You think this is easy?

Disclaimer: I got confused on which Koopa kid came first so I just thought 'screw it' and improvised; I own NOTHING and the whole thing is told in Ludwig's POV:

Where am I?...

I scream out hysterically as someone grabs my by the back of my neck and pulls me into a bright room with a weird smell and cold air,

"It's a boy!"

Where am I?! What is this place?! Why is it so cold?! What's this light in the room?!

I don't like this, I have to do something! I...Who's that?!

I can feel some guy picking me up and bringing me closer to two other people in the room, they look different to them...who are they?! And why do I just want to be in that lady's arms? This doesn't make any sense!

I scream still, squirming as the man passes me over to the woman, I'm freezing cold! It's not like where I was before; how do I get back in there? It was warm and nice and dark in there, it was safe! I moan and whimper a little bit, but I feel surprisingly calm with this woman...the way she's holding and rocking me; it feels just as safe as where I was before, if not safer. She's cooing to me, petting and holding me gently. I decide I like this woman, I just want to be close to her now; so I snuggle in deeper into her embrace, hiding my face into her shoulder as she secures something around me, whatever that is, it's nice, soft and warm...

"Oh Bowser look at him..." she speaks! A gentle voice, I like that, the other people's voices hurt my ears...this one's nice, I like her...wait, who's 'Bowser'?

"A real little charmer..." a gruff voice speaks, I look up curiously; I saw him on my way over here, is that 'Bowser'? I wonder? He's grinning at me slightly...a little dangerously; but for some reason I'm not that afraid of him...not as much as some other people in the room seem to be anyway, why is that? I get passed over to him, NO!! I want the lady back!

While I'm still reaching for her, he cradles him in his arms anyway, nodding as he studies me over "Yep, a nice little addition to this family," he nods in...approval is that? I just stare up at him, who are they? "You wanna go back to ya mama now?" what was the point in asking that if you're just gonna hand me back anyway? Oh well..I'm back with the lady, mama, he called that what I should call her? Mama?
Mama cuddles me again, smiling at me with a giggle

"That's just your daddy, don't worry; he's not all THAT bad," she giggles mischeviously. Daddy? Bowser? Daddy? Which one do I use? Daddy? Daddy...

"ROY! LARRY! MORTON!! Front And Centre!!" I squeak out in surprise! That was LOUD! Wait, who was he calling?...and who're they? Those three running up sort of look like mama and daddy...

The biggest one stops first, sending the other two crashing into him then onto the ground, wow...he's big! I shiver a little bit as he clumsilly climbs onto the bed with the other two slightly smaller ones, what do I call these guys?...Do they know mama and daddy too? I look at the biggest out of the three before me, he's got something over his eyes...oh what are those? I can't think of the word! Whatever they are, he keeps adjusting them and looking right at me...why? Why does he keep looking at me like that? Why do all of them keep doing that? What's so interesting about me?

"Jeez dad, this kid's got kooky hair!"

What?...'Kooky hair'? What's that supposed to mean? What's wrong with my hair? What does 'Kooky' mean anyway? Is that even bad? Hmmm...I'll have to ask...when I can I mean, they look busy talking amongst themselves like that, ah! Hey!

"Wow, mama his hair's all fuzzy and wild and it kinda looks like that picture of that Beethoven guy you showed me yesterday but it's all wild and spiky and he's got some kinda over-bite here I wouldn't like to--" whew...thank goodness he stopped; the bigger guy slapped a hand over his big mouth and stopped him running his hands over my hair at the same time!

"Now Roy, play nice with Morton!" Mama tells them, now she's running her hands through my hair; what is with the fascination?! "I do agree though...he does look like Beethoven..." her voice, it's got a sort of...suggestive tone? Is that it, suggestive? She's looking up at daddy, but he's grunting and shaking his head, why?

"No, we're not naming him Beethoven!"

"But Bowser, you picked the names of our last THREE!" she complains slightly

"But Beethoven?! Really? For royalty?" he sighs, looking at me

"Beethoven wasn't his first name, you know..." Mama starts rocking me again, sitting me up as the other one of the three people crawls up to me, I think the other two are called Roy and who's he I wonder? His eyes are funny...but he seems nice, well...better than the other two, he's leaving my hair alone at least "heya, I'm Larry, and what do I call you?..."

"Ludwig." Mama suddenly states



"Ludwig...what about Ludwig?" she asks daddy, holding me up further to him, why are they talking about someone named 'Ludwig'? Is it me?...Is that my name?

Daddy looks like he's thinking about it...

"Mmmmm...has a ring to it...Ludwig..." Daddy suddenly gets a fangy sort of grin "Ludwig Von Koopa! Perfect!"

Roy towers over me again, poking my tummy lightly "I still say ya got kooky hair."

and why do I suddenly get the feeling, that Roy's not gonna take to me too easilly as Larry?