This is a story asking what if a normal young woman from our time was accidentally thrown back in time to ancient Egypt... when Yami was Pharaoh?

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Jenna Shedoru simply couldn't believe what she'd just heard. She stared at her employer at Cineplex Theaters, Mr. Walters. "What do you mean, I'm fired? What did I do?"

"I received a complaint from one of your fellow employees that you got angry her over some matter and you yelled at her, which was bad enough, but it was right behind the concession stand where any customer could see it. Such behavior can not and WILL not be tolerated."

She almost blew her top. This just wasn't her day. She had woken up this morning to find the fridge in her little on bedroom apartment had stopped running during the night and now half of the food in it was spoiled. Her landlord was getting on her ass about paying her rent, was threatening to evict her, and the bills were piling up. "Oh, so I'm just supposed to let her walk all over me? She and her little bubblebut friend waltzed out on me leaving me to watch the main concession, ice cream stand, hot lunch and specialty coffee!! There are supposed to be two people on at all time to watch all four of them! She came back, but her friend didn't. I asked if I could go on my break, and she told me NO because of the reason I just pointed out to you! She has been a pain in my ass ever since I got hired on! Why don't you go fire HER sorry ass instead?"

His gaze hardened. "You have also been late twice in the last two months."

"There is a train track on my way to work! I can't control when the train decides to go bounding on by, you know! And I don't have a cell phone to call and tell you when that happens because I can't afford one! Neither of those times was my fault!"

"You are an unreliable employee, and that's all there is to it, Miss Shedoru. We cannot have you on board any longer." He handed her her last paycheck, which would only amount to about $280... for the last six days of work. "At least you won't have to wait to get this, since I took the liberty of putting it together myself. Now, I'm sorry, but things just weren't working out for you here."

She scowled. "Fine. Be a prick! This job was shit anyways! Later asshole!" She turned on her heel and left the room, making sure to slam the door as she left, catching the attention of some of the employees and customers in the main hall. She took off her overshirt uniform and cap, letting her long blonde hair billow down her back, and tossed them, along with her name tag, on the main desk in front of Lance Peterson, one of her fellow employees who just happened to have a huge crush on her.

"Jenna? What's up?" He asked, getting to his feet and following her.

"I was just fired." She said, a scowl on her face.

"What? Why? What happened?"

"Brittany Greer is what happened! I told you the break story, right? Well, she went whining to Mr. Walters and he fired me on the spot! I told him what happened and he didn't even care! He's just got a hard on for that stuck up little bitch!"

He sighed and shook his head. "Damn, man. I'm sorry to hear about that. The world sucks today for sure." Then he brightened. "Hey, why don't I bring you out for coffee? You know... to cheer you up?"

She sighed. "Sorry, Lance. I would, but I have to get home, get changed, and head out to my parents place. They're having this big dinner and they really want me there."

He looked crushed immediately. "Okay. But hey! I'll drop you a line later in the week! Maybe we could hook up!"

She gave him a small smile. "I guess it's a possibilty. But you should get back to your post before Walters comes and fires your ass too. I'll see you around." She gave him a small wave and headed out to her car.

Home was about twenty blocks away. She pulled her small 1985 Omni into the parking lot and got out with a sigh, making her way into her apartment. She got a bag of chips out of the cupboard, picked up the phone, and dialed her parents.

"Hi, Mom. It's me. I just got home from work. I'm just going to get ready and head out, okay?" Her mother picked up on the tone of her voice and asked her if something was wrong. It was amazing how parents could pick up on little things like that. "I got fired, but that's okay. I'll have another job in no time... Yeah, I'll explain what happened when I get there. It'll be about two hours or so, so just sit tight. I'll see you soon. Buh bye." She hung up the phone with a sigh, then set about having a shower and getting changed. Then she spent a few minutes on her hair, put on a little makeup, snatched up her keys and headed out once more.

The drive to her parents place took about an hour, since they lived way out in the country. She was twenty minutes away, driving on a rarely used road, when she heard a loud bang and felt the front left tire blow on her. She struggled with the wheel a little and pulled over to the side of the road. She got out of the car and immediately swore.

"FUCK! This is just what I needed! I fucking blowout in fucking nowheresville!" She moaned. There weren't any houses around for miles and hardly anybody used this road. She had no way to get help since she had no cell phone. "My day just couldn't get any worse..."

