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The Fright Zone is a massive kingdom of technology and ominous power. Few dare enter the structure due to the intense sensation of fear that it gives off to people. Deep within the confines of this hellish domain lies a prison filled to the brim with what appears to be normal people. Although, if you live on the planet Etheria you would know that these people are anything but normal, they are apart of The Great Rebellion. These revolutionaries fight for the freedom of Etheria, which is ruled by the evil Horde. Hordak being the figure head of the horde stands laughing in triumph over the capture of the rebellion.

"And now that I have the so called 'Great Rebellion' in my prison, nothing can prevent me from ruling all of Etheria!," bellowed the blue-skinned dictator.

"Rrrrow!," screeched Catra. "And no sign of She-ra either."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that Catra."

Hordak then quickly turned his head to the source of the noise only to come face to face with the Princess of Power herself.

"She-ra!," the horde members shrieked.

"Nice to see you to," she grinned. "Now, if you don't mind I would like to take my friends back to Whispering Woods."

Still in shock over She-ra's entrance Hordak remained still for a moment.

"This will not end up like last time She-ra!," he snorted. "Your rebellion is in MY prison and I control their fate now!"

To prove this claim Hordak pressed a button out of the many buttons on the wall he was near. Once pushed the cages all glowed red and steam rose into the air showing that whatever was inside would have been badly burned.

Normally such a torture device would also include a reaction of fear and worry of the people inside the cages. That is, if there were any people inside.

"What!(?)," Hordak roared. "Where did they go!"

Catra meowed, "Hordak! Look over there!"

In the direction that Catra was pointing to showed the main members of the rebellion free and out of harms way from the cages that Hordak imprisoned them in. Hordak stared at the rebels in disbelief and glanced back at his cells, which no one could deny that there were no rebels inside. Bow, one of the main rebel fighters, smirked and pointed to his furry sidekick, Kowl.

Hordak's anger increased ten fold when he saw what the owl-like creature was holding in his talons.

He knew he forgot to imprison someone.

"Well Hordak seems like you're losing your grip on things," Bow grinned confidently.

While Hordak gaped at Kowl for swiftly stealing the keys to the prison cells, She-ra fought her way through the horde troopers in the room and reached her friends. Shaking his head and getting back into the reality of the situation Hordak clenched his fists.

" No one speaks to me that way rebel! Troopers get them!"

The Horde troopers who were not terminated by the princess, all of which were robots, marched towards the group of rebels with She-ra in front.

"Don't just gawk at them Catra, attack!"

Not wanting to anger her master even more, Catra put her mask on and changed into her fully feline stature. With bloodlust in her squinted eyes Catra ran and leaped over the troopers who were still in battle with the rebels. She landed directly in front of She-ra.

"Well I'm not much of a cat person but I'll make do," She-ra taunted with a smile.

With a ear-shattering roar Catra charged at the golden-haired rebel only to have her avoid the attack and grab her tail.

"Here, I think Hordak misses you Catra!"

Using her divine inhuman strength she swung Catra by her tail and into the wall of the other side of the room where Hordak stood. The wall almost broke through due to the tremendous force Catra was thrown but once she was tossed aside she immediately transformed back into her human form, nearly unconscious. Hordak watched the battle with the rebels and held his right arm ready to transform it into a weapon if need be.

This routine was getting very tedious and tiresome over the years which had taken a toll on Hordak himself. Horde Prime was going to yell at him again. There was a time where his 'master' would do nothing but congratulate him, and continue to send him more soldiers whenever he did a vile deed on a town. But those days now rest in the past, possibly forever.

If it weren't for She-ra.

Hordak shook his head in anger. He used that excuse too many times to Horde Prime and even Hordak was starting to get tired of it. Even though it is true.

"Give it up Hordak, you have nowhere to go!," claimed Glimmer.

Hordak shook his head to see that the rebellion had destroyed every single one of his troopers. By his side Catra was just starting to recover from her harsh impact. Overall there had to be twenty of them against both Hordak and a beaten Catra.

Maybe keeping all the rebels in cages on the same floor wasn't one of his better ideas.

"And what? Give myself up? To you! I don't think so!"

Hordak then looked to the side wall for any hidden buttons that could get him out of this situation. While searching the rebels advanced closer to him, She-ra spoke first.

"She's right Hordak, you have nowhere to go, stop this madness."

Hordak smirked when he found the right button.

