This will be a couple of short oneshots of how Inutaisho met some of his friends, manly Myouga, Totosai, Housenki, Kujaku and Saiten (from the 4th movie). If I'm forgetting someone, tell me. It won't be in order that he meets them, just in order of my writer's block going poof.

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Inutaisho was panting and bleeding heavily from several wounds. An army of undead soldiers lay before him, ready to kill him.

He took a deep breath and started slashing blindly the undead before him with his claws.

Why in all the Heavens and Hells the man (demon), his enemy Kanningu, had sent the horde currently after him instead of talking sensibly like any normal person would…

But what was there to talk about? The other youkai had been attacking and annihilating human villages inside Inutaisho's territory for some time now. Kanningu had said he was just a coward who didn't want to fight and used the excuse of the ningen villages to avoid a battle. That wasn't exactly the furthest thing from the truth, but still not it.

Even if he did want to avoid a battle, it wasn't out of cowardice, merely the fact that they could stop this without bloodshed.

"Damn it…" Touga gasped. He had fought for days, and still no end in sight! 'I wish I had power with fire… It can kill such beings, even when my claws can't…"

He was about to give up, when a line of fire streaked out from the sky, burning the advancing zombie-ish beings.

An old-looking demon had set himself next to the demon lord and continued to spit fire on the army in front of them as Inutaisho looked on, shocked.

Once he had completely destroyed his enemies, the stranger youkai look towards the Inu no Taisho. He was about to say something when Touga cut him off.

"Why did you save me?" the dog leader asked.

"Over a hundred years ago, you did the same to me."

"Wha-?" Then he remembered. A long time ago, he had rescued a young fire demon from a group of water demons (1) that had wished to kill him.

"You are that fire demon?" Inutaisho asked, astounded. That little brat was this demon? The fire demon looked older than he did!

"Yes, master Touga, I am Toutousai," Toutousai said, a note of amusement in his voice. "Some of us grow old."

"What exactly do you want of me?" Touga asked, only ever so slightly freaked.

"Nothing. I'm wondering what you want of me." Seeing Touga looking even more confused, he added, "I am now a sword smith. And a very good one, if I do say so myself."

"I don't need one right now, but if I ever do, I'll come to you for a sword," Inutaisho promised, getting over his confusion.

"All right, fair enough." He leapt onto a cow on a cloud and yelled "Giddy up Momo!"

Inutaisho's lips broke into a small smile. He knew he had made a good friend today. He returned home, feeling good about himself.

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