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The Pharaoh looked at her. "Did he say anything else to you, Jenna?"

She sighed. "He had lots to say. And you're not going to like hearing a lot of it."

He nodded. "Please, tell us what he told you."

She sighed again, and then nodded. "Well, the reason he's so obsessed with getting those Millennium Items and killing you is because he says your father is the one responsible for destroying his village and killing all his people."

All but Akhnaden's eyes went huge once more. "WHAT?!"

Siamun frowned deeply. "How dare he claim such a thing?! King Akhnamkhamen was a kind and just ruler! He would never have committed such a terrible act!!"

She shrugged, and then winced at a pain that went shooting down her arm. "That's what he told me. Apparently, he said that he sent one of his priests to the village with a regent of guards, and had his people massacred so they could drain the blood from them. According to Bakura, the priest used the blood of his people to forge the Millennium Items."

Shada's eyes were enormous. "That CAN'T be!! It must be a lie! Our former Pharaoh would never have done such a thing!"

Seto was almost seething in rage. "How dare he tarnish the memory of King Akhnamkhamen?!"

The Pharaoh himself, although he most definitely looked surprised, he also had a deep thoughtful frown on his face. "Was there anything else, Jenna?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I saw this strange stone slab in the middle of the room where he kept me. He said it's called the Millennium Stone, and the Items were forged in it. He plans to return the Items to the stone slab, which he said will cause a great power to awaken. And he plans to use that power to destroy Egypt."

Seto blinked. "A great power? You mean he plans to summon a creature greater than his Diabound?"

She almost shrugged, but held herself back, remembering the shooting pain it had caused her before. "I don't know what it is, exactly. Whatever it is, he said it is the being responsible for creating some place called the Shadow Realm."

Their eyes all went enormous. "ZORC!!"

Siamun frowned deeply. "That is not good. The scriptures tell of a time of darkness that will come to Egypt. A time when the Shadow Realm will envelop the earth and shroud it in a blanket of darkness. Could it be that the time of darkness will soon be upon us?"

Seto shook his head immediately. "There will be no time of darkness, Siamun! Ours is the Chosen Pharaoh... for he can call upon the Egyptian Gods. Even IF Bakura calls forth Zorc, our great and powerful king will send him back to the realm where he rightfully belongs! I can tell you right now that I will not allow him to get his hands on my Millennium Rod, and if what Jenna says is accurate, then he needs all seven of our items to summon Zorc forth from the Dark Realm."

Shada nodded. "And I shall not allow him to get his hands on my Millennium Key." He looked at Isis. "Has your necklace shown what the future has in store for us, Isis?"

She shook her head. "Sadly, no. The future is still clouded. My item will not offer me visions of what is to come."

The Pharaoh looked at Jenna. "Was there anything else he said to you, Jenna?"

She shook her head wordlessly, and winced slightly as a pain went through her neck at the motion.

He sighed. "I will have a healer sent to your room to give you some medicine for the pain." He looked at the others. "She needs her rest, and as much as I wish it wasn't so, I have duties I must perform so I am unable to remain with her for the time being."

Akhnaden stepped forward. "I shall stay with her, my King."

Pharaoh nodded. "Very well. The rest of us have things to do." He smiled at Jenna. "You rest now. The healer will come by shortly. I shall be in to visit with you later tonight."

She nodded. "I'll be okay."

All but Akhnaden left and they waited in silence for a few moments until a healer came into the room with a jar of medicine. He instructed her to swallow, the taste of it almost making her gag, and then had her wash it down with water before checking over her injuries and left the room.

She and Akhnaden sat there in silence for a few moments before the Priest spoke to her.

"Do you require any help getting to sleep, Jenna? I could always use my Millennium Eye to lull you into sleep, if you like."

She smiled at him and shook her head. "I can't keep depending on you guys to do that for me. I have to learn to do this on my own. But thank you for the offer."

Akhnaden nodded, and then his expression turned a little hesitant. "So... Bakura told you nothing else? About why he is so desperate to get his hands on the Millennium Items?"

Jenna was quiet for a moment before she looked at him. "Are you referring to the f act that YOU were the Priest sent by Pharaoh Akhnamkhamen to create the Millennium Items?" She nodded. "He told me that. But I didn't see any reason to bring up that particular detail with the present Pharaoh. What good would that knowledge do to him?"

His eye went wide. "So Bakura did tell you..."

She nodded. "Yes. He did." She sighed. "I'm not going to ask you why you did it. I'm sure at the time you had a very good reason for doing what you did, so I'm not going to criticize you. I don't agree with what you did, but I'm not going to question it either."

The old man trembled slightly as he took a heat at her bedside. "The fault lies with me... all of it. The destruction of Kul Elna... I am the cause of Bakura's rage. I am the true reason he attacked you as he did..."

She shook her head. "Don't you go blaming yourself for what happened to me. Hindsight is a horrible thing, because you can look back on your mistakes and link them to things that happen in the present. Things that you never could have forseen when you made the mistakes in the first place. What happened, happened. Nothing can change it, and there's no point in dwelling on your past mistakes. The thing you should focus on is putting a stop to Bakura... you should focus on the future, not on the past." She locked eyes with him. "And maybe... you could even try to form a true relationship with your son... Seto."

Akhnaden's eye went enormous as he stared at her in shock. "You... know about that...? BAKURA knows about Seto... being my..."

She nodded. "I know. But once again, it was not my place to tell anyone. That is your affair, not mine. It is something that is between you and your son. No one else should be involved in that issue but the two of you."

The old man shook his head with a sigh. "How could I ever explain to him? Why I abandoned him as a child? It would mean telling him what I did... that I left him to protect him and my wife..."

Jenna smiled. "That's a decision only you can make, Akhnaden. Nobody can make it for you, and I'm certainly not going to tell Seto myself because it simply isn't my place to." She then let out a yawn and winced as her ribs protested. "I've gotta get some sleep..."

The old man blinked at the change of subject and then nodded. "Yes. You focus on your recovery, Jenna. And... well..." He sighed. "Thank you... for not telling anyone of my involvement at Kul Elna."

She blinked. "About that... I have just one question." She looked at him. "Was your brother, Pharaoh Akhnamkhamen aware of what was involved in the creation of the Millennium Items?"

He shook his head immediately. "Of course not. He never would have allowed it if he were. I took it upon myself to create the Items to protect our homeland from an invading outside force." He sighed, looking down at her. "You just sleep. You have to recover from your experience."

Nodding, Jenna decided that any further discussion could wait for another time. As Akhnaden seated himself at her beside, she closed her eyes and found sleep.

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