"This isn't over rebel, I will have total control of this entire planet!," He snorted while grabbing Catra by the arm. Hordak then pushed one of the buttons he had found and a wall of fire separated him from the rebellion.

"Stay back!," She-ra warned.

The members of the rebellion backed away from the inferno. Bow squinted his eyes only to make out two objects through the flames running out the doors. Cursing under his breathe over another semi victory against the Horde, Bow walked up to She-ra.

She-ra saw Bow's expression, "Is there something wrong Bow?"

"Actually there is, there was plenty of time to get Hordak before he pulled another escape trick on us! Don't you see that if we capture the ruler of Etheria we can get our world back in a matter of hours!"

She-ra looked at Bow for a moment, shocked by his honest outburst. They did have enough time to grab Hordak, in fact there have been many opportunities to kidnap him.

"Bow, do you see that fire? I couldn't risk you and the other rebel's lives, Hordak always has a trick up his sleeve and one can never be too careful in approaching him."

Before Bow could respond Glimmer stood by She-ra.

"She's right Bow, we might have all been killed if She-ra didn't intervene," she smiled confidently. "We'll get him next time."

Bow knew when he was defeated but that didn't mean he liked to lose. He also knew that there was no arguing with the mysterious Princess of Power. Along with the other rebels, Bow walked out of the wicked environment of the Fright Zone with a shred of doubt in his heart over She-ra's decision.

"You had the rebellion in your dungeons AND YET YOU LET THEM ESCAPE!(?)"

The roar of Horde Prime's voice echoed loudly throughout the Fright Zone. Hordak shuddered over his outburst, not that he could blame him. The rebellion had become a very big problem over the years and it probably would have been smart to take care of them before She-ra had appeared. Unfortunately even in a world of magic is was nearly impossible to change the past.

In a slightly nervous tone Hordak spoke.

"Yes well, I promise you that next time-"

Horde Prime's colossal fist came crashing down onto the platform causing it to tremble with such force that Hordak lost his balance and fell onto the floor.

"No more excuses!," he snarled. "The rebellion has become too much of a problem! You are an EMBARASSMENT TO THE HORDE! Your failure to subdue the rebels has cost us dearly! Even my own son has turned against me because of these menaces!"

Hordak stood up and remained silent through Horde Prime's lecture. This wasn't new to him in anyway. Hordak stood up and stared into the opaque mist that surrounded his master, unable to see his body or face. If he had any.

"Your failure will not go unnoticed Hordak!," he bellowed. "If these rebels are becoming too much of a problem for you to handle then I will send a replacement to rule Etheria and demote you to Horde cook!"

"Y-yes mighty one! I will find a for sure way to get rid of the rebellion, in fact our scientists have been working on something recently to do just that-"


Horde Prime once again smashed his fist onto the platform but this time shattering a good portion of it. Hordak quickly turned his hands into suction cups and clamped onto the wall for support against the tremor Horde Prime caused.

"Of course Horde Prime," he changed his hands back to normal. " I will give you results as soon as I can!"

"For your sake, I hope so. You are dismissed Hordak."

"Yes Horde Prime," he bowed while quickly walking out of the domain.

While Hordak walked through the halls several repair bots passed him and entered Horde Prime's room, most likely to fix the platform he broke. Machines in the Fright Zone are all connected and know when and where a piece of technology is damaged. Hordak somewhat grinned and walked inside the elevator to the roof as the robots passed him knowing that the job will get done to the best of their abilities.

Machines do what they are told.

Machines don't question orders.

Machines aren't like people in any way.

At one time the world of magic was the niche in Hordak's life until he learned of the possibilities and explanations technology offered. Science explains why it rains, where people come from, how plants grow, and so much more. Magic goes beyond the boundaries of science and once Hordak learned of that, magic had become a nuisance to him. Since the supernatural cannot be explained it holds a certain amount of insecurity for the user. If you don't know how something works, how can you possibly understand it and use it to its full potential?

Magic is too unpredictable and isn't very reliable. Technology on the other hand, is basically a physical entity which has many interchangeable parts that help make it a whole.

Science, technology, these things Hordak can count on.

Magic is what protects the rebels, not the Horde.

Exiting the elevator and stepping onto the terrace of the structure Hordak looked into the distance, glaring at the little amount of the Whispering Woods that he can see. These meetings with Horde Prime didn't anger him as much as they used to. It wasn't the first time he threatened to replace Hordak and at this rate it won't be the last. Hordak was Horde Prime's brother, and nothing could change that. Whether Horde Prime let Hordak rule Etheria because of this or because he could easily control and intimidate Hordak was a mystery to him.

