Sailor Pilots

Sailor Pilots Ch 1:

Kitty Treats

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Note: I never expected to make another SM/GW crossover but I kinda grew weary of writing SM/RW all the time!  But I still think the sailor scouts go better the ronins than they do with the gundam pilots.  And BTW, there might be a little bit of OOC-ness

**Sailor's World, 20th Century**

The three guardian cats, Luna, Artemis and Diana were all resting in their bed when something strange happened.

Moments later

"Has anyone seen Diana?" Rini asked the girls.

"Sorry," Ami whispered, her eyes rising over her book.

"I haven't seen Artemis for a while either," Mina said, a little worried.

"Luna!" Serena called, "Luuuuunnnnnnaaa! Where are you?  Luna!"

"You can't find Luna either, Serena?" Mina asked.

Serena sighed and shook her head, "I'm beginning to get a little worried."

"They wouldn't go anywhere without telling us," Lita said, "what if something happened to them?"

"Let's start looking for them," Raye said.

"Good idea," Ami agreed.


Pilot's World, A.C 195, (before Endless Waltz)

"Where would you like to go to lunch now?" Lucrezia asked Sally and Lady Une as they headed for their lunch break.  They were all dressed in business attire, pantsuits and the like.

"Anywhere's fine," Sally said.

Lady Une laughed lightly, "let's just not go back to that Mexican place yesterday."

"You wouldn't have had such bad heartburn if you took an antacid before we left!"

"How was I supposed to know we were having Mexican?" she demanded with a scowl.

Sally stifled a laugh.

"Hey, do you hear something?" Lucrezia questioned, turning her head around.

"Sounds like a cat," Lady Une said.

"Three of them," Sally added.

The three ladies followed the mysterious sound of cat cries. They found them meowing in a small fancy looking catnap bed.

"Oh, how cute," Sally gushed, picking up Diana.  "Oh, poor thing."

"I guess someone didn't want their cats so they left them here," Lady said flatly.

"But who would just abandon their own pets?" Sally asked with a frown.  "That's animal abuse!"

"I didn't mean it that way," Lady said with a swallow, "Maybe their owners couldn't afford to take care of them anymore or something."

Lucrezia picked up Luna, "I wonder what this moon symbol is supposed to mean."

"They tattooed their cats' foreheads?" Sally gasped, "Why would anyone do such a thing?"

"Now that's animal abuse," Lady muttered and picked up Artemis.  She smiled when he playfully pawed her nose.

"She's so cute!" Sally said in animal talk as Diana started licking her face.  Sally giggled like a schoolgirl.

"Careful, Sally," Lucrezia warned, "what if someone hears you?"

"Oh, I don't care!" she cried.  "I'm taking her home with me!

"What about lunch?" Lady asked and looked at Lucreza, who shrugged.

"I don't know," Lucrezia said, "we can't just leave them here."  She stroked Luna behind the ears and she purred.

"There's a shelter just--"

"Come on, Lady Une," Lucrezia said, "you've already touched him.  Admit it, you're hooked! Just like you were hooked on Treize when---!"

"All right, all right!" she shouted, "we can take them home!"

"See you after lunch!" Sally said and took off to her apartment.

"I guess it's a good thing we're not roommates," Lady Une sighed.

Lucrezia laughed as Luna crawled up on her shoulder, "I think I'll just have lunch at home.  See you later."

Lady Une smiled and tickled Artemis' chin, "Come along, Master Kitty, I'll take you home."

The three women took a cat to their homes for a bite to eat and some rest.  Luna contacted Artemis through Noin's mirror.

"Artemis, are you there?" she asked as her voice came through, "wha-Artemis, what exactly are you wearing?"

"You like it?" he had a mini blazer and cape on.  Artemis looked like a cat re-incarnated Treize Khushrenada.  "Don't I look smashing?"

"Well, you look like you're doing well," she commented drearily.

"Is Diana all right?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered, "I just signaled her.  I think we came here for a reason.  I want you to search this lady's house."

"Lady Une," he corrected.


