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Setting: Somewhere after Freak nation

Spoilers: Freak nation and before I guess

Max was sitting in her office thinking about the last couple of weeks.

First there was the Jam Pony siege and the decision to stay and fight, instead of escape and evade. It was hard for her to realise that running wasn't the best thing to do this time. She no they had to fight.

Saying goodbye to her friends was a hard thing to do, but she knew it was for the best. Even Alec found it hard to say goodbye. He didn't show it, but Max knew. She saw it in the look in his eyes when OC and Sketchy left. For a few seconds she could see his feelings and then he locked them up again. Just like she did.

Standing on the roof of one of TC's many building, she knew it was time for Logan to go too. He wasn't safe here, and as hard as it was for her to send him away she knew she had to do it. So when everybody left and she and Logan where still standing there hand in hand. Watching the sun go down she said it.

It broke her heart but she had to stay strong, and eventually Logan gave up, for now. He would move from TC but still stay in Seattle.

He left with the usual "Be careful" and he said he wouldn't give up on finding a cure.

She didn't know that Alec was still there. She walked to the staircase and there he was. She didn't see his always-there smirk and when she looked into his eyes, she broke, and Alec held her. She cried into his arms and together they walked to TC's headquarters.

Everything had been different since then. She felt more at ease and finally had some feeling of home. She had a family again.