at the yell, but obediently turned and stood, carefully keeping his eyes centered on the ground. He only reached up to the man's chest height-wise, and it looked quite intimidating to the two bystanders.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon?"

Vernon's eyes flashed as he watched Harry subtly try to step back and give himself some space. With a feral growl, he grabbed the boy's arm and shook him.

"What are you thinking? This looks terrible! Petunia and I told you to prune the roses, not ruin them! It looks... like... like a trash heap!"

A vein pulsed on Vernon's forehead as his jugular neck trembled dangerously.

"I'm sorry," Harry mumbled automatically, even though he really had nothing to be sorry for. In fact, to Monica the roses looked beautiful! Except, Vernon didn't see it that way.

"You idiot, look me in the eye! Are you a coward!?" Vernon shouted, giving the boy another rough shake. Harry slowly locked eyes on his uncle, hate visibly circling within. Vernon snarled as he saw, and threw Harry into the garden, effectively crushing the roses and all the hard work Harry had gone to to get them so beautiful.

"I expect this garden perfect, or no supper, boy!"

Which was quite unfair, since mid-afternoon was already on the neighborhood, and dinner would be soon. It would be impossible to fix them now, and in enough time. Uncle Vernon had seen to that, and quite maliciously.

With a last back-hand across Harry's head, Vernon Dursley stomped away, superiority riding on his shoulders.

Monica watched with wide eyes as Harry rubbed the back of his sore head, then continued working without even a word of objection or self-pity. She turned to Tess, hazel-brown eyes big and fearful.

"Is he... abused?" she whispered.

Tess turned sorrowful eyes on her charge.

"Yes. In the worst way. Neglect. It's not just physical and verbal, baby."

Monica bit her lip, ears tearing at such violence. "Is this... what they're hiding? This... obscenity?"

"Oh, Monica... this isn't even the tip of the iceberg."

Monica sucked in an astounded breath as she looked back to her assignment, wondering what this family, this boy, could possibly hiding...

Something secret, lurking behind spotless walls and finely-pruned gardens.

Something they didn't want anyone to know.

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