Then something even she couldn't predict happened. Suddenly it felt as if the Earth was being shaken to bits beneath her feet. She screamed in alarm, wondering what was going on. She was in Alberta, Canada... there were no earthquakes in Alberta!! What was going on?

Then a hole of darkness seemed to open up beneath her feet like a great gaping maw, all set to swallow her up, a strange violet mist seemingly glowing in the darkness. She plummeted downwards, and through the mist, saw strange beasts, the likes of which she'd never seen before, some with gaping maws filled with razor sharp teeth. Some were small, only the size of a chicken... and others were enormous... the size of the apartment complex where she lived.

An insane fear tore through her mind as she continued her descent, and she let out a mind numbing, bone chilling scream. She saw a point of light appear before her, drawing nearer and nearer. Then all at once, she was blinded by the light, felt her body scream in pain, and then saw only darkness.


The Pharaoh and his six high priests were doing battle with Bakura and his Diabound monster, when it unleashed its special attack, that unexpectedly went awry when High Priest Seto's own monster countered it with a special move of his own. The end result was some strange mass of darkness that opened up above the battle field. Even Bakura looked dumbfounded, upon seeing this strange phonomenon.

"What... is that?" the Pharaoh asked, staring at the strange swirling mass.

Isis, his High Priestess, stiffened, fingering her necklace. "My Pharaoh! I am detecting a great disturbance! Some sort of imbalance! It is as if it is a rip through space and time... linking throughout the Shadow Realm!"

The other priests and even Bakura stared at her in alarm, but then their heads whipped back to watch when they heard a terrified scream emenate from the mass of darkness. Seconds later a small form fell through, bouncing off of Diabound and flying across the great hall, slamming into the floor, bouncing again, striking the wall, and then lying still.

Bakura smirked. "I don't know what that was all about and I don't really care," he said as the phenomenon seemed to collapse upon itself. "It's time for me to destroy you all!"

The Pharaoh looked at two of his priests. "Mahad! Isis! Check to see what it was that fell through! I will take care of Bakura!" The activated the power of his Millennium Puzzle, and summoned forth the Egyptian God Obelisk, much to the shock of all who watched. By doing so, he had just revealed himself to be the Chosen King. Obelisks attack caused much damage to Bakura's ba.

Bakura's eyes were wide now. "I leave... but I will return! Mark my words! You have not seen the last of me! And when next we meet, I will destroy you all!" He activated his monsters special ability, and the two of them vanished through the wall.

Obelisk vanished once more, no longer needed.

Isis and Mahad gasped in alarm. "Pharaoh!" she called from beside the still form.

The Pharaoh approached, the rest of his priests in tow. And when they saw the figure for themselves, their eyes went wide in shock.

The figure was a young woman, her face the color of a fine pale cream, and her hair golden like the sun. Her clothes were incredibly odd, some strange tunic that covered her upper torso, clinging to her body with a light covering to keep off the cold, and strange blue coverings on her lower body, covering her legs down to her ankles where she wore feet protectors, black in color. Again, the leggings were close fitting, showing off a fine figure. She was undoubtedly very beautiful... if slightly unusual in appearance.

"She... looks human... except for her hair and skin," Akhnaden, the eldest of the priests said in awe.

Seto growled. "She was brought here by Bakura and his Diabound! She may be a threat and that is a risk I am not willing to take!" he said, pointing his Rod at her.

The Pharaoh's gaze snapped in his direction. "Wait, Seto! I don't think Bakura had any more of an idea of what happened than we do. We cannot kill her simply because she was brought here by accident."

Shada stepped forward, holding the Millennium Key. "I detect only scant traces of evil within this woman's soul... and her ba is hardly a threat. I can see no reason why Bakura would bring one such as her here. She could not benefit him."

The Pharaoh nodded again. "I agree. And judging by the scream we heard before she wound up here, I would guess she is just as confused as we are... if not moreso." He looked up at them. "I want this woman's injuries to be treated, and then let her rest in a guest room."

Seto frowned. "I say we have guards in her room to keep an eye on her... Just in case."

He nodded. "Very well."

The healers were summoned and they looked the girl over, announcing that while her injuries were serious, they were not life threatening. She had a broken arm, which they healed with the help of Egyptian Magic, and a few broken ribs that they simply bandaged, knowing they would heal quickly enough on their own. Other than that, she had cuts and scrapes from her fall, that merely needed to be cleaned and disinfected. Then the healers carefully lifted the girl and brought her to the guest room. Two guards followed, after being given strict orders by the Pharaoh to inform him when she woke.

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