Hi! I had a writers block in my other KH story, (Roxas, Master of the two pokemon), and had a crazy idea for a short story that I just needed to type up. I can't give you any hints about what will happen, so...enjoy!

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"Where are my cards?!" The Gambler of Fate started to scramble around the Org. XIII castle for his precious deck of cards. He passed the living room hearing: "Nope. Goldfish."

Luxord stopped and looked in to the room. Numbers 8, 9, and 13 were playing Goldfish…with his special cards. Oh how badly they were treating them! Demyx was using a card as a coaster for a drink. Roxas wasn't really doing anything bad to the cards, but Axel was doing the worst to them. He was picking his teeth with the cards!

"Do you have any 9s, Roxas?"

"Goldfish." He replied as Demyx drew a card.

"NUMBER 8, 9, and 13!!!" Luxord stormed in. "What are you doing with my cards!?!"

"Playing Goldfish." Demyx smiled.

"You didn't ask my permission to use them!"

"Oh." Axel stopped picking his teeth. "Sorry about that. Can we use your cards?"

"No! Especially since you two…" He pointed at Demyx and Axel. "…treat them horribly." He started to gather up his cards from the Trio, despite the complaints.

"Hey!" Axel wouldn't let go of his cards as Number Ten tried to take them back. "I was winning."

"Let them go." Luxord growled as he tugged at them.

"No." Axel protested and pulled them back.






The room was in great silence; in shock of what just happened. On one of the cards, that the two were fighting over, was a little tear on the corner.

Axel can see Luxord starting to boil with anger. "Uh…ok, you can have them." The red head took his hands off the cards and scooted away.

Luxord exploded. "That's it, Number 8!!! You'll pay for this!" He marched out of the room still steaming mad.

The Trio were in complete silence for a couple of minutes because of what just happened.

Demyx got out of shock first. "He looked really mad, Axel."

Roxas nodded in agreement. "I think he was serious too. You better watch out."

Axel brushed his warnings to the side. "Nah…I got nothing to worry about."

The next day in the morning….

"Aaaaxel." Roxas called for his best friend as he was searching for him.

"Hey, Roxas!" Demyx caught up to him from behind. "Did you hear? Luxord is taking a 3-day vacation to a city called Las Vegas, on a world called Earth. This means that Axel is safe from his revenge, for now."

"That's good. Then maybe we can get Axel to say sorry to Luxord, when he comes back."

The two stopped at Axel's room door.

"Axel." Roxas knocked on Number 8's door.

There was no reply.

"Axel?" Roxas opened the ajar door and peered into the room. "Axel? You in here?" The two walked in. They just saw the room empty. "Looks like he's not here."

"Aah!" Demyx jumped seeing something move under Axel's blankets. "What is that?"

Roxas was also afraid of what could be in Axel's bed. He cautiously walked to the bed, where there was still wiggling coming from under the blankets. Roxas lifted the bed covers quickly, then jumped back from what he just did. (Just to be on the safe side.)

Demyx and Roxas gasped at what they saw.

There was a little kid, maybe just under 2 years old, on Axel's bed just waking up. The kid rubbed his eyes open with his little hands and yawned. The child shook his head awake, swishing his red spiky hair side to side. Draped over the kid's small body were Axel's pajamas, much too large for him. The child noticed Demyx and Roxas and looked at them with innocent, emerald green eyes. "Momma?"

Roxas and Demyx stood there not believing their eyes for there…was Axel…as a little child.

I bet you all have the face of surprise right now. xD :hears crickets: Well, I tried...