"But you got the lady part right."

"Just search the house for some clues, Artemis!" she hissed.

"I will," he sighed.

"Oh, Master Kitty!!" rang Lady Une's voice.

"She called me master!" Artemis gasped.  "I'd better get going now, Luna."

Luna sighed, "be careful Artemis."

"Thank you for thinking of me, Luna," Artemis said.

"Don't get yourself in trouble," her image disappeared.

"There you are, Master Kitty!" Lady Une said and petted the cat, "admiring yourself in the mirror?"

Artemis purred as she remained petting him.  She sat down in a chair and he hopped into her lap.  He noticed the picture of Treize on the desk and lept on top of the dresser and looked at it.

"That's Treize," Lady said sadly.  "He died not too long ago.  It's sad, but that's what happens in war."

Artemis looked back and gave a sympathetic meow.

Lady smiled, "My lunch hour is almost up," she said.  "I had better get going.  Now behave yourself, Master Kitty."  She petted Artemis and began to leave. Artemis followed her to the door as she left and hopped to the window to watch her pull out and go back to work.

"Well, I guess I should get to work myself," Artemis said and began to search for any reason why he and his family appeared in this new world. 

It seemed pretty much like the world that sailors lived in but it also seemed a little different.  He looked through Lady's albums and saw herself as a young child up to her age when she started going to the academy. There was a picture of her shaking hands with Treize and there was something interesting in both of their eyes.  It had to be love. 

There were two different ways Lady appeared in all her pictures.  For most of them, when she was in the academy, her hair was up in a bun and she wore glasses.  There were few where she wore her hair down.  Artemis thought she looked calmer with her hair down and her glasses removed.  He could tell just by the pictures that Lady was two different people and had separate personalities.

Though the pictures of his 'new cat owner' were interesting, they didn't really help him with the reason why he came there.  He looked at her magazines and saw pictures of five young men with giant robots behind them.  And those young men were the gundam pilots.  He read the article about the five young men and it was more than Artemis needed.

"BINGO," the white cat murmured.

"While you're still here I'd might as well give you a name," Lucrezia said to Luna.

'I have a name,' the cat wanted to tell her, 'It's Luna.' But if she did really speak to her, Lucrezia would probably put her right back where she found her.

"Let's see," Lucrezia muttered, holding her chin, "you're a black cat so…how about Superstitious?"

'Superstitious?' thought Luna, 'Why not something like Ebony or Midnight, anything but Superstitious!'

"People are always superstitious of black cats," Lucrezia said, as if she could read the black cat's thoughts, "it's a nice fit.  But don't worry, I don't think you'll bring me bad luck!" she petted Luna.

'Well, I'm not supposed to,' Luna thought.

 "Anyway, Superstitious," Lucrezia said, "It's time for me to get going.  Now don't you sharpen your claws on my furniture!" she walked out of the apartment.

"Hmph," Luna muttered, "Superstitious, well, at least Serena doesn't call me that." She went through Lucrezia's closet and saw the Oz uniforms that Lucrezia wore with some other business style clothing.  "I'm getting close.  She must've been working for someone important."  She looked at the walls and saw something that looked like a Diploma or a Certificate of Achievement.  She read the document, "Ahem, 'this award goes to Lieutenant Noin for outstanding service in the Oz Corporation.'"

Luna gasped, "Lieutenant?!!! She's a soldier?!"

She hopped onto her dresser and she could not believe the 8x10 photo in a golden Frame.  It was a picture of a very gorgeous man with a sharp nose, blue eyes and long platinum blond hair.  It was Milardo Peacecraft.

"I wonder who that could be," Luna said and opened the dresser drawers.  She saw pens and other materials but no other documents that could help.  She went to Lucrezia's room and saw another picture of Milardo on the headboard of Lucrezia's bed. "It has to be someone very important."

Then Luna saw a picture of five teenaged boys in a 5x7 picture.  On the left was a young man in white with black hair pulled into a tight ponytail and black eyes.  He was looking away when the picture was taken.  "He must be camera shy," Luna noted and looked to the next person.

