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Author's Note: The first modern fic I started working on. Yeah, yeah. Don't flame me just because you don't like these kinds of stories! I think they're fun if you write them well…the Sand Siblings…act like siblings. Also…Shika/Tema all the way!

I had sugar today.

Also, don't mind that this says, "Prologue." It's a prologue. Just not the sort of prologue you're used to. I'll be starting another modern fic soon, too. It's Hina/Naru. Look for it.

Road Trip


The tall, dark haired man drew his bag up the sidewalk as the rain pattered on the concrete. His shoes scattered raindrops everywhere as he ran toward the bus stop.

His blonde lover cried out, running after him, tears streaming down her face.

"Stop!" she pleaded, catching his hand. "Stop, please…I…" she slowed.

"I love you."

"What sort of sappy crap is this?"

"Don't read it if you don't like it," her brother answered.

"I can't believe you read this stuff, Kankuro!" Temari said with annoyance, holding the book high in the air. "It's so girly of you."

"It's not mine!" he cried, blushing.

"It was under the driver's seat. Temari doesn't drive and I don't have a license," the youngest, Gaara, said dully from where he sat in the back, turning the pages of a math textbook.

"You're not helping, Gaara…" Kankuro muttered.

"Gaara, tell your idiot brother to stop reading this sissy stuff," Temari said, chucking the book at Kankuro's head. It landed with a satisfying thump and a cry of anger.

"Do you want me to crash this car, Temari?!"

"I cannot control the amount of porn my older brother reads," Gaara said, closing his eyes.

"It's not porn!"

"May I remind you about page 56?" Temari asked, smiling devilishly as she indicated the book on the floor. Her brother blushed redder.

"It's not mine," he said weakly.

"It has your name in the front," Gaara remarked.

"You're not helping!"


The three siblings? Different as could be.

Temari, the oldest, attends an all girl's school. Gaara, the youngest, attends a prestigious private school.

Kankuro? Ah, well. You've got winners and losers. He attends the local public school.

And who thought that taking a nice family vacation would bring the family closer?

The father.

Who didn't come on the trip himself.

Temari thought that he just wanted the kids out of the house so he could invite some prostitute in.

Kankuro thought that he just wanted the kids out of the house so he could go on a trip to the tropics himself and didn't have to be packed in a stuffy car.

Gaara knows that after he learned that it was a road trip and Kankuro was driving, he made up an excuse about work to avoid any legal issues.

And who does the father invite along to take his place?

"My friend's son. He's Gaara's age, I believe."

"This sucks," Temari said. "And here I thought that I could bully Kankuro in peace."

"What sort of guy is this 'friend's son', anyway?"

"Maybe he's like Gaara and they can make a mental connection," Temari suggested.

"You missed the stop," Gaara said.

"I didn't! It's the next block," Kankuro said.

"It was five blocks ago," Gaara replied.


"Gaara's always right, you know," Temari interrupted.

"Don't rub it in!"

"Hn…" Shikamaru Nara tapped his foot impatiently. What did his dad say? A blue van? Or a green one? Ah…too troublesome. Too many blue and green vans.

It was troublesome enough already. Having to give up his summer vacation in which he could have watched as many clouds as he wanted, to go on a car ride. With strangers. All because his dad was bribed by some coworker, or something like that.

Green? Or blue? Light blue, or dark blue? Ah. White. He could have said white, too…maybe it wasn't even a van. A sports car? Maybe he said pickup truck…

"Is that the guy?"

"That guy's blond. Dad said it was a black haired guy."

"A black haired person, tall for his age. Like me, fifteen years old. Hair tied over his head, half-closed eyes."

"Gaara has a photographic memory…" Kankuro said in wonder.

"Father also said he was ugly." Gaara finished, putting his book away.

"Yeah, like Dad is the expert in that area! Laughable!" Temari snickered. "At least I got his good genes."

"You got his bad genes…I got his good genes," Kankuro said.

"Hah! You are the ugliest person on earth!" Temari yelled, pointing.

"Well, the reason you've never had a boyfriend before is because you're so ugly!"

"You've never had a girlfriend before!"

"I'm younger!"

"One year! Big difference!"


"I believe that's him." Gaara pointed. Temari and Kankuro stared. "The hair. The eyes. Tall. I'm not one to say if he's good looking."

"…it's scary how Gaara does that…" Temari mumbled.

"Hi. I'm Temari. Call me 'Temari-sama.'" The girl looked Shikamaru up and down. "You're…sort of a dud, aren't you?"


"I am Gaara." Gaara glanced in the general direction of the boy, then sat down in the back and began to stare in the direction of a little girl on the street, causing her to cry in terror and run away.

"I'm Kankuro, the good looking brother of this ugly hag," Kankuro said.

"No way! I'm the good looking one!" Temari protested. "Hey, you! Deer-kun guy! Which of us is the better looking one?"

Shikamaru eyed them both.

"…you're both ugly."

There is no need to tell you the violence that followed.

Gaara sighed. It was going to be a long vacation.