Although Horde Prime's threats do not annoy Hordak, the incompetence of his minions only plays a small role in this irritaton.

She-ra was the cause of all this. As if the arrival of He-man wasn't bad enough that he had to bring this warrior woman along with him. The origins of She-ra were unbeknownst to anyone including the rebellion. Where exactly did she come from? Did He-man bring her from Eternia?

Hordak shook his head and rested his hands on the control panel of the terrace. Who was She-ra? She arrived after He-man had and before Adora left him. It was very ironic that Adora had gone missing when She-ra first arrived. Hordak remembered when the troopers told him that she left the Fright Zone. All he could really remember about that moment was the state of shock in hearing that his adopted daughter missing without any explanation.

Surely if Shadow Weaver's magic had worn off she would have sensed it.

Adora seemed perfectly loyal and didn't act any different that usual when he last had seen her in his control. Was the spell that weak? And right after the arrival of She-ra he hears that Adora went missing. Was She-ra somehow the cause for her treason? It was very possible.

If that was the case this just gave Hordak another reason to terminate the woman.

"Hordak!," Shadow Weaver's voice screeched through the com.

Hordak surprised to hear his name pressed the button on the control panel to respond, "Yes Shadow Weaver? What is it? (!)"

"Entrapa wishes to see you about her newest invention. It shows much promise to the demise of the rebellion!"

Hordak smirked at the news; this is just what he needed to hear.

"Good, tell her that I will be at the lab immediately."

"Yes Great one," Shadow Weaver responded.

Whether She-ra's appearance and Adora's departure had any connection temporarily left the mind of the dictator as he strode to the elevator in hopes that this would be the last time he would have to deal with the Princess of Power.

Whispering Woods is an enchanted forest that protects the inhabitants. The Great Rebellion uses the magic of the woods to protect them from the Horde. No matter how much force or how many soldiers Hordak uses they are powerless when trying to penetrate its magic. Whispering Woods has become a troublesome obstacle for the Horde and most of their plans revolve around its eradication.

As you can see there has been little luck in that department.

For now the rebels rest peacefully but only for a moment. They know full well that the Horde still has most of Etheria under its control and even now are treating the people unfairly. But as the saying goes, 'you can't save them all.' Despite this notion, the rebels have had an eventful day since just a few hours ago Hordak had most of the rebellion imprisoned. For now simple jobs such as 'look out' or 'supply groups' are used for the rest of this day, which to most of the rebellion is a blessing.

But there are a select few who live for the sheer adventure and love of fighting the evil Horde, Bow being one of those people.

At this time the archer is found around one of the many tents in the rebellion's base camp. Out of frustration Bow examines his arrows for possible quirks and improvements. It all just seemed to end up in the same way. Hordak loses some tanks and soldiers then makes an escape, while the rebellion manages to save whatever town that had been treated unfairly by the Horde. Granted that beating Hordak and saving the people was their prime concern one cannot help but wonder if this will go on forever.

Bow then grabs a piece of flint and begins to sharpen his normal arrows in frustration. Saving people had always been fun for the archer since it gained him some fame and attention but, since the Horde is present these things had to wait. The love of fighting is one of the main reasons he joined the rebellion.

Beat up a few Hordesmen, gain fame, and possibly impress She-ra along the way. This is the life, or at least Bow's life.

Although as the years have gone by it feels that no matter how many people they get to join the Great Rebellion it just doesn't seem to be getting them very far. Of course they have gained a good portion of Etheria back from the Horde (especially with all the kingdoms that have decided to join up), but this revolution of theirs is taking too long for Bow's liking.

If they could just kidnap Hordak.

Hordak is basically the leader of Etheria, and he has gone out of his way many times to fight the rebellion. In fact the rebels have beat him in battle and outnumbered him many times, too many for Bow to remember.

But if that is the case, why haven't they won yet?

Why don't they have Etheria back in their possession? They've beaten Hordak many times, it only seems right that Etheria should be back in the ownership of the people! By taking Hordak from his throne they could easily take control of the Horde and later destroy it, thus freeing everyone from his hellish rule.

Then they could go after Horde Prime.

Bow quickly stops sharpening his arrow and notices that the arrow head is almost gone, what a waste. He stands and tosses the useless weapon aside.

"We are so close, we are always so close."

How many years is this cat and mouse game going to take?