 The next one almost made her laugh.  He was dressed in black with a white collar and his hair was tied into a long brown braid.   He was giving bunny ears to the one in the middle, who looked rather serious. 

This guy didn't smile but he did look at the camera with very cold, Prussian blue eyes.  He had dark brown hair and wore a green tank top with black spandex shorts and his arms were crossed. The next boy made up didn't look as serious. This one looked boyishly cute with short blond hair, shiny blue-green eyes dressed in khakis, a pink shirt and a purple vest.  He smiled and was looking straight into the lens like any poser should with arms down to his sides.

 The one next to him had a hand on his hip and didn't look at the camera like the first young man.  But he had the most beautiful deep green eyes that could belong to anyone.  He had brown hair with long bangs.  No smile was worn on his face, like the one in the middle.  But the other guy looked serious, this one, for some reason, looked very sad.  Like he had a secret.  He wore a blue turtleneck and blue jeans.

"Who are these young men?" she wondered aloud, "are they the reason we were brought here?"

After staring at the photo of the five young men, she hopped off the dresser and saw a small blue book on Lucrazia's bed.  It was her journal.  She flipped to the last page, certain that the most important stuff was at the end.  Luna didn't want to know everything about Lt. Noin.

It was written about four months ago.  Noin had to be looking at it earlier if she didn't write in it.

I paid respects to Treize's grave today.  It's hard to believe that he's really gone.  Lady Une must be heartbroken.  I saw Dorothy Catolnia there too.  She must feel bad too.  The man was her cousin but she said it was the last time she would come.  She asked me why I never visited Milardo's grave.  I told her that I didn't' need to.  Milardo's not really gone.  He's still out there somewhere and I'll be waiting for him to return.  If not for me, then for his sister.

Three pictures fell out of the journal and Luna looked at them. One was another picture of Milardo, a young girl with long light brown hair and another man with mask.  Luna did a double take.

"It's the same man!" she exclaimed.

"Well, Ashes," Sally said, "I must get back to work now. You're welcome to stay here and rest."

The gray kitten licked Sally's hand before she left.  "Bye nice lady," Diana mewed when Sally was out of the apartment.  After thinking of how nice Sally was, Diana searched the apartment for clues.  Sally had an album and there were some pictures of her dressed in a green uniform holding a gun with some men.  There were few quick shots of her driving heavy vehicles and putting her guns together and some of her that looked like she was helping injured people.

"I think she's a doctor," Diana said. "Ami would like to talk to her!"

There were pictures of her dressed as a presenter with Lady Une and Lucrezia Noin.

After the three cats found their clues, they contacted each other with the mirrors.

"Nice outfit, Daddy Cat," Diana meowed.

"Why thank you," Artemis said.

"Maybe we should all meet somewhere," Diana said innocently.  "Where's the park?"

"We don't know," Luna said, "we're not from around here."

"Oh, good point," the small kitten meowed.

"Lady Une has a split personality," Artemis said, "there's two different kinds of pictures of her in the albums she has.  I also found a magazine with an article.  Look at these boys! They've got to be the same age as the girls!"

"I saw a picture of the same boys," Luna said. 

"They're soldiers," Artemis said, "they pilot the mobile suits behind them.  People call them 'the gundam pilots.'

"The one in the green tank top sure looks like one," Diana shivered.  "He looks like he's ready to kill someone!"

"I think they're the reason why we came here," Luna said.

"What's a gundam?" Diana asked.

"Those robots behind them," Artemis said, "they're made out of gundanium."

"What's that?" Diana inquired.

"I have no idea!" Artemis exclaimed wearily, "Maybe some kind of element that hasn't been discovered yet."

"Sorry," Diana whispered.

"What did you find, Luna?" Artemis asked.

"A picture of the five boys," Luna replied, "three pictures of a man that she's probably involved with, her diary and a picture of a young girl."

"That's it?" Artemis asked.  "You found no magazine?"

"I did the best I could!" Luna shouted.

"You black cats are bad luck," Artemis said.

