A/N: I got this silly little idea when I was thinking about what Veritas means: Truth. I figured Vincent would know his share of languages, so I wrote this.

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"Where is Zond going?" they ask. Vincent keeps his eyes ahead of him, ignoring the bright light shining in his eyes. He doesn't squint or close them, and he says nothing in response to the questions. One of the men pulls Vincent's chair back and leans his face close.

"What are they going after?" he asks. Vincent lets the smallest hint of a smile play across his face. "What?"

"Waarheid," Vincent says. The men exchange confused glances, and Vincent's smile grows.

"Verité," Vincent says. The two men further back in the room start whispering to each other and Vincent catches snippets of expletives as they discuss his words.

"Verità," Vincent says and the man in front of him grows enraged. He pushes Vincent's shoulders, causing the chair to scrape across the floor.

"What is Zond going after?" he demands.

"Fírinne," Vincent says, calmly. His eyes are focused intently on the wall across from him and his mind is clear.

"What are you saying?" the man before him asks. Another man approaches and places a hand on Vincent's shoulder.

"Just tell us what we want to know," he says. "What is Zond after?"

"Verdad," Vincent whispers. "Verdade"

"For the love of god!" one man cries, pulling a knife from his pocket. He places the cold blade against Vincent's neck, but Vincent does not flinch.

"Veritas," Vincent says, being sure to pronounce the 'v' as a 'w.' "Truth."

The knife wielder is gently pulled back by one of his associates.

"Where is Zond?" the associate asks.

"Waarheid," Vincent begins again.

A/N 2: Languages in order: Afrikaans, French, Italian, Gaelic, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, English