"Were you at the battle?," one of the twiggets asked. (A/N I don't know their names, please tell me.)

"No, but I heard that Hordak almost won this time! Are you guys alright?," answered another.

"Do I look dead to you?(!)"

Bow blinked in interest as he listened to the little green creatures' gossip outside of his tent. Yes it was rude to eavesdrop on another's conversation but at this point the rebel archer could care less about chivalry.

"Well anyway if it wasn't for She-ra I might be dead!"

"She-ra is so wonderful," the female twigget swooned. "She's always there in the nick of time! I wish I could be as strong as her!"

"I guess so, but anyway," he turned to face his friend, "how did she save you guys?"

Bow sat back down on the ground. He already lived through the rescue; there was no point in hearing about it again. If anything he wanted to forget that it ever happened, especially how he spoke to She-ra earlier. Bow didn't mean to yell at her but, with all the years of fighting Hordak it just seemed ridiculous that they haven't at least captured him.

She-ra was the symbol of all that is good and just in the world. She and He-man were the strongest people Bow had ever seen yet neither one of them have truly rid their worlds of evil. Skeletor and Hordak are still alive and free to cook up another plan to finally destroy their obstacles.

Why are they both still free?

He-man and She-ra clearly have the power to put them both behind bars and yet it's almost as if they purposely let them go just so that they can meet up again. Do they like this dangerous routine? Don't they know that because of their 'kindness' towards their enemies permit Hordak and Skeletor to hurt more innocent people at a later time?

Do they really care about their cause or are they just luring the people they protect in a false sense of security?

Why does She-ra always let him go? Does she want Hordak to be free and attack the rebels once again?

They had plenty of time to kidnap Hordak. This whole thing could have been over by now. He was distracted. It was a perfect time to get him but, She-ra had let him go.

Bow leaned his head back and stared at the broken arrow he tossed aside earlier. It wasn't right to think those things; She-ra has helped the rebellion tremendously. In fact without her the Great Rebellion would probably have been defeated already.

But one cannot help but wonder whose side she is really on.

Bow felt this same feeling when Adora first joined the rebellion. She was the Horde's Force Captain and had stopped their plans on many occasions. But apparently this whole time we had fought her she was under a spell and thought that the Horde did good deeds for Etheria. Once figuring this out Adora fought with the rebels and became their leader.

How ironic is that? A former Horde captain who happened to be the adopted daughter of Hordak now leads the Great Rebellion. Yeah that made perfect sense.

Although Bow couldn't complain, Adora had proven her loyalty time and again. She has lead the rebels to victory with her extensive knowledge of the Horde (especially info about Horde Prime). Although Adora is usually absent during a battle. Granted that she has fought against the Horde many times but there have been several battles that Bow had not seen Adora take part in.

Does she still find it hard to fight the Horde?

Ugh, this whole thing is too complicated to think about. Adora is the leader of the rebellion and She-ra is the savior, enough said.

"Wow that sounds amazing!," the female twigget shouted. "And what else happened? (!)"

Bow sighed. So they were still talking about the battle? Outside his tent no less.

"Well Hordak got away again but then-," he stopped.

"What? What happened?"

"Well it was kind of weird," he rubbed the back of his head. "Bow did something I never thought he would do."

"What did he do," she inquired.

Oh boy here it comes. Where's Kowl when you need him?

"Well he said something to She-ra that I've kinda been wondering about for a while now," he took a deep breathe. "He said that we should have kidnapped Hordak when we had the chance."

"Kidnap Hordak? Can we do that?"

He turned to her," Sure we can! Think about it if we get Hordak then the Horde is powerless, uh, well except for Horde Prime that is."

"That does seem like it would work but Hordak is pretty tricky. I think it would be too much of a risk."

"Yeah I guess so," he shrugged. "So while I was gone did you-"

Bow stared at the entrance of his tent barely able to see the two tiny creatures. At least he wasn't the only one who thought about capturing the tyrant. Next time he sees She-ra he would have to confront her about a possible kidnapping of Hordak.

Well that is chapter one and I promise to continue this. You people don't have to read or review I'm making this story for myself mainly. If you watch the She-ra episodes there have been so many opportunities to capture Hordak and it almost seems ridiculous that they haven't done so already. But anyway you can bet that this is nowhere near the end.

Besides Hordak deserves some love, there seriously needs to be more fanfiction about him /hug Hordak/. Hope you like the story! (and if you didn't read my message at the beginning then you seriously should, it explains my situation with this fanfic).

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