"Oh, you're superstitious," Luna groaned. 

"Well, what did you find, Diana?" Artemis asked.

"Pictures of the very nice lady," Diana said.  "I think she's a doctor."

"This is good but we need more," Luna said, "like where to find these boys and how they are like the girls.  Do they have powers?  We need to know these things!"

"Well, their names are right here in this article," Artemis said, "Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Rabera Winner and Wufei Chang."

"Let's go back and research some more," Luna ordered.

The three cats used all their resources. Luna read Noin's diary cover to cover and even used her computer.  She even tried calling the five boys just to know what they sounded like.  She found out that Zechs Marquiz was also Milardo Peacecraft and his sister was Relena Peacecraft who was adopted into the Dorlain family after the king died.  Luna had a feeling that Relena was a very important person.  She as the same age as Serena and also is a princess.  The girl had been queen of the world at one time.  After finding this information, she knew she had to give it to the scouts as soon as possible.


"What's the problem, scouts?" Pluto asked.

"Our cats are missing!" Sailor Moon shouted, "Can you tell us where they are?"

"They're fine," Pluto said, "Sorry, I should've told you."

"Told us what?" Venus asked.

"I sensed trouble happening on Earth far in the future," Pluto said.

"In Crystal Tokyo?" Sailor Moon asked.

"No, the whole world," she said, "and the space colonies."

"What are space colonies?" Mini Moon inquired.

"In another dimension, man has found a way to live in space with these colonies," Pluto explained, "there are hundreds of them.  That is where the cats are right now."

"Why did you see them there and not us?" Sailor Jupiter demanded.

"I wanted to send them first," she replied, "to find out information and bring it back to you. Don't worry, they are with three very nice ladies.  Lady Une, Lucrezia Noin, and Sally Po."

"How long will they be there?" Sailor Venus asked.

"They'll be back soon," Pluto said and the three cats appeared with something in their mouths.




"Luna, you scared me half to death!" she picked up her cat, "I guess black cats do bring bad luck!"

"Even black cats from the moon?" Sailor Mercury asked.

A photo fell from her mouth and Sailor Moon picked it up, "who's this?  Hey, is she the girl you stayed with?"

"No, I stayed with someone older. That's Relena Peacecraft but now she goes by Vice Minster Dorlain."

"Vice Minster?" Sailor Moon said, "sounds important, but what does she have to do with us?"

"Because she is a princess," Luna said, "She was even the queen of the world at your age."

"Whoa!" she cried, "and I thought I was the only girl who just wanted to be a normal teenager!"

"Think of her as your cousin, Serena," Luna said, "because in a way, she is."

"What?" Sailor Moon mumbled.

"We went forward many years in time," Luna said, "and she's like your millionth cousin."

"She is?"  Sailor Moon almost fainted.

"Yeah and that's why we came back.  We'll have to be prepared in case something happens to her, we have to go and get her."

"Look at these boys," Artemis said.

"Artemis, where did you get those clothes?" Venus cried.

"Oh, you like them?" he asked.

Venus' eyes went huge as she looked at the gundam pilots, "Who are they?!!"

"They're the gundam pilots," he replied. 

Jupiter pushed Venus away, "Lemme see!" Moon and Mars followed.

"Careful with that!" Artemis shouted, "That's not yours to keep!  It belongs to a lady with split personalities, if she finds out that magazine is missing she'll probably skin me alive!"


"Oh Master Kitty!" Lady Une cried, "hello?  Here, I've brought you something!"  She could not find Artemis.  "Why would he run away?" she said with a frown, "did I say something wrong?" 

"Superstitious!" Lucrezia said, "Come here kitty!  Superstitious?" Lucrezia put down the groceries, "Why did I call her Superstitious? Maybe I should have called her Crescent instead!"

"Here Ashes!" Sally shouted, "Look what I brought for you!" she dangled the toy mouse.  "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!  Kitty?"

How's that for a beginning?  Don't you think Artemis would look cute with Treize's clothes?  I could just picture him like that!  Next part: "Back to Basics!"