Haruhi made her father's favorite dinner on the night she decided to tell him. He was, as usual, ecstatic, which made it a little easier to break the news.

"Dad?" she ventured, in between bites. "I have something important to tell you."

Ranka froze, fork poised inches from his mouth, and then judiciously placed the fork back on his plate. He cleared his throat as if he had been practicing this for quite some time. "I've been expecting this, Haruhi, and before you say anything I want to let you know that I will, obviously, love and cherish you no matter what, and that I of course approve of whatever path you wish to take in your life, and that clearly it won't bother me at all–"


Ranka stopped. "Sorry. Yes. Go on."

"It's not that." Haruhi put down her own fork and folded her hands in her lap, considering how to break the news without sending her father into fits. "I'm…dating Hikaru…"

Ranka blinked a few times, trying this on for size. Not what he had expected, certainly, but… "Oh, that nice boy? Well, that's wonderful!"

"…and Kaoru."

This was cause for a mental readjustment on Ranka's part. He thought it over, carefully and slowly, and continued to eat his dinner, noting that Haruhi did as well. Eventually, he put the fork down again and said, diplomatically, "They care about you a lot, yes?"

"Yes." She said it without hesitation.

"And they're good to you, both of them?"

"Yes." Again, not a moment's pause.

Ranka raised a suspicious eyebrow and pointed at his daughter. "And they keep their hands off you?"

"Dad!" Haruhi was flustered; blushing. Ranka smiled.

"Then that's good." He picked up his fork and finished his dinner. "You'll have to invite them over sometime. I'm sure they'd love your cooking."

Haruhi finished her dinner as well, smiling slightly to herself. "They do."


"Mom, we're dating Haruhi!"

"I have eyes, boys."