Summary: Two months after what happened in "Unfaithful", and the now ex-Mrs. Timmy Turner's world has turned upside down! She and Timmy divorced, she and lover were going to get married, but something got in the way of that, and now she sits at a local club trying to drown her sorrows. Just then, Timmy walks in with his new girlfriend and it sends her into a rage (but it's not who you think it is!)

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30 year old Tiffany "Tootie" McDonald sat on a stool at the bar of a local club. In the past eight months, she had lost everything. She had a wonderful marriage to her childhood crush Timmy Turner which produced two beautiful children: Thomas "Tommy" and Timantha "Tammy" Turner. However, once she began an illicit affair with multi-millionaire playboy Remy Buxaplenty, that all went down the toilet. The night she finally worked up enough sober courage to tell him, he dropped two bombshells…no, they were more like nuclear warheads on her:

1. He had known pretty much all along and was looking for the right opportunity to throw her out of his and their children's lives forever.

2. He himself had an affair after he found out about hers, but not only that…that he had had this affair with her older sister Vicky!

As she downed yet another Captain and Coke, she couldn't help but feel sorry for herself. Here she had had it all, and she threw it all away. Oh sure, at the time it seemed like a good idea, but not three weeks ago, Remy had been arrested for money laundering and fraud. His assets had been frozen, and now he sat in jail awaiting indictment on those and several other Federal offenses.

She had hit the bottle pretty hard after the divorce was finalized and even harder after Remy had been arrested. She had even tried to seduce Chester, but he swore loyalty to Tim, as did A.J., Trixie and Veronica over the phone. They had turned their backs on her once it became public about her affair. Even her parents would have nothing to do with her. Vicky, of course had to gloat and gloat big time about what had happened.


"YOU!" Tootie screamed upon laying eyes on her sister.

"Oh don't even try to make me out to be the bad guy here. You cheated first, and your husband needed to be consoled. I'm just surprised that he didn't run right to Trixie Tang or that Veronica girl!" Vicky said with a glint in her eyes.

Tootie had reared back to slap her sister, but Vicky stopped her cold with an evil glare and with six simple words.

"Do it and you'll regret it."

Tootie lowered her hand and turned around, when Vicky said something that cut her to the very center.

"You know, I never thought the twerp would be so good in bed. It was the best sex I've had in a long, long time! Thanks sis!" Vicky finished with a spine-chilling laugh.

End Flashback

Tootie had gritted her teeth as she walked faster towards her car. She didn't want her older sister to see the tears rolling down her cheeks. She had screwed up, and on a grand scale. Timmy had been the best thing that had ever happened to her, now he hated her, as did her friends and family.

The thing that hurt the most was that now she could only see her children ever other Saturday as part of the divorce decree. She was sure that they hated her too, because they always asked why she hurt daddy. What could she say? She had indeed hurt daddy and now they were a broken family.

She ordered another round and sat there sulking. The jukebox just kept pumping out sad songs, and it was killing her inside. That pain turned into rage about five minutes later, when she happened to glance at the door and saw Timmy walking in with a smile on his face and a new girlfriend under his arm! The tears that had threatened to fall had now turned molten with the burning fury of her anger.

How could he already be dating? The divorce has not been finalized for one month and he already has some new tramp! Her mind screamed.

Well good Lord would you please make up your mind? First you destroy him, then you want to go off on some jealous streak because he has moved on! You can't have it both ways idiot! Her conscience yelled back.

She watched with envy and hatred as they sat down at a quiet table on the other side of the room. She seethed upon looking at the woman. Tootie realized that she was squeezing her glass so hard that it could shatter at any moment! She loosened her grip and tried to ignore the jealousy, but she kept turning back and glaring holes into both of them.

It only intensified when he walked to the bar and ordered their drinks. He never even looked in her direction, but he sure could keep making "goo-goo eyes" at his new fling. They just sat there talking, and laughing. Tootie was sure that they were having a good laugh at her misfortunes. She had become the laughing stock of Dimmsdale by trading a great marriage and motherhood for a fling with a soon to be convicted felon just for money.

The night was drawing to a close, and Tootie had gone from her normal Captain and Coke to straight shots of whiskey. She only did that on her birthday and when she was truly upset. The burning of the whiskey as it slid down her throat didn't come close to matching the burning in her heart. Just the thought of Tim sitting there with some new skank made the bile rise up in her throat.

Last Call was announced, and Tootie downed her last shot. While she was thankful that she hadn't drivin to the club (as it was within walking distance of her new apartment), she still realized that there was no way to avoid a confrontation. She watched and waited for them to get up and leave so she could follow them to the parking lot. Once they were on their way to the door, Tootie got up and followed them, prepared to go to war with both her ex-husband and his new girl.

In the parking lot, Tim was opening the car door for her, and Tootie was not five feet from them.

"Timmy Turner!" she yelled.

She could see both of their heads jerk up in shock. To her surprise, Timmy didn't look angry or anything like that. He actually had a smile on his face.

"Oh, hello Tootie." he said upon seeing her.

"So we haven't been divorced for a month and your already in bed with someone new huh?!" she ranted as she moved closer to the car.

Timmy's smile soured at that, for he figured that she would be doing the same thing. He shook his head and tried to usher his date into the car before this got out of hand.

"Tootie, what do you care? We are divorced and both free to pursue other relationships. Although you didn't let a little thing like our marriage or our kids stop you did you?" He said.

Tootie seethed at that last comment, that was uncalled for. Something else was nagging her, she couldn't place it, but the woman looked familiar. It didn't matter, because Tootie was in a drunken, jealous rage at this point.

"You little hussy! Who do you think you are going on a date with him?" Tootie yelled at the befuddled woman.

"Um, you two are divorced and that means he is free to be with me if he wants to! Just because you blew you chance doesn't mean he can't be happy!" the woman screeched.

Tim could see that the claws were about to come out, so he grabbed his date around the waist and put her back in the car. He then walked back over to Tootie with an angry look on his face.

"Just leave me alone Tiffany, you've already ruined my once happy life. If you pull another stunt like this again, so help me God I will get another restraining order on you and you won't see Tammy and Tommy ever again!" he snarled at her.

Tootie, stunned into submission just nodded her head and began the short walk to her apartment. Timmy heaved an angry sigh as he got back in the car with his date.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, this is going to be messy for a little while until she can curb her drinking." he said to the woman as he drove her home.

They arrived and Tim walked her to her front door. They stood there talking for a bit before she went inside.

"I had a great time tonight Tim, even if Tootie had to stick her nose in our business." the woman said.

"It's ok, it'll take her time to get over it. You don't just stop loving someone you had a crush on since you were a child." Tim said with a small smile.

They gave each other a good night kiss and the woman turned to look Tim in the eyes.

"I'll call you tomorrow Tim, it was good being with you again."

"I had a lot of fun too Veronica, it was great to have a good time again."

Veronica kissed him on the cheek and went inside. If she had looked out her window, she would've seen Tim walking back to his car on a cloud. He had not been this happy in a long, long time.

The End

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