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A/N: Hey everyone! Okay I know that nobody likes these damn things so I'm going to make it short. I have not put this on my profile yet, but the story just popped in my head and now I just HAVE to write it!!! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is the only disclaimer I am going to post. I do not own any of Stephenie Meyer's wonderful work.

Chapter One: Leaving

I am Isabella Marie Swan. Yes, the same Isabella that is still deeply in love with Edward Cullen. When I was 18, my mother, Renee forced me to leave Forks without saying goodbye to anyone especially Edward. I graduated high school in Jacksonville and am now being forced to go to college. I have went back to Forks trying to look for Edward, but when I got to his house it was as empty as it was when he left me before. Now I'm the one who left him and that's probably what he thought too.

After I left Forks because my fucking mother practically kidnapped me, I went into the same zombie-like coma and I haven't been out of it ever since.

It has been a week since the day I graduated and the only thing that I have been good at was singing. I have been trying to avoid things to remind him of me, but they always seem to come back so I sing to get my feelings out. I am going to a college in Sodus, New York called Sodus University.

I have already got the apartment and all my stuff is already moved up there. I am now driving my new deep ocean blue Mustang to my apartment.

I have said good-bye to Charlie and Renee. My relationship with my mother hasn't been good ever since that day. I hate thinking about that day. It just makes the hole in my heart rip a little more each time. I turn on the new stereo in my car and I hear Debussy fill my car and it instantly reminds me more o Edward. I turnoff the stereo and try to hold back tears the rest of the way.

Hey, sorry that it's so short but I just wanted to explain the situation first before I get to all of the romance and happiness! WARNING!: there will be major fluff in later chapters! ExB always!