continuation of the previous piece

34. – Formal

She calls him Sasuke-sama in a way that is just short of being an insult – but when she calls him 'sadist' or 'asshole' they aren't, somehow.

35. – Fever

"You look flushed," Tenten observes, bending over his prone form and pressing her hand to his brow, and he tries not to look at her.

36. – Laugh

She is sprawled on the ground, buried beneath three hundred pounds of her own weapons, and she does not care, because she is too busy gaping at the way Sasuke's lips are twitching suspiciously.

37. – Lies

"No, your old team hasn't been seen anywhere near here," Sasuke told her, red eyes spinning.

38. – Forever

He knows this will end soon, but he doesn't let himself think about that – only about the next day's sparring.

39. – Overwhelmed

Her arm is wrenched behind her, and she can feel the bone crack; the rest of her body is in similar pain, and she bows her head – he had won, utterly.

4o. – Whisper

"He smiles now," one Sound-nin hissed to another, "Do you think she's bedding him?"

41. – Wait

She finds herself pacing, sleepless and uneasy, the nights she knows Sasuke is not safe in his room next to hers.

42. – Talk

"This conversation is pointless," Sasuke told her, flushing – why did she want to know his favorite color, of all things?

43. – Search

There were three men who looked for her, but she never knew.

44. – Hope

Her hopes changed – she stopped hoping to be rescued, and began hoping – planning - to rescue herself.

45. – Eclipse

Her scroll unfurls like a ribbon of white-and-black silk rather than heavy parchment, her blood a bright red streak down its center – and suddenly there are kunai and senbon arcing into the air, thousands, millions, filling the horizon – blotting out the sun.

46. – Gravity

She is too exhausted from sparring to keep from tripping over an exposed tree-root, and he is too exhausted to move out of the way, so they end up sprawled on top of each other

47. – Highway

"You'll do it this way," Sasuke tells her, laying out a training schedule in front of her, with focuses on areas she does not like. "You'll do it my way, or..."

48. – Unknown

Sasuke never let her name be known to the rank-and-file of the Sound-nin; they had to come up with their own names for her.

49. – Lock

She got up for a walk before remembering that she couldn't leave her room after hours – but the door swung open at her touch.

5o. – Breathe

Sasuke slanted his mouth over hers, trying to push air into her failing lungs – inwardly cursing her growing inclination to try out dangerous